The intellectual voters in New York City elected someone who is truly a genius, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. The first thing she does is chase 25,000 NEW jobs, paying over $150,000 per, out of the State of New York because the State gave Amazon, the company, tax incentives. The arrogant, ignorant, uneducated Cortez doesn’t know or understand anything about finance, our Constitution, or HER freaking job! She is in way over her head; her constituents will suffer gravely because of the loss to her Congressional District! But that is only part of the consequence…she has just gotten started. I predict she will not only screw more things up, but she will get herself and those other new Congresswomen who are as smart as her…in trouble as well…mark my words!

The reason the Governor had to bribe Amazon to come to the State is because HE screwed the State into the ground with his outrageous taxes, environmental laws and outrageous rules and regulations to the point that MAJOR companies cannot afford to do business in his hump state.

There are NO taxes in the State of Delaware! Why? Because they are a business friendly state that welcomes businesses with low taxes…the result… they don’t have to bribe companies or citizens to settle there…duh.

Ask Tom Galisano or the Bendersons or the hundreds of good, profitable corporations that employed hundreds and thousands, why they left NY State! Start with Xerox or Kodak…oops they’re gone too…probably because of Trump, right Governor!?

That’s what makes you radical, Democraps, so beautiful…you sign laws that you know won’t work, that the Republicans oppose, like Obama Care or Obama’s shovel Ready Stimulus plans or the Green Energy, Close Fossil Fuel Plants or Solydra or other Solar Plants  and dozens of other failed programs AND when they fail, it’s because the Conservatives did it! Didn’t that genius Cuomo, who FORGOT to put the States “end” of the Seneca Gambling deal in the contract…just tell the Conservatives, to “get out of town, New York is not your State”?

Governor…that was magnificent, brilliant…just beautiful!!!

Why …Andy…that’s just what Amazon did!

Stick around …Cortez isn’t finished with your State yet…ever heard, “Be careful what you wish for”?

Then we have those “experienced” lawyers playing Congressman who should have “Practiced Law “, a lot longer before going to the big league, Congress. I’m talking about Shift and Swalwell, two lawyers whose combined IQ’s wouldn’t add up to fish IQ! Neither one has a grasp of the law, their job or the Constitution. For example, Shiffty has been claiming for a long time he has “evidence” (now follow this) … “Evidence against Trump on Russian Collusion that isn’t direct evidence nor circumstantial but is in-between”.

Adam, son…there isn’t any evidence that’s “in-between” direct and circumstantial! What you heard from Michael Cohen is not direct evidence, not circumstantial evidence and …it’s simply NOT evidence at all…at least evidence that would be admissible in any court.  It’s Cohen’s “guess, belief” and supposition. Son, we couldn’t get a warrant or even a parking ticket issued based upon what Cohen has to say! There’s nothing on those checks, for example, that states what they’re for, nor is there any direct evidence who really signed them. They could have been signed by…Cohen, his lawyer. Cohen said Trump wasn’t even present when Cohen and two others decided to pay Cohen that money.

So if the two others can’t remember meeting with Cohen, the issue is dead!

Thomas Jefferson said many times, of the Presidency of the United States, that when drafting the documents that created our Republic, they wanted the President to be a man of stature, wealth, education…and they, the founders, didn’t want the President to have to give up his wealth, business or name to become President. The Founders believed the President would or could have business holdings outside of the United States. So they did everything they could to protect the President from nonsense harassment by the Judicial and false accusations from Congress. They wanted the President to be able to run the country. That’s why you cannot indict a sitting President, you cannot subpoena the President. If you do, he doesn’t have to respond!

Think about it. Who is going to enforce the subpoena…the Marshalls?  Do you think the Marshalls should shoot it out with Secret Service to see who gets the President?  Some of you Congressman don’t understand your jobs and need to read some of the Congressional Records going back to the formative years. Your outlook may change.

You have a two year job, that’s a part (1/500th) of a part (1 of 3 branches) of the Government whose job it is to make the laws and fund the Government. Your job does not include law enforcement. If it did, you would have the power of arrest…wouldn’t you? It’s the job of the Department of Justice and their boss, the President, to enforce the law and bring people like Hillary and corrupt Congressmen to Justice. It not up to brilliant legal minds, like Swalwell and Shift, to interpret the law either. That job belongs to the Judicial.

So do your job and don’t try to do something that is beyond your scope, authority or purpose. It could blow up in your face!

So calm down, take your meds and stop trying to be like Cortez or some other newbie who’s confused! You don’t want to try to impeach anybody without the evidence, and you are a long stretch with what I’ve heard!