About two years ago, The Right Side made suggestions to our newly elected President on just a very few extremely important appointments he had to make. One was AG and the other a new FBI Director. I strongly suggested that he appoint someone like Rudy Giuliani or Chris Christy as AG and Jim Kalstrom or another well respected, former FBI Agent as FBI Director.

In my opinion, the President made the biggest mistake of his Presidency and appointed Jeff Sessions as AG, thereby reducing the Senate by one Republican and placing a weak prosecutor as AG. He needed a strong, aggressive prosecutor, but chose instead what he believed was an obligation for loyalty. As admirable as it was, it almost cost him his Presidency.

With the FBI Director, I have always been against making the head of any law enforcement Agency, Military Service or Police Department somebody with no “combat”, or law enforcement experience. I would never make somebody with no Military experience a General or a Chief of Police without coming up through the ranks, but for some mysterious reason, they don’t hesitate to hire an FBI Director from a choice of lawyers or judges…go figure!

It appears we may have lucked out with a new AG, and we will know for sure, when he picks who will reinvestigate the Clinton cadre of criminal cases.  If he picks a Special Prosecutor, President Trump might as well go back to private business because he will never stand a chance, cleaning up the swamp, putting a dozen or so high-ranking, corrupt politicians and appointees in jail or accomplishing anything else.

If he finds a way to make former Congressman Trey Gowdy, lead prosecutor, runs the case out of a Republican USA District or the opposite of the 9th Circuit…rids the FBI of the “mistake Agents and Lawyers”, and allows the FBI to put together the evidence they already have…and move forward through an FBI Field Office in the same District as the USA Office…we will convict Hillary, Lynch, Mills, Podesta, Abedin, Sullivan, Powers, Clapper ,Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, et al.

If he appoints other than Gowdy, in my opinion, he is not interested in convicting anybody…!!

The reason I say that is… this case already has sufficient evidence, right now, to indict the Clinton Enterprise and half her staff just based on what Gowdy discovered through his investigation, and that I’m aware of. The FBI Case Agents should be the individuals who are aware of the bulk of PC but…Strzok was the Clinton Case Agent…enough said about that!

Strzok didn’t even carry her as the Subject of her case. Without knowing who at the FBI is “clean”, and I am certain all but a few are, but…I don’t know who that is. I have heard Gowdy do his questioning, and I say you won’t find anybody more qualified, knowledgeable of the facts and evidence, subjects, crimes, all aspects of the cases than Gowdy.  In the biggest political Corruption Case in our nation’s history, who would you rather have? Do you want to start from scratch? Mr. AG listen to the hours of Gowdy’s questioning of witnesses, as I have, and then decide!

If it were me, not knowing the inside of the FBI anymore, I would rely on Gowdy, Joe D and Christy with input from Giuliani.

Don’t forget, Gowdy is up on the Clinton Uranium deal, Benghazi, and the Money Laundering Foundation as well!!! If there a single FBI Agent up on all that, and as capable as Mr. Gowdy, go for it, but Gowdy is your prosecutor…they’re afraid of him! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!