Both Omar and Tlaib have been accused of making anti –Semitic remarks and both have, over time, apologized for their remarks, but neither has ever apologized for their racist beliefs. My comments are based totally on the assumption that these two truly are Islamic Muslims, believe in  the teachings of Mohamed and Allah as set forth in their Book of Faith, the Qur’an (Koran) … to not believe in all the teachings, according to Islamic Law is to be the worst type of infidel, a Kafir, and is punishable by death! So if either of these two elected officials wishes to deny faith in any part of the Koran…please do so! The numbers, in the following quotations, are the Surahs (Paragraphs) from the Koran.

The quotes are from English copies of the Koran and interpretations from Abdul Joseph’s and Yulusali’s interpretations of the Koran…

Omar and Tlaib believe they cannot “make friendship with Jews and Christians” (Surah 5:51), “kill the disbelievers wherever we find them” (2:191), “murder them and treat them harshly”.

In response to the outrage by members of the House to Omar’s recent anti-Semitic comments, Omar said her intention was never to offend “my constituents or Jewish Americans as a whole. . . . This is why I unequivocally apologize”.

I take issue with her lame apology and say it is meaningless and her belief is to hate Jews and Christians and she and her partner in crime lied when they took the oath of office to protect and defend our Constitution!

The Qur’an takes away the freedom of belief from all humanity and relegates those who disbelieve in Islam to hell (5:10), calls them najis (filthy, untouchable, impure) (9:28), and orders its followers to fight the unbelievers until ­no other religion except Islam is left (2:193).

How can a Muslim believe in Islam and our 1st Amendment, separation of Church and State?

What do you think?

“Allah and his messenger announce that it is acceptable to go back on our promises (treaties) and obligations with Pagans and make war on them whenever we find ourselves strong enough to do so (9:3). Our God tells us to “fight the unbelievers” and “He will punish them by our hands, cover them with shame and help us (to victory) over them (9:14).”

The Qur’an tells them: “not to make friendship with Jews and Christians” (5:51), “kill the disbelievers wherever we find them” (2:191), “murder them and treat them harshly” (9:123), “fight and slay the Pagans, seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem”.

If you say it is only written words by radicals, you are deadly wrong. In case you missed it, there are some 50 Muslim Nations practicing these beliefs including Saudi Arabia. Our President Trump just defeated the ISIS Caliphate which is a territory claimed by a group of Muslims (ISIS), usually by violence! Wonder why ISIS beheads infidels? It’s their book of faith…that hundreds of millions of Muslims follow! In Iraq they beheaded Kafirs, lined them up in graves and placed their heads on the bodies. That’s what the Koran says! Read on…

The holy Prophet prescribes fighting for us and tells us that “it is good for us even if we dislike it” (2:216). Then he advises us to “strike off the heads of the disbelievers”; and after making a “wide slaughter among them, carefully tie up the remaining captives” (47:4). Our God has promised to “instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers” and has ordered us to “smite above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them” (8:12).

It is one thing to read about a radical ideal but it’s another when millions practice those violent, murderous beliefs!

We were victims of those beliefs, weren’t we…?

Remember September 11 (911)? September 11, 1683 was the day the Christian Crusade began the defeat of marauding Muslims who had the Christian City of Vienna under siege for months! That’s also why the Christian Crusades were started!

What do these two Congresswomen, who have the gall to call others racist, believe in?


Call Omar and Tlaib, separately, before an open Congress and ask them if they believe in the Separation of Church and State. Then ask what their Book of Faith is. When they say, “The Koran”, read the following to them from their Book of Faith and have them explain…

“If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah), never will it be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter He will be in the ranks of those who have lost (All spiritual good) (3:85). And He orders us to fight them on until there is no more tumult and faith in Allah is practiced everywhere (8:39).”

There are 114 Surahs in the Koran. Most are like the above…all in violation of our Rule of Law…so members of the House, explain how a Muslim who believes in the Koran can “Protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States”?

Expel both of them! If they lied taking their Oath of Office ,which they did, then they lied about everything else — their taxes, their Oath for citizenship (Omar)…she took an oath to assimilate to become an American and disavow allegiance to any previous potentate. How did Omar get a Social Security Card without a birth certificate?

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