A Democrap is, in general, a self proclaimed leader in the Democrat Party who rose to power, not because of their brilliance, ideas, or desire to improve America but by their shear longevity in office, a big mouth, through which we hear “crap”, and the unique ability to avoid controversy by…doing nothing while in office. The only things they vote for, if they show up, are not what benefits America, but what benefits themselves…financially! Sheldon Silver is the “God” of Democraps, someone for people like Chuck Schumer to idolize!

They will have passed maybe 1or 2 even 3 bills during a 20 year career like Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Waters actually passed 3 bills in 27 years but one was to name a building. Democraps excel at naming buildings and bridges.

Some, like Barack Obama, found a vote that is easy, non controversial and vanilla… “present”. That’s how he voted when Benghazi was burning. He was President and wanted to avoid controversy and of course, didn’t want to hurt the feelings of the Iranian , rebels who were busy killing our Ambassador and his staff.

They are easy to identify because they are negative about everything and positive about nothing. They never put forth innovative ideas or even bad ideas…they simply make unsubstantiated allegations about their enemy; anybody Republican or appointed by a Republican. They traditionally take a stance of , “Don’t tell me the facts, I already have an opinion.” A good, recent example would be Chuck Schumer who has said, repeatedly, “We will not confirm any Supreme Court Justice appointed by President Trump”, long before one was even named!

That’s a true Democrap at his finest…don’t do your job, just oppose, criticize ,offer no suggestions…and collect $250,000 per year, free health insurance, life insurance a great pension and don’t do a freaking thing positive…a true Democrap if we ever saw one.

They certainly do NOT believe in our Constitution, want to change America but won’t tell the truth about that change because they know America will not go along with changing to Socialism and giving the likes of Cory Booker, Keith Ellison, both Muslims, or Waters or Pelosi the power to decide what “Rights” they will allow the “losers” to retain. You see, they will do away with our Constitutional Republic that most Democrats and all Republicans believe in!

In Socialism, only the elites keep their wealth… “Waters is wealthy”, you ask? She owns 3 houses with one worth over $3,000,000 ($3 million)!

Sounds like your leader?

Then it’s time for you to stand up and be counted. I’m telling you the truth. Give it some thought…where am I wrong?

Tell your “leaders” you don’t want the change they want and support your President…he probably put someone back to work that you know…think about that!

The difference between a Democrat and a Democrap is the Constitution, a work ethic, morals, a respect for our Rule of Law and a desire for America to continue as a Constitution Republic and never become a Socialist Nation. If you know which one wants America to become Socialist ,then do something about it…vote Republican or get rid of people like Sanders, Feinstein, Pelosi, Waters ,Schumer, Booker, Ellison…you know who the rest are …don’t you?