Hussein Obama, I like to use his middle name because it better describes who he really is…. He claimed his presidency was the most transparent in decades. Ok…where was he born? Where is his Birth Certificate? All the Documents he, himself, provided are forged, according to the top forensic scientists in the world. Why? His Selective Service records were altered…mysteriously. His current Social Security number belonged to a deceased Connecticut man and he has used other Social Security Numbers and names as well. His Passport, which recorded all his out of country travels, is Secret, and unavailable for public view, as are his college transcripts and records such as Financial Aid records. What exactly is transparent, Mr. former President, besides the crimes committed by you, your staff and your Black Ops?

As a Rookie FBI Agent in Charleston SC, with another Agent, totally on our own, working through the night, we located and rescued a 5 year old kidnap victim from New York City, by the name of Tondalaya Jones. Then I was lucky enough to catch a Bank Robber 1.5 hours after the Robbery by not following what all the other Agents did, but by setting off, with my partner …going to the route I believed he would have taken from the robbery …and we caught him in the getaway car with a shotgun and all the Bank loot.

Then, with the help of a source I developed in SC, I solved an armed robbery in Bronx, NY where the bad guy shot and killed an NY PD Officer . The case was cold and had happened about 8 months before. The shooter, my subject, was also wanted for numerous other robberies and was the subject of those “Wanted” posters we used to place in Post Offices called Identification Orders (IO Fugitives).

When I was transferred to the NYO, as my 2nd office, for solving the homicide and kidnap rescue, Assistant Director John Malone placed me directly on what was the top criminal squad in the NYO, the Truck Squad-John Gotti Crew, the youngest Agent on the squad and instead of being placed on an “orientation” squad, like the Applicant squad. My 2nd year on that Squad I was awarded the “Hemmings” best Agent award by Supervisor Fuson for the most recoveries on the squad, $1.5 million, and best informant.

All new transfers into the NYO were placed on an orientation squad for 30-60 days, to learn how to survive in a very hostile environment, the NYO! It was an honor…believe me…at that time, nobody skipped “orientation” into the NYO. I say that, not to blow my own horn… but to try to make my readers understand how blatant some things that happened during Obama’s tenure were and how/why they alerted me, as it should have any good investigator.

Two weeks after Justice Scalia lectured Obama, for the 2nd time, about overstepping his authority as President, the Judge “passed away”! Scalia’s remains were placed in a casket in a hearse that was rented from the only Funeral Home near the Hunting Camp. The remains were then driven all over the state for hours and then returned to the same Funeral Home, where the remains were cremated. The only logical reason for that behavior is that someone wanted the remains away from any coroner and any chance of autopsy/testing. There’s much more to add to the suspicious actions, like why did the FBI refuse to respond when called? The FBI always responded to any Judge who died under suspicious circumstances to ensure it was natural causes and not other. There were between 30 and 70 witnesses at the camp…how many were interviewed…zero!? Who drove the hearse all day avoiding autopsy? What did they say about who ordered them to do that? What calls were placed to the Justice’s family? Who asked his wife to deny an autopsy,which, if I were on the scene, I would have ordered an autopsy whether the family wanted it or not. NSA has all the phone calls, emails around the time of his death. What do they show? Too many coincidences make a fact…!

When Holder was subpoenaed to Testify before Congress on Fast and Furious, Obama claimed Executive Privilege. Fast and Furious, in my opinion, was a criminal Conspiracy to sabotage the 2nd Amendment that went awry. In my opinion, it was probably thought up by Holder, the guy who wouldn’t prosecute members of the notorious Black Panther, COP Killer group when they interfered in the Right to Vote by some white people.

The blowup of Fast and Furious was due to ineptness by those involved, starting with Eric Holder, a Civil Rights lawyer, out of his comfort zone, with no Criminal experience and an apparent ignorance of the law! There’s a difference from being arrogant behind a desk in a law office and making decisions on the street where there’s no time to check the law. The blind leading the blind, so to speak… Federal Agents cannot break the law, to make a case, especially when guns are involved and used in the crime. Federal Agents for example, cannot Rob a Bank at gunpoint with bad guys to make the case…it’s against Federal Law for Agents to become the provocateur! Federal Agents cannot do a gun deal and allow guns to walk. If that happens and someone like a lawman is killed by one of those guns, those responsible must be held accountable…but we couldn’t… because Obama wouldn’t allow the truth to be known, even though a Federal Agent was killed by one of those guns. As a good criminal investigator that alone should tell you something. If we would have lost one gun in a gun deal, we would have been severely disciplined. I had a gun case on 500 S&W handguns that were stolen. I was warned that if we get close on any deals, we cannot allow a single gun to walk. As case Agent, I would be the one held accountable…we got them all back…pretty incredible case!

James Comey is a Clinton advocate from way back when he got one Clinton after another out of trouble, when he was a half-assed prosecutor. He is an opportunist, self promoter, and corrupt! What he did to try to sabotage our duly elected President Trump can NOT be forgiven…Comey must pay as should Hillary. Before any names were ever mentioned, like McCabe and Strzok… we had no idea who was running the email case, but I knew and wrote years ago that either the Agents running the Hillary case never worked a criminal investigation or were corrupt. It turns out, they were both! Hillary kept saying she was “not the subject of an FBI investigation”. You didn’t pay much attention to that statement but I did…that was VERY telling…how the hell does she know that? She said, “its’ not a criminal investigation, it’s an inquiry or security check. How could the Clinton email case be about anybody but Hillary? She had to be the subject…but she wasn’t…that could ONLY be James Comey’s doing…Strzok or McCabe could not do that…only Comey could.

Comey knew when the FBI first started using the Dossier it was junk. It is loaded with garbage and he knew who paid for it. When he says the FBI was working a Counter Intel Case against the Trump campaign in summer 2016 he had to know that Strzok and McCabe and Page were on the same track as him…that’s why he put them there. He, Comey, was determined to get Hillary elected from the beginning as he would have NEVER have signed the FISA Application on Carter Page and taken the chance he took by lying for that warrant. He believed they would get criminal acts from the resulting wiretaps on the Trump people, Hillary would win and he could bury all the FISA abuses…but it didn’t work out that way. He signed the Application because of the previous abuses his FBI committed against the FISA court for other, less than candid, warrants. So the FISA court forced Agency Heads to sign the warrant..that folks is unheard of. The head of the FBI and Head of DOJ NEVER signed wire tap warrants…why now…because the FISA Court didn’t trust Comey or Rosenstein or Brennan or Clapper, the FBI, CIA and NSA!

I would love to see some of the previous FISA applications the court didn’t like. The biggest mistake Comey made was admitting on National TV to President Trump that he knew the Dossier was “salacious and unverified”, and he signed it 3-4 months before that admission, so he’s admitting he knew it was bad when he signed it!!!!

Mr Comey, let me introduce you to Bubba, he thinks you’re very cute!