Had Sessions not recused himself for saying “Good afternoon” to a freaking Russian, and if he had just a little bit of balls, we would not be faced with a dozen or so very corrupt, high-ranking officials at the brink of getting away with such crimes as Treason, Espionage, Destruction of Evidence, Destruction of Government Property, Hobbs Act-Political Corruption, Perjury, Obstruction of Justice, et al. Had Sessions done his job and charged all the people Hillary Clinton implicated in her operating the DNC and the State Department, both, as Criminal Enterprises EVERYTHING would have been different…for our President and for the American people and for the corrupt politicians …Hillary, et al. They believe they got away with “it”! I don’t…not yet at least! I believe in our Criminal Justice system!

Remember Hillary said, after one “debate” to her staff, “Don’t you f___ers understand that if that F___er (Trump) wins we are all F___ed”? Why do you think she would say such a thing?

Both candidate Trump and I tried to tell you that they were criminals. How many times did he tell us that the nomination is rigged? He must have known before us that Hillary bought the DNC!!!  Thank God you didn’t vote her into office!!!

Think back to what the now President Trump said about how WDC is a swamp. What he said about Hillary and where she belongs…jail. He was/is correct on every front. What really angers me and I am certain angers every real FBI Agent I ever worked with is that we ALL knew that, just by the way Comey and his band of “thieves” were operating. Crimes were being committed by FBI officials to cover up for Hillary. I am talking about things that the American public would not be aware of, but real FBI Agents are aware of …that something is DRASTICALLY wrong. I’m talking about things that we put out and many thought were trivial, but in reality were very important. For example…all FBI Criminal Cases have a Title and an Office of Origin, an OO. FBI HQ is only OO for certain Administrative Cases, never Criminal. In Hillary’s case, HQ was the Office of Origin!? FBI Assistant Directors never run criminal cases ever. Some of us would say because they don’t know how, which honestly, is probably true.  Speaking for myself, but I believe most Agents would agree…in order to manage, run or be the case Agent of a Major Criminal investigation takes some years of criminal experience…you can’t just do it! When we heard that FBI HQ was OO…every single one of us knew …something was drastically amiss. I wrote about it and wrote about it and former ADIC Jim Kalstom on FOX said the same thing…HQ does not run criminal cases. HQ is never Office of Origin. To the average citizen it means nothing, to those who were inside, it means everything!! We felt something very fishy was going on!  Again when I heard that ADIC Andy McCabe was supervising the email case and Strzok was interviewing Clinton, I knew without a doubt, the fix was in, because there was info put out they were Intel guys (not smart, but info gatherers), that means they have no idea how to run a criminal case, and any Intel or Counter Intel Agent who says otherwise…ask him when do you have to tell a Subject their rights and when you don’t!

Then, Strzok, an ADIC, interviewed Hillary in front of five lawyers and Cheryl Mills? He allowed her to get away with lies, and he had Documents that contradicted what she said. McCabe and Strzok allowed another possible subject, Cheryl Mills, in the interview room. Folks these are all very serious violations of FBI procedures, Rules and Regs, and Comey getting involved in the final decision, publically, of whether or not to prosecute is a direct violation of the FBI, DOJ, and the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedures. FBI Agents don’t decide if there is Probable Cause, PC, to indict…a Federal Grand Jury does that…read the Federal Rules!

There is no such FBI investigation as a “MATTER”! The AG Lynch directing Comey to call Hillary’s criminal investigation a MATTER is an overt act of Obstruction, because Comey obeyed her request. Hillary not being named the Subject of the “Hillary Email” Case is another overt act of Obstruction, if true. Who made that brilliant decision? Remember, during the campaign, Hillary kept saying… “I am not the subject of an FBI investigation”. I picked up on that and wrote … “How does she know that”, without somebody telling her? That was, in my opinion, a big deal that she was correct, not by FBI policy but by Obstruction of Justice!!!

Find out who was responsible for removing her name from the Title!!!!

When all the Committees interviewed the 3 stooges, Comey, McCabe, and Strzok, nobody asked any of them what was the Title of the Clinton email case? No one asked who deleted her name from the Title? What exactly was the first Title of her case? In my opinion, if Hillary’s name was in the initial Title, for example, and Lynch told Comey, told McCabe, tolds Strzok to take her name out of the Title, and he did…that’s another overt act of Obstruction! What could the new Title be…UNSUB; Clinton Email, Espionage…?

When the FBI and DOJ and State conspire to reduce the charges by changing the security classifications of the 18 documents found on Weiner’s computer from classified to unclassified, unlike what former FBI Director Comey claimed, … it is not just “extremely careless”, it’s Espionage, a serious Felony under our laws. FBI attorney Baker admits he was contacted with a quid pro quo to “change” the Classification of some of the classified emails on Weiner’s computer to “something else”.  Do you think they meant change the classification to a higher or lower classification…duh!

Had AG Sessions not recused himself and charged those who committed crimes, there would have been no Special Prosecutor because Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, FBI Baker, AG Lynch, Rosenstein, Hillary, Mills, Abedin, Podesta, Sullivan and on and on would have been charged by now.

The Russian nonsense against the Trump Campaign was an elaborate distraction that the dumb-ass Republicans allowed to take place. Because of the ignorance on the part of the Republicans they allowed a Special Prosecutor to be appointed, they allowed the illegal FISA warrant to go unchallenged. Paul Ryan said he would not support the President if he fired Mueller…big mistake Ryan, one of many you made as the useless Speaker you were. This president has been right on the money all along and the Republicans should have supported him and not allowed the Presidential harassment to take place in the first place. The house should have shut down funding for a special counsel at the beginning and there should have been joint outrage when Comey down played the significance of the Clinton investigation. If I, on the outside, knew the fix was in…then those on the inside should have, as well.

When Comey interfered in the Federal Rules by “declining prosecution” of Clinton, there should have been outrage by the Republican House of so called lawyers… “Comey can’t do that…it has to go to a Grand Jury” should have been the call. Did you lawyers learn anything in law school about Federal Law? Or did you all cheat to pass the bar like Hillary did? But the Republicans sat silent. There should have been outrage when Mueller stacked his staff with Democrat, Hillary donors. They sat silent. When Mueller charged Flynn with lying, there should have been outrage…the Republicans sat silent. And you wonder why Trump tweets?

You guys (Republicans) are a bunch of week sisters and should be ashamed of yourselves. The Democrats stick together like baby crap no matter how stupid they sound…they stick together… “walls don’t work”… “Trump owns the shutdown”…when are you guys going to man up and drop your purses and stand by your President?