President Trump apparently sought the opinions of his Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and Sessions’ first Deputy Rod Rosenstein, regarding whether or not he, the president, should remove FBI Director James Comey. Apparently, the President lost confidence in his FBI Director. But the President, under Article 2 of the Constitution, irrefutably has the authority to remove Comey; nevertheless, he probably wanted to draw on the opinions of two men who also knew Comey well. Whether or not Sessions solicited Rosenstein’s opinion is a moot point; Rosenstein, in writing, advised the president he should fire Comey. That was Rosenstein’s advice, which the President was free to ignore or consider, anyway, pursuant to his Constitutional, Executive prerogative.

Taking all the factors that a president has and only he has, he made his decision and fired Comey. That’s something I recommended, in my columns, long before the new president took office. The President was finding out the hard way that Valerie Jarrett and Obama had hired despicable, agenda-oriented, militant, anti-US-Rule-of-Law people.

In fact, I urgently recommended that, the then-President-Elect Trump remove every single Obama-appointed and Valerie-Jarrett-vetted appointment, starting with DOJ and the “entire Civil Rights Division of DOJ. (In fact, the country would be better off with no DOJ Civil Rights Division than the one trained and formerly lead by Eric Holder. They were all brainwashed by the likes of Holder, to arrest Lawmen and release criminals because all they did were non-violent crimes like gun and drug dealing!!)

In my opinion, the facts that Holder wouldn’t prosecute the Philadelphia Black Panthers for election interference, nor discipline his Assistant AGs, who were held in contempt by different Federal Judges for trying to put COPS in jail for civil rights violations, goes a long way to proving Holder’s disdain for law and order!

Sally Yates submarined the President after he put his faith and trust in her, proving where her loyalty was and it wasn’t with the Constitution. She demonstrated her disregard for the plenary Decisions that the Supreme Court handed down regarding the President’s authority on immigration and the 1952 INS Act. When Yates is indicted for her hand in misleading the FISA Court, we’ll see how many “congratulation” emails she gets from the “Special Prosecutor” investigators. Maybe they’ll help pay her fines for violating Carter Pages’ Civil Rights, which allows for triple penalties.

Then, in true conspiracy fashion, Rosenstein hires his bud, “Bob” Mueller, as a Special Prosecutor to investigate the President’s possible Obstruction of Justice for firing Comey! Of course, there is no substantive crime associated with the conspiracy allegation only, “find conspiracy and/or collusion”…or “lying to somebody” like…maybe… an FBI Agent for something…anything! Look at his bank accounts or businesses, taxes…yeah, that’s it…taxes …or maybe sex life…when does it end?

When the President tells Mueller,”You’re fired”can’t come soon enough!

Wait a second —the day before Rosenstein appointed Mueller as SP, the President told Mueller, “You’re not hired,” when Rosenstein presented his bud Mueller to the President as a good candidate for FBI Director. So, for Trump to say, “You’re fired”, would sort of make Mueller…kind of…unique! You know, you’re not hired and you are fired.