In my opinion, the President should order that all Federal Election Laws be obeyed and not be ignored by any election officials to allow “all votes” to be counted. Only legal votes must be counted.

The FBI has investigative authority to investigate election law violations and election fraud.

The President should direct the FBI to investigate the boxes of ballots that were “found” after the election deadline to determine if they are legal and authentic. If they were even transported by unauthorized methods, they should not be counted…period.

The FBI should verify who placed the boxes of ballots in “the closet” where they were “found”. Why were they put there? If those questions cannot be satisfactorily answered; if a chain of custody cannot be established, then they should NOT be counted…period. It’s a simple investigation.

“Who delivered those ballots to be counted”? If the answer is, “We don’t know”, then they should not be counted. If no one knows who placed them in the closet, how could anyone believe they are authentic? They should not be counted….any doubt, polygraph the person who claims that they placed them there.

If someone delivered a “car full” of ballots and there is no chain of custody, those ballots are as inadmissible in a Federal or State election, as any piece of evidence, in any court of law!

The whole purpose of our election laws and DEADLINES is to prevent exactly what the Democraps are doing in Florida and Arizona. It is mathematically impossible, for a box of ballots, with thousands of ballots, found in a closet, where nobody knows how they got there, to be in favor of any one party…any, one party!

Ballots appearing after the legal deadlines must be considered fraudulent until proven otherwise and not the other way around!