The Mueller investigation was founded on the allegation that there was Russian Collusion between Donald Trump, members of his campaign and Russian Officials, to discredit Hillary Clinton, the DNC Candidate. That PC (information) had as its basis, a “dossier” that was prepared by Fusion GPS in part by Chris Steele and the wife of DOJ employee Bruce Ohr. Steele’s information came from Russian sources and was characterized, by the then sitting FBI Director James Comey, as “salacious and unverified”. The Dossier was also bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton (probably with Clinton Foundation money, my opinion). An illegal wiretap was then obtained against Carter Page, an insignificant and unpaid Trump Campaign worker. The wire was illegal because the Affiants, FBI Agents and DOJ Attorneys, failed to disclose that Hillary Clinton actually paid for the dossier…a fact that the uninformed claim is “insignificant” but, in fact and as a matter of law, would have been catastrophic to the Probable Cause put forth to the FISA Court, to obtain the Page wire.

Simply stated, would the Special Counsel, Mueller, have been appointed without the information allegedly gleaned from the Carter Page wiretap? I submit, the answer is a resounding, NO. The Page wiretap is “a poisonous tree”, and according to law, anything derived from the poisonous tree is “fruit of the poisonous tree”. The entire Special Council is a basket of poison fruit and ANYTHING derived there-from is illegal, including any and all indictments, convictions for anything from spitting on the sidewalk to illegal “mopery” to felony, “you pissed me off by lying”!

As the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of this country, President Trump is responsible to insure that all Law Enforcement Government Agencies, under his Supervision, enforce our Rule of Law ethically, morally and legally so that JUSTICE is served fairly! Was anything Mueller and his “band of thieves” did, accomplished fairly in the eyes of Lady Justice? In my opinion …not a damn thing Mueller did was fair, or equitable in the eyes of Justice, from the appointments of prejudice “investigators” to tactics employed, to deals he made! I conducted more FBI investigations that Bobby Mueller ever thought of doing and would only apply some of the tactics he used on the worst of the worst criminals I dealt with. Indeed, if any of us “real” FBI Agents tried to do some of the underhanded things he did to pressure honest, former high ranking Officials, we would have had our “heads cut off” by the US Attorneys’ Office, for one, and our own FBI, the other.

Mr President, render JUSTICE to what Mueller did by undoing everything he did…pardon every single person he “convicted”. In my opinion. as a competent and accomplished former FBI Agent with an unblemished record …what Mueller and his hired assassins did to Flynn, Manafort, Gates, Papadopoulos, and the others was not Justice. I would hate to see the Russians who interfered in our elections go free, but I have seen indictments dismissed by the Courts for what the court viewed as inadmissible evidence, including a very few wiretaps, where mistakes were made. Justice is Justice to all, that’s our Law!


We elected a President to Make America Great Again …and he’s doing what we wanted…he lowered taxes, brought manufacturing jobs back, put Americans back to work, made a number of “leaders” from 3rd world Countries with First world mouths understand what “don’t tread on me” really means. Yet, the Republicans he helped get elected, could care less. Hell…”He got me elected …I don’t need him anymore”.

Unbelievable! We need our Southern border secured and the only way is/are walls and fences. So fund the freaking wall and put an end to the constant rhetoric.

I worked interdiction efforts with the Border Patrol, Coast Guard, Customs and other law enforcement, on the Northern Border in the late 1970s. We are lucky in Western NY as we have Rivers, Great Lakes and a 165 foot Falls to define our Northern Border. It made life very easy compared to the Southern Border. Most all of the Border Patrol men I worked with had been shot at many times on the Southern Border, and it was rated the most dangerous job in the country for a time. We were never shot at on the Northern Border during the times I was part of the interdiction efforts. But, the left wing “progressives” have the nerve to treat the Southern Border like a political toy that they can use for their own purposes. These left wing progressives like Schumer, Booker, Ellison, Shifty, would piss their pants if they worked a patrol where rifle fire, from unknown sources, bounced rounds off the boat or car.

Without a wall they have to conduct very risky patrols. I’ve never seen any of these liars take a poor refugee home with them…have you? If they need asylum, apply, there’s plenty of places to ask for asylum. These rock throwing criminals are just that; criminals. I knew a US Marshal who was killed by a rock to the head, thrown by a criminal while the Deputy was on duty. Rocks are lethal…ask the family of victims stoned to death in Iran or Iraq! If I were running a patrol on the Southern Border and some criminal threw a rock, fire bomb, or other dangerous item, I’d shoot him in a heartbeat and direct my men to do the same, and I don’t care what side of the border he was on. I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6, any day!! That should be their walking Rules of Engagement.

Our “kids”, these young men and women, are risking their lives to protect us and you “dumb asses” in Congress are worried about political Correctness. The left could care less about the Mexican or Puerto Rican, or Venezuelan, or Cuban, or Honduran emigrants. All they care about is re-election, votes and Committee money…nothing more!

In my opinion, these “caravans” are Obama, Soros organized, criminal actions arising from criminal conspiracies to violate our Immigration Laws. The laws are on the books! The FBI should be tracing the money, to see whose paying for the cars, trucks, gas, food, blankets and urging these people to break our Rule of Law. I’ll bet anything…Obama and Soros are right there!

These Democrat “leaders” are most certainly behind every left attack on our Presidents’ efforts to protect us by filing Petitions before the “shopping list”, 9th circuit Judges, to interfere in the President’s Border Orders.

The President has the absolute power to restrict entry into the Country by unknowns who may mean to do us harm, that’s Public Law414, the 1952 Immigration and Naturalization Law!! Presidents Carter, Reagan, Obama all used 414 to ban aliens from entering and every 414 matter before the Supreme Court was ruled in favor of the Executive Branch.