That my friends is what the idiots who believe Bernie, Hillary, Obama, Waters, Pelosi, Schumer (get the idea?) think they are going to get when the Democraps elect a left wing leader and take over Congress.

I have reported repeatedly that Socialism does not work…there are NO successful, Socialist countries in the world. Name one you would live in if you believe it is successful!

I want to acknowledge Joel Ross, Citadel Realty Advisors, NYC who writes regularly and has some of the same beliefs as I.

He has written several articles dealing with our adversaries: Russia, China, Iran, N Korea and other Socialist countries and how poorly they are doing. Some of the following observations are his as well as my own.


Russia, a communist, Socialist, Dictatorship, has a GDP less than that of New York State and still cannot make it. Their people live in REAL poverty, not what our people think is poverty. They lack food, heating, fuel, and clothing and enjoy a lower standard of living than most of the big countries. Why…because they, like Iran, spend too much of their money on military/weapons while trying to screw America and the rest of the world. Over 50% of Russia’s GDP is from oil and natural Gas. If they do not get the pipeline that Merkel wants them to have, Russia could have a complete financial collapse…soon.

Now understand this…the US spends more on Germany’s Defense than Merkel spends…AND she, our Ally, wants to help Russia, our enemy, get out of their serious financial trouble with the pipeline so they can spend more on weapons.

Is Merkel that freaking stupid…really?!!! Russia has spent so much trying to take over its neighbors that Putin is in SERIOUS trouble…he could not even think of starting another military action with anybody, let alone the US! Simply put, Putin is sinking and he knows it. In my opinion, Putin was more disappointed than Obama when Hillary lost…that’s correct – he wanted Hillary because he knew DJ is no push over and the Obama puppet, Hillary and  her Husband will do anything for money, as witnessed by the Uranium One deal and others. Had Hillary won, Putin would have owned the Baltic. Who was going to stop him…RESET Hillary, the joke?!


Iran’s GDP is about the same as about 13 of our States and their people (Muslims) are fed up with being told when to wipe their noses by a Dictator, Ayatollah Khomeini, and living in less than a decent standard of living… when given $150 billion from their fellow Muslim, Barack Obama, Khomeini pisses it away on Nuclear weapon research, bombs and missiles!

If our President keeps up the pressure, with the rest of the world fed up with Iran’s terrorism, Khomeini’s head will literally, roll in the streets and Iran will self-destruct… very soon! The Iranian people have had enough of his Islam, my opinion.


If you geniuses believe the absolute nonsense you hear about President Trump and make the fatal error of voting the Democraps back into control, Iran will remain strong! What do you want?


China has very serious problems as well. They have been loaning money, not just to the US but to the entire world to spread their influence, so much so that countries like Pakistan can never repay their loans. So what can China do? If they do not cooperate with the US, the President can bring major pressure. China cannot sell our loans of 1.5 trillion to anybody…who can buy them? Saudi Arabia does not even pay for the defense of their own country…we do…so who can buy our debt from China and hurt us…NOBODY.

China needs to smarten up. We could fill a ship with $1.5 trillion and drop it in their laps as we devalue our dollar and tell them to use it as toilet paper and there is NOTHING they could do about it!  OR crash their entire self-defense computer system OR …put the same tariff on their products that they impose on ours…we haven’t…yet…but could. Sure, it would “hurt” us a little but it would destroy China as we know it!  The EU is on our side against China. They too have been trashed by China’s underhanded cyber attacks, lying and cheating. China does not stand a chance if they decide to take on our President. You people need to smarten up. Our President knows what he is doing…back him up!!!

That is why now is the ideal time for our brilliant, that’s correct, “brilliant” President to squeeze our Socialist, “We want to kill you” enemies, like Russia, Iran, China, N Korea.


Then there is N Korea…remember I said Kim is a girl’s name?… (No offense to our manly US Kims).  Kim will either come around or his Administration and empire will be destroyed… period… and there is NOTHING he can do to stop us! AND he now knows it!

For you ignorant scholars, all of the above countries are in the financial crapper…right now.

For you dishonest “journalists” report it!

Now is the time for the US to put an end to the abuses that our President is trying to put an end to while you “journalists” trash him. None of you are smart enough to figure out what I just told you… so do your research and then REPORT THE TRUTH!!!

For you voters…do a little research and see how Venezuela and Cuba, along with the aforementioned Socialist countries have made out…not too well! Why in the world would you want a Socialist (Bernie, Hillary, Barack, Ellison, Booker or any other wannabee) to “rule” your country? Are you nuts?

If you vote Democrap…make sure he/she believes in your “Constitution” and that “it” is not the “change” they promise!!!