Things used to make sense. It didn’t matter what party or color or religion…if someone was nuts, most everyone would agree. If, on the other hand, someone made sense when they spoke everybody would agree. Not anymore…oh, boy not any more. You can’t even tell your wife, “Pick me up a pair of jeans”, any more. I mean, she used to be able to pick up a pair of 38×30 blue jeans, wash them once and wear them for the next 5 years with a better and better fit. Now you have to go with her, try on 4 or 5 pairs of the same freaking size and make, to find one that fits almost perfectly.

Nothing seems to be what it really is and I for one, hate it!

I didn’t agree with JFK on many issues but admired the man, his guts, and fearlessness and overlooked his flaws even though he was a Democrat. He believed in our Rule of Law, our Constitution and almost died defending it but he never backed away from a fight like most of his party does today!

I cannot remember any Congressman or Senator as door knob dumb as Maxine Waters (the old timer) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (newly elected). Neither one of these two dumbbells should have ever been elected…what the hell has happened to a sense of reason? Cortez has no concept of how Congress works, what the Constitution is, what our Rule of Law is, and what the difference is between Socialism and our Constitutional Republic. She just said that Trump gave our military $700 billion and “they didn’t even ask for it”.

Years ago no nominating committee would have ever approved Cortez to be a doorknob, let alone a Congresswoman…she may someday have the deciding vote on whether or not we should go to war? Think about that for a while! Waters is different, because she is from California and for a Californian…she is quite smart, sort of “the best they can muster up”!

So now we finally have a very business savvy, smart President who did the unthinkable…he was elected as the President of the United States in his first attempt at public office. How do you think that makes some career politicians feel — people like Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, Al Gore? They had to fight, raise money, drum up support, tough it out through defeat, run, re-run and for some give it up, like Gore. Then here comes Trump…successful at pretty much everything he did in his life, including fixing things up that people like Clinton, Obama and Gore screwed up.

Well they can’t let another of Donald J. Trump’s successes go unchallenged, this time as President, without saying some of the dumbest things yet. Impeach 45, impeach Trump…and on and on, as if it’s a battle cry!

He’s the duly elected President who has never committed an impeachable offense, and these “elected leaders” want to spend more time and tax payers money, trying to find an impeachable offense instead of doing the jobs they were elected to do…run the country and enforce our borders and defend our Rule of Law!

To say, “It’s our duty” to investigate is to say that you can find what the former FBI Director Mueller, a team of high priced lawyers, several high ranking corrupt FBI Agents, a CIA Director, NSA Director several DOJ lawyers, a Fusion GPS and millions and millions of wasted dollars, and illegal wiretaps couldn’t find, in over 2 years…an impeachable or indictable offense committed by President Trump!!!

Look at what this guy accomplished with you fighting him every step of the way…imagine what “we” could accomplish if you worked with him; morons …I swear!