I wrote this column BEFORE your “debate”. I didn’t want my column to be called plagiarism so here it is …

In my opinion and with all due respect, Mr. President, tell Biden you believe he is a victim and that you will not disrespect the Office of the President nor him. But you will go after the real cause, Hussein Obama!

Hussein traveled the World apologizing to the Islamic World for America’s acts against Islam. He did all he could to cripple America’s mighty energy resources. Hussein illegally stopped the legal resource production of fossil fuel by ignoring and breaking con-tracts, leases, permits and treaties. The Keystone Pipeline is a deal with Canada that started in 2010 and is 3 phases…1 & 2 are completed…2700 miles! They are suing us for billions! Treaty and contracts, The Green River-the largest oil reserve in the World and US owned, the Bakken-privately owned and 2nd largest oil/natural gas reserve in the world, offshore drilling with Canada, closed all, coal fired and several other fossil fuel fired power plants. Hussein took the US power Grid from 125% to 80% by successfully killing 45% of our entire Electric Grid reducing it to 80% of needs!

He closed the NORAD, Colorado Mountain, communication, First Strike, first response, largest self-defense facility in the World…closed the whole damn thing. Did that strengthen or weaken the US? After elected, President Trump said HE DID WHAT?

President Trump, you reopened that NORAD facility! Hussein closed it to weaken the US and change our Republic! Treason again and again and again. There is NO statute of limitations on Capital Crimes! That’s Treason!

Hussein then, in my opinion, furthered his scheme to kill America by taking advantage of a weakened, obviously ill and declining human being, by supporting Biden and promising him the Presidency and his, Hussein’s, devoted “help”.

So welcome to Hussein’s fourth term, another Felony. What Obama did by removing himself one step from the Presidency and then directing either Biden or having his, Obama’s, staff relay information to initiate policies and executive orders that damage and/or are dangerous AND are all felonies, some Treason, others very close! Treason…punishable by death. Those who made the move to direct Biden, pass “orders” that are illegal to Biden, will roll over when they see what the punishment is for THEIR crimes!

So, Mr. President bring out the freaking truth about how Biden is the unknowing victim and tell him what Hussein is doing.

Explain how Hussein most clearly and many times, said he will “Fundamentally change America”! He said that there is NOTHING more beautiful than the “Islamic call to Prayer”. Hussein most clearly explained his position regarding his feelings toward America…he hates America and intentionally, with malice aforethought, spent his entire adult life trying to change America into an Islamic, Socialist Nation, furthering his cause by adopting two of his Columbia’s professors, Cloward and Piven, ideas on, “How To”. They wrote the book and he followed…to bankrupt America, by bringing our population to its knees…by taking away our unalienable Rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness! Do whatever he could to waste money, crash our social welfare networks …overload it by opening our borders…sounding familiar? Destroy our power grid, military, law enforcement…power production on all levels.

No loyal American, let alone a President, would ever do the Treasonous Acts he performed. But he needs a “scapegoat”, and he picked YOU JOE!

Explain how there is no Statute of Limitation with a Capital Crime and most of what you did IS Treason and “your” staff…will throw you under the bus in an instant… my opinion!

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