I’ve been calling for this President to clean out DOJ starting with the corrupt Civil Rights Unit that Eric Holder “hand crafted”, and to take away the press credentials of people like Acosta. I would go further and take away ALL of CNN’s press credentials for access to the White House! Let them ask Sean Hannity what was said!

As recently as October 17th I wrote “… the American people, as well as, the Chief Law enforcement Officer of our great country, are entitled to have a DOJ led by competent, honest people. The President himself must have a DOJ that he can trust in more than one way! The only way that will happen is when the President calls in former DOJ employees like Chris Adams and gets inside info and rids DOJ of the career Holder/Obama type people. The entire Civil Rights Section should be cleaned out, the leadership of the entire DOJ is a disgrace. All the “investigative” attorneys who went to Missouri, New Orleans and  Texas and were held in contempt, accused of perjury, accused of Obstruction, BY FEDERAL JUDGES, must be fired, period! They are all mostly, still there! Unbelievable”!!

I also said, “Take charge, now. Any adviser who tells the President that it wouldn’t be a good political decision, should be fired”!

Apparently some commentators, like Judge Napolitano, just don’t get it. The President MUST have an Attorney General he can rely on, is aggressive, who doesn’t need the President to tell him when to open and close investigations and most of all, is someone he can trust. Sessions was apparently, never that man. He is honest but absolutely not aggressive in enforcing our Rule of Law and calling out high ranking officials when there is an absolute, conflict of interest!

If the President believes an investigation by any Government Agency, Bureau, Special “anybody”, is overstepping their bounds, too “conflicted to do their job fairly” and so forth…the President has the absolute Constitutional duty to intervene, to fire the “bastard”, because if he doesn’t…who the hell can Mr. Napolitano? That’s why Article 2 was written.

Sure, firing people isn’t popular and people are always upset, especially the one who was fired, just ask Comey! But that’s why we have bosses…to keep people in line and Bobby Mueller is positively way out of line, too conflicted to get to any truth and couldn’t find his own ass with his own two hands…my opinion. He was the worst FBI Director …until his buddy Comey showed up. Between the two of these morons …they did more to destroy the FBI than all the FBI Directors combined. They all made some mistakes, but Comey and Mueller were two mistakes looking for a place to happen. Mueller took the FBI out of the Criminal Investigative game and pushed them into counterintelligence to the point it overshadowed what made the FBI great…solving crimes! They should have expanded the Security side WITHOUT decreasing the Criminal side. Then Comey came in and took the FBI away from the public. We, the FBI, cannot solve crimes without the trust, faith, confidence and help of the public…Hoover recognized that and made it easy for the public to contact the FBI and speak to an Agent.

Try calling the FBI today and see what you get…a recording telling you to call 911 if this is an emergency…that’s Comey’s doing. He didn’t want the public having access to the FBI, they may drop a dime on a Comey or relative of his?!

I am very happy to see the President taking charge. You know there are two types of people…leaders and followers. Leaders don’t care what people think and followers do!

Congratulations Mr President! You are on the “exact” right track, and if this new AG doesn’t do what he should, such as reopening those closed cases, before the Statute of Limitation expires, then replace him!

We have to put a stop to the lawlessness that goes on, encouraged by the radical left geniuses like Maxine Waters and Cory Booker…supported by “master politicians” like Nancy Pelosi and that brilliant philosopher of “what’s happin’ now” Chuck Schumer.