James Comey can say that at every step he was careful to avoid “politicizing” the FBI investigation against Hillary but, in fact, his “actions” were the exact opposite, and actions speak louder than words. Why did Comey move the Clinton investigations to FBI Headquarters in the first place?

The following info you would only know if you were an Agent.

FBI criminal investigations are “always” conducted by the 50+ FBI Field offices, NEVER by Headquarters, ever!!! If several offices are involved then hq designates one as the Office of Origin, and they take the lead role. That is done for numerous reasons. Field Offices have the manpower; experience and supervision to ensure that an important investigation, like the Clinton investigation(s), is not subjected to personal feelings, political influence, or any other outside influence, and that mistakes are caught or prevented. That’s accomplished by the multiple levels of supervision afforded at the Field level as well as Agents with phenomenal knowledge and experience. That type of supervision and experience does not exist at Headquarters. If anyone says it does, ask what about Comey ,McCabe, and Strzok… the three stooges?

If Assistant Directors are conducting interviews, who supervises them, Comey? Comey never investigated a criminal case in his life! He may have prosecuted John Gotti but it was NYO Squads like the Truck Squad (my old squad) and Gambling squads and our informants that handed the case to Comey, on a platter, to prosecute. Comey never brought any one to justice, the FBI did, in spite of Comey! As I have previously written, in last night’s Stephanopoulos-Comey, self serving, no hard follow up questions, Comey is throwing Loretta Lynch and his deputies under the bus, already.

Comey didn’t believe it was important for the president to know that the Steele Doosier was financed and owned by Hillary and that Fusion GPS bought info from Russian sources (isn’t that what Mueller was paid to find?) That was all paid for by Hillary Clinton and I’ll bet she used campaign money as well. The fact is that the Dossier was unverified but used anyway by Comey to obtain a FISA warrant, that he signed, to wiretap Carter Page. It gave Comey access to conversations to Page and any Trump campaign workers he spoke to. The “mistakes” that the inexperienced McCabe and Strzok made , exemplifies their complete lack of experience in criminal investigations and that they had their own agenda that was at odds with the Rule Of Law. That is the exact reason for multiple layers of supervision at the Field Level! Just because these two were FBI Agents for 20 years means absolutely nothing; what did they do for 20 years? Ever heard the expression, “He was on the job one year, 20 times”? That, I believe describes these two “geniuses.” Who the hell was supervising them? The only criminal cases they must have worked was in their first office as rookies, training to be our heroes! The rest of their careers, they spent trying to be James Bond.

Investigations in the Field, are conducted by the many experienced, Criminal Brick Agents who are supervised by “each other” as well as by a supervisor(s). Then the ASAC oversees the Supervisor, with the SAC(s) supervising the ASAC as well as the entire case. In a major investigation, like Twin Towers, the Oklahoma City Bombing, Waco, there are additional levels of supervision added (like the Clinton cases should have had) with Assistant Directors with Criminal experience, like Jim Kalstrom or Danny Coulson, looking over the numerous issues to prevent exactly what Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page and others from doing exactly what they did: intentionally sabotaging an investigation! Then, the final level is the Director!

Any, and I mean “any” FBI Agent who worked criminal cases his entire career will tell you that RULE number 1 is; never, ever interview any subject in front of his attorney, period, no exception. Why? Because it is “impossible” for any good to come from the interview, it’s that simple! What do you do instead? You build a case by interviewing others first, who could be involved, with the power of subpoena, search warrants, and, as last resort, immunity in very limited situations. In Hillary’s case, who should they go after first? Huma Obedine, Cheryl Mills, John Podesta, Sullivan and on and on. These are all still very viable options…although we haven’t seen the “immunity” that was handed out, intentionally like candy without any results whatsoever. There must have been a proffer that was submitted by their attorneys stating what their client can provide in return for immunity. Also, I have never seen immunity given without the specific caveat that that “any” lies by the subjects voids any immunity offer. Any interviews of these co-conspirators MUST contain lies, because if they told the truth, Hillary would be behind bars now.

I understand that McCabe and Strzok interviewed Hillary in front of 5 (five) Hillary lawyers and Cheryl Mills who should also have been a subject and witness, herself and claimed to be Hillary’s lawyer, too!? You can’t make this shit up! Where are the interviews of the subjects who received immunity?

I would love to see the 302s on Mills and Abedine; they must be something! I can’t imagine them being asked a question that their answers didn’t incriminate themselves and Hillary! For example to Abedine, “Did you store any State Department info on your home computer ? Did the Weiner have access? Was any of it classified or copied from SAP material”? I’d bet those questions were never asked. Just like when Hillary told Strzok that she never had any training on classified material. Why didn’t Strzok show Hillary, her Non Disclosure Agreement, which is now prima facie evidence that she lied?

Also, unlike what some commentators are saying, anyone who signed the applications, affidavits, or any supporting documents, to the Page FISA warrants, who knew or should have known that the Application, was flawed, withheld required information on discrediting information, which would have made the Application invalid, is guilty of Federal felonies and could very well have violated the Civil Rights of Page and any other citizens who were illegally monitored. The punitive penalties for Civil Right Law Suits calls for triple penalties and by statute cannot be paid by any Municipality, Agency or Department!

If I’m not mistaken, the signors who are in jeopardy are Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Sally Yates, Rod Rosenstein, among others. Unless the laws have changed since I retired regarding full disclosure or the 4th Amendment, they are all in serious trouble!

You better sell a lot of freaking books Mr. Comey!