I thought only California’s Maxine Waters could be that dumb, but New York’s Governor Andy Cuomo has “out done” her for buffoon of the decade!

For those of you not following New York’s Cuomo stumbles, allow me to bring you up to speed. He signed an agreement with the Seneca Indian Nation to build a gambling Casino on prime City of Niagara Falls New York, previously taxed property, in 2012, and “RELATED ONLY”  additional businesses tagging along, also tax free, as long as they paid NY State and Niagara Falls a little “vig”. After all…they do about $3 million, PER DAY, when things are going good, which is more often than not. So, they reluctantly paid millions to us, the people who owned the property that Cuomo turned over to the Seneca’s.

There was a 14 year time term on the original contract which provided the State, and Niagara Falls, with the “vig” but the contract had to be renewed, only…

Well…you won’t believe this… but Gov Cuomo, a lawyer himself, and his team of genius, high priced lawyers, FORGOT to include the “vig” in the renewed contract and now the Seneca’s pay NOTHING. It was only about $110 million a year paid to the State and Niagara Falls; anyway, what’s a few hundred million of OPM, Other People’s Money? I personally don’t believe that was unintentional. I believe Cuomo is a first class liar, did it intentionally for unknown reasons ($$$) and cannot possibly be that incredibly stupid. If he is, then he should NOT be Governor of “anything. How the hell did he get through law school?

It gets better, then he allows them to put a tax free gas station right next door to the Casino. After all, gas sales are related to casinos, as are the restaurants they built, shops, souvenir stores, parking, tours, and more. What happened to the life long, taxpaying families, who built Niagara Falls? GONE, forced out by the Seneca’s…who cares…not Cuomo!!!

What can be done, you ask? If I were mayor of the Falls, I would be compelled to look for all the water leaks we have in the sewer and water systems around the Casino property and open the streets all the way around the casino/gas station and parking ingress and egress points. I would place NFPD cars around to make sure no illegal crossing occurs until we find those stubborn leaks…could take days…weeks…months! Let’s see, one month times, say 3 million per day is …a lot!

Then there’s Cuomo’s sanctuary city policy which encouraged NYC’s Mayor to make NYC a Sanctuary City. Think about what these a..holes Cuomo and Big Bird have done…they made a city of 10-15 million people a Sanctuary City, grounds for recall, impeachment, prison, and all the bad things that can happen to crooked politicians!

He appointed a special prosecutor to look into corruption in Albany but then closed the investigation when they closed in on the Governor’s Office. He sneaks through a “Safe Gun” Act limiting 10 rounds in legal, permitted guns, further restricting 2nd Amendment Rights of law abiding citizens but not only did he NOT place mandatory sentences on gun totting violent criminal but he lets them out of prison!

Remember Herman Bell? In 1971, he and two other BLA members killed NYPD Officers Waverly Jones, a black officer and Joseph Piagentini, a white officer. Piagentini was shot 20 times. I worked that case as a volunteer on the crime scene search and will never forget what they did to these two young men!!!

The Gov bans Gas “fracking” in New York State, while other states reap in the cash…but closes his eyes when his Empire State, Billion Dollar project creates a foundation that collects and “hides” millions in the Cayman Islands and then the foundation, in turn, invests those millions in companies that frack the hell out of shale rock for gas and oil, making MILLIONS, tax free for the foundation!

Now he wants to drive the few remaining small businesses out of NY by forcing them to pay enormous minimum wages, give away family care time and now…give bereavement time of 90 DAYS paid at about 50% pay…to grieving family members!!!

Does this guy have secret meetings with Maxine Waters and Bernie Sanders? He actually makes them look smart!

Thank God for Governor Cuomo, he is a gift to the Republicans! How could a Governor be any worse than him…well…not counting Brown?