I hope that AG Barr subpoenas all you SOB Democraps who thought you had it made… “They gave us immunity”, “The statute of limitations has run”, “They never interviewed me” and on and on. I got news for you criminals, all of you…if the AG takes my suggestion and makes these cases a Racketeering Case (RICO) you can kiss the Statute of Limitations gone, “Good bye”…its 10 years!

That includes Hussein Obama. Forging a government document, like a Birth Certificate and Selective Service card are two of the 35 Predicate Crimes in a Racketeering Case (RICO)!

Hillary’s staffers can kiss their immunity Good bye, if they can prove they lied or if we can muster enough Probable Cause to Indict WITHOUT their testimony. Their immunity is only good for what they admitted to doing, if they find something they didn’t admit to…or if they can prove they lied…their immunity is gonezo! For example, if they admitted they transmitted this secret email in the clear, but not this other one, their immunity becomes toilet paper!

If they lied about how many times they transmitted SAP communications in the clear or how many times they helped in Hillary’s “pay to play” scam (Pay to get an audience with “The Queen”, Hillary), or they failed to disclose a crime Hillary committed, and we can prove they knew…they are screwed. Huma Abedin…how can she possibly answer this question, “Did you know Hillary was using her personal emails for all State Department Communications?” If she says “NO”, it’s a lie. If she says “Yes”, she’s guilty of a whole bunch of crimes, starting with the failure to report, Misprision of a Felony! If she was granted immunity, the court will order her to answer! “Did you know it was illegal?” “Why did you make copies of State Dept Communications and store them on the Weiner’s personal computer?” “Did he have clearance?”

If they can prove that Lynch granted the immunity and is a Subject in the Conspiracy, then Lynch’s Immunity, to whomever, would probably be disqualified and become toilet paper for immunity but evidence of a Conspiracy! Remember everything is based upon reasonableness…is it reasonable that Abedin didn’t know Hillary transmitted State emails in the clear on her personal computer? I think not, since she both sent and received those email…get it?

They could not possibly have given immunity to all of Clinton’s staff, for all things they and Clinton did, unless Strzok, McCabe and Comey are the stupidest FBI employees EVER. That could by itself, destroy any immunity; if Comey, Strzok McCabe told the staff we’ll give you immunity, just tell us everything and we’ll bury it. That’s Conspiracy to Destroy Evidence, Obstruction of Criminal Investigations, Hobbs Act –Political Corruption and more!

Keep this in mind…none of Comey’s people would do anything without Comey’s knowledge and a wink. And likewise, Comey wouldn’t sneeze without Hussein’s permission!

When either Strzok or McCabe tried to hide the 18 classified communications on the Weiner’s computer, if Abedin and Strzok conspired to disqualify evidence by providing information that lead the FBI to a piece of evidence, that is disqualified because McCabe violated the chain of custody…i.e. hung onto a piece of evidence for six weeks in a drawer at home before turning it in. It’s conspiracy to destroy or alter evidence! If Strzok, McCabe, or Comey were dumb enough to Conspire to hide, destroy or otherwise disqualify evidence, they are dumber than I thought because the paper trail is so extensive there are more than one way to discover email evidence for example. Just because Hillary destroyed 34,000 emails doesn’t mean they’re gone. In fact, I have reason to believe that DOJ now has all 34,000! The Chinese for sure and Russia, maybe, have them.

Confusing? Here’s the basics …if there was a Conspiracy to do what we all know they did, attempt to destroy Trump so Hillary would win, and these heroes, all of them, are a part of the conspiracy …they cannot grant each other shit!

Our own NSA has them (emails) as well…? Then why didn’t NSA pick up on her abuses of classified info? Did Brennan and Clapper know, and not report Hillary and her abuse of State secret communications?

If all the players who were involved in this, the biggest corruption case in US history, it will include the people who did the Immunity granting for sure…as I said that could or would change everything and every single one of the criminals from Clapper and Brennan to Lynch, Yates, Rosenstein to Comey, Baker ,McCabe. ALL will be looking to DIME each other or Obama and cut a deal. What a wonderful thing it would be …just think of it…if Brennan were to say “I can give you Obama in the murder of Judge Scalia, what can you do for me”…what would they do?

It all starts by letting the FBI do its job. Bring witnesses before a dedicated Grand Jury and do it SOON !!