I keep hearing from the Media that the President is considering sending our young men to our Southern Border, to defend and enforce the laws of our country… “unarmed”?

That is beyond insane — it’s suicidal.

You cannot order our young men to put themselves in an EXTREMELY dangerous situation “unarmed.”

Mr. President, that is so stupid that I want to believe that you are at odds with your advisors who are telling you to put those kids out there “naked”. You can easily gauge what advisors you should fire by this situation. Anyone who “advises” you to send unarmed soldiers, lawmen, to the most dangerous border in the world should be fired. They are not giving you good advice. They are trying to see how stupid you are and want you to fail. They are giving you the same advice that someone like Sally Yates, Barack Obama or Maxine Waters or Chris Mathews would give you…and I am serious!

That border has been named the most dangerous job in the U.S., numerous times. Snake infested woods and deserts with desperate criminals and banditos is no place for “anyone” who is unarmed.

Tell those who advise the president to send in “unarmed” soldiers, who will end up separated and “all alone” during their assignment, that you will do that if the “advisor” agrees to step off an Apache at night, alone, in the bush!

We are dealing with people who are so “desperate” that they are willing to flee their homeland, crossing dangerous waters, face rapists and dangerous criminals who prey on those fleeing and who become criminals themselves by illegally crossing our border!

You will not find 1 single Border Patrol Agent who would do what you are asking these kids to do!

I speak from experience, Mr. President. I worked Interdiction on the “safe” Northern border with BP, Customs and Coast Guard and trust me, absolutely none of us would do it unarmed…none!

Mr. President, call me. You need a different perspective than what you are apparently getting.

Don’t Send Unarmed Kids to That Border. Not even just to observe. What can go wrong will go wrong!