Barack_ObamaI started writing OpEd columns about a year after Barack Obama was elected, about the same time I started carrying a gun again. After retiring from the FBI, I stopped carrying, as I felt relatively safe. I felt comfortable that there was no more than a “normal” concern for safety that the average citizen should have and would only carry if there was a specific reason. Agents who arrest a lot a people make enemies and get their share of threats from nut bags, who did carry.

Then came Obama and with him came, his “change”. Admit it or not Obama’s change was/is to reduce law enforcement and turn the country over to criminals JUST LIKE RHAM EMANUAL HAS DONE TO CHICAGO, and “big bird” is doing to the now “sanctuary city”, New York City. There are MANY more cities and states that did the same thing thanks to the Muslim, Barrack Obama’s leadership. So now, I carry!

Obama was born a Muslim, raised a Muslim and never resigned, quit, walked away nor ever denounced Islam, as a Muslim who quit, must do, to become an infidel, a Kafur, the worst kind of infidel, according to Islamic law!

If I am correct and I know I am, the explanation of “what change” Obama was referring to becomes crystal clear. The other thing I started to do, after about a year of Obama’s line of crap, was to start reading the Quran, an English interpretation by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, which is acclaimed by many to be the best.

As an Agent in the Apple, like most criminal Agents, I had many “run ins” with Muslims. Imams would try to hide fugitives in their Mosques and tried to tell us we could not enter, under any circumstances. They were wrong, and we did.

I never really knew much about Islam until I read the Quran because I didn’t care what other religions believed in UNTIL I read the Quran! The Islamic faith is based upon the State (Islam) ruling every aspect of every Muslim’s life. That’s why they are called Muslims because it means “submit”.

Islam is the Church and State! There is NO separation of Church and State in Islam, which is the very foundation of your Bill of Rights and Constitution!  Islam rules everybody on everything, all by one Ayatollah…religion, state, when and how to pray, what to eat, and the most disturbing part of Islam…that ALL non-believers are infidels and must be killed or convert and pay a jizza tax.

Now you should understand why Muslims like the Ayatollah of Iran and former “president” Tommy “Ineedajob” repeatedly state, ‘We will eliminate and kill all Americans”. They have destroyed or tried to destroy US Citizens, US Embassies and barracks, the USS Cole, and of course the Twin Towers and Pentagon and many other attacks, killing thousands of innocent Americans, intentionally in the process. That folks is Islam and don’t let anybody tell you different…if they do, ask, “What’s your book of faith”? When they say, “The Quran, of course”, run!


Obama found that he couldn’t change America to Islam from a Constitutional Republic, although with Soros’ money he came pretty damn close and his reign of terror as president was coming to an end. So he and Valerie Jarrett, had to find another way…Hillary. Hillary was a good choice because she wanted the money and power so bad that she would do ANYTHING to become president! I firmly believe she made a deal with the devil, Barack Obama, to back her in return for her to follow his lead and turn America into a Socialist Nation…so he could continue to try to convert America to an Islamic Nation! Why did he create the OFA, Obama For America activist organization?

Hillary lied about everything. She cheated (bought the DNC, bought questions to the debates, paid for the Russian Dossier). She violated her Non-Disclosure Agreement on just about every front, from using a private, non-secure, personal, unauthorized, off site server/email for ALL her emails and including all SAP, Top Secret, State Department, Defense Department communications to …destroying 30,000 government documents. Every document that crossed her private server became government property the instant she sent or received it. That’s Federal Law!

She did all that, not to help America, but to prevent FOIA requests from getting her emails…and it almost worked! She and her husband, the former president, created and used a money laundering machine, the Clinton Foundation, to hide and funnel hundreds of millions of dollars to gain the presidency, and that almost worked…but for D J Trump you would have Hillary Clinton as president. Think about that for a while! If you really believe Hillary is an honest, loyal American who would have “protected, preserved and defended”, your Constitution, you need to pull your head out of that dark place you have it stuck so at least you ears pop free… I wonder if Ambassador Stevens felt Secretary of State Clinton was living up to her oath of office as he was burning to death!

Some day you “unbelievers” will realize that DJ Trump saved your lives and the lives of your family and will continue to do that for as long as he can, period.


If you think for an instant that one of these Socialist, “non-Constitutional” wannabees like Sanders, Ellison or Booker (both Muslim members of Congress, explain that one), Pelosi, ANY of the Socialists want to protect you and your family; move to Iran, you’ll be safer there. Look up Socialism in any book, dictionary, encyclopedia, history book, political science book and read the freaking definition!

Then find a Socialist country that you would rather live in and move there. Understand that our country will never become a Democrat Socialist America without overthrowing our government and destroying our Constitution. If you think you want that…then you need to read the Constitution after you learn what Socialism really is because you don’t know what rights your Constitution gives you (all of them) and what rights Socialism destroys (all of them). Why haven’t ANY of these Socialist Democrats like Bernie, Booker, Schumer, Waters, Pelosi, Hillary told you that there is NO private ownership in a Socialist Society…you don’t own anything. The “Oligarchs”, wealthy people, like Bernie, Waters (3 million dollar house), Pelosi, keep their wealth because, “We get to make the rules because we won”, Speaker Pelosi, 2009!


On April 16, 2016 Mary Jacoby spent 14 hours in the White House, according to the White House log, visiting then President Obama. Why is that significant? Jacoby is the wife of fellow Wall Street Journal Reporter, Glenn Simpson. Simpson is the owner/creator of Fusion GPS. Much of this was reported by Zeeta Andrews, Tablet Magazine and several other internet sources. For some reason, it kind of stayed buried. Read on and you be the jury, guilty or not?

In the same month, April 2016, Hillary Clinton hired Fusion GPS to do opposition research on DJ Trump. Simpson then hired Chris Steele to do the Dossier on Trump trying to either create or expose a tie between the Trump campaign and Russia. Simpson also hired Nellie Ohr to help write this “Dossier”, which, I believe she did. Nellie is the wife of Bruce Ohr, the 4th top ranking Attorney in …DOJ!? WOW!

Understand that there is no doubt that this very Dossier, is THE primary Probable Cause for the first FISA warrant issued on Carter Page (a US Citizen) and a lead in to wiretapping the RNC.

Disgraced and disciplined FBI Top Officials, including former FBI Director Comey, Peter Strzok Andrew McCabe, and more to come, signed, under oath, documents supporting the Affidavits for the Applications for FISA overhear warrants on US Citizens!

Vital evidence, discrediting the Affidavits, was intentionally withheld from the FISA Court by the signing parties, which also includes Sally Yates and, yes…Rod Rosenstein! The same Rosenstein who walked into President Trump’s Office holding hands (not really) with his recommendation for the new FBI Director, Bob Mueller, after the President fired Mueller’s best friend James Comey! After Trump said, “No”, Rosenstein appoints Mueller Special Prosecutor to find dirt on the President and for no other reason. Rosenstein is up to his ears in this Conspiracy.

There is so much more to report but I want to point out a few more things:

The sources above also have reported that in May 2016, Nellie Ohr obtained a Ham Radio License!!! Could it be possible that the reason none of the communications from/between these players including Nellie Ohr were picked up is because they/she knew that the Government Security Agencies don’t monitor Ham radios? If that is true, would that go to prove intent? What do you think?

Any of you Ham folks, who record traffic, look around May 2016 for anything that sounds like what we’re talking about and either email or call the FBI.

As I write this, Strzok has finally been fired. I’m sure our president is moving to put the supervision that has been missing from DOJ back into the DOJ.

Way to go Mr. President and take security clearances away from all those…people, starting with the Clintons and Obama!!!!.

Now ORDER Wray to open Criminal Cases on McCabe, Strzok, Page, Rosenstein and the FBI Attorneys who are involved and get their testimony before a Federal Grand Jury, execute search warrants. Their leader is not Comey, or Lynch or Holder it’s Barack Obama…show no mercy, he tried to destroy America!!!

Hey Brennan, Clapper, we’re getting closer. Call and make a deal. First in gets the best deal!! I wonder what communications the NSA overheard around the untimely and suspicious death of Justice Anton Scalia.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!