California has so mismanaged their LA to San Fran High Speed Rail Boondoggle that they are way over budget, behind schedule and could never provide what the High Speed rail was being constructed to do…provide less than three hour trips between the two cities. Engineers report that this train will never reach the speeds promised.  From everything being reported, the Unions have made the project untenable…period! It can’t and won’t be done.  Why should we, the remaining 49 states, bail out the most corrupt, left wing state in the Union?

Our Federal laws require that to receive federal funds the State MUST comply with ALL Federal laws. Well… do Federal laws allow for sanctuary cities…Do Federal Drug laws allow the open sale/use of marijuana? I believe that answer is a resounding NO and NO!

Their governor wants to use three billion dollars of unspent federal funding and wants more with no promise of better management and no promise to examine whether or not corruption is involved in the over-budget spending.  Just give us an endless supply of federal funds to get the project finished or we will have wasted all the money we’ve spent…or squandered already.

So …if we understand this …California, the home of Maxine Waters who wants to impeach my President for no reason…Nancy Pelosi who vowed not to give the President one dollar towards a wall/fence the “country desperately needs” (not what the President needs) for our safety (California already has Border Walls)…Feinstein and a whole bucket of the most despicable “leaders” and judges our Congress has ever seen …wants the President’s help? YOU GOT TO BE S…..Kidding me!!!!

Mr. President… JUST SAY NO! Tell the left…there are consequences for being assholes! No… not now…not ever…not one dollar for your train!!!