I will continue to call for President Trump to discipline FBI Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, DOJ Rod Rosenstein and Bruce Ohr by suspension and administrative inquiry, by the FBI, and the opening of criminal cases, by the FBI, on all, for various violations on Title 18 until either the President or AG Sessions steps up to the plate and swings the discipline bat.

The President’s opponents will holler obstruction, collusion, and conspiracy, or whatever, even if the president is the subject of an investigation, which he is not, he must continue to run the country! So if he were the subject of some criminal case and an employee in a different matter did something wrong, illegal, requiring investigation, the President has the duty to remove that person from the position of trust and confidence so they do not have access to confidential files, investigations and other matters that require trust and confidence, while the president evaluates the situation. He cannot continue to allow people who have clearly violated the trust and confidence that they swore to uphold and do things that require trust and confidence, especially Rod Rosenstein and Peter Strzok.

That’s why we have Article 2 of the Constitution. The president is under enormous pressure regarding North Korea, trade, Russian interference in our election, Iran, Syria…and on and on.

He needs to be free of the Democrat obstructionism that Schumer, Pelosi, McCain (a now-prominent Democrat ally and darling of the MSM for his opposition to Trump) and all the other left-wing attempts to destroy the Trump administration. Think about it: Schumer and Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats do nothing to move our country forward. What have they done in the House or Senate? Name one bill that Schumer or Pelosi sponsored or wrote to improve, change immigration, or create jobs, or fix the trade imbalance that has existed since the 1950s? Name one bill that is pending in Congress that a Democrat has pending to improve our country! Also, not one Democrat in the Senate signed the Tax Cut Bill that we are all benefiting from! By the way, how are your stocks doing?

The Senate won’t even approve the President’s appointees for important positions, just for the sake of obstruction. They don’t care what happens to your country, they just want to screw up everything “Trump” that they can screw up. Why? (I’m glad you asked) because Trump is destroying the “swamp”, with his actions against the money making positions lobbyists enjoy with members of Congress.

Ever wonder how many members of Congress and other government positions take million dollar jobs with the lobby firms they worked with while in government employ?

In an article on 9/22/15, the Washington Free Beacon, Joe Schoffstall, wrote. “According to the most recent data from the Center for Responsive Politics, 427 former members of Congress have moved into the lobbying sector or to identical areas of work.

Of those who have left Congress either by defeat or by retirement in recent years, most have moved to lobbying or work that is nearly identical in nature.”

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the “swamp” the president speaks of.

In the 1970s, my squad in the NYO initiated what turned out to be the ABSCAM investigation. In the beginning, most of us participated in the investigation until it became too big for our squad of 40 Agents to handle in addition our own work. It became a huge, successful, political corruption case which resulted in the arrest of one U.S. Senator, six Congressmen, and more than a dozen other criminals and corrupt officials. We saw firsthand how money hungry and corrupt some members of Congress are.

Bottom line, the President must discipline and rid the DOJ of those untrustworthy individuals. Place the Mueller thing on temporary “hold” until the president can get a “new” Rosenstein appointed, which will probably take a while with obstructionist Schumer doing nothing! Pick an aggressive prosecutor and not another Sessions type! DOJ is your most important Agency, Mr President, that impacts the country from within! It is second only to the Pentagon. You cannot allow Obama holdovers to continue in DOJ!

After the president suspends the employees who need discipline, then clean out the DOJ Civil Rights Section; it is an Eric-Holder-built Department, built to parrot him, and to put cops in jail and criminals on the street (and, they hope, the voting booths)!! Take a look at all the attorneys who were held in contempt by Federal Judges in Texas, New Orleans and Ferguson: all Holder molded!