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What you are not seeing or hearing is that Joe Obiden is not the “brains” behind the coup that has been taking place since 2008! If you are surprised …then you must have been in a cave with no contact with reality because what is/has been happening since the theft of an election is the biggest FRAUD the world has ever seen…in my humble opinion.

In my opinion, Obiden is suffering from a here-to-for, never heard of disease called…WITF AM I DOING…WITFAID!

He has lost his mind, and has been that way since he became Vice President, which he, himself, cannot remember when that was…and is Howdy Doody…with Hussein Obama as his puppeteer.

Everything that we have seen and heard and wondered, “Why in the world would the President of this country do that absolutely brain dead, stupid, damaging, Executive Order (EO), or decision”? You just hit the nail on the head…because he is brain dead.

Being brain dead allows certain, specific exemptions from real life, reality…which literally allows a brainless (or almost brainless) person to assume a state of being that allows that person to be declared too brain dead to defend themselves, for committing crimes or any other dumb, stupid thing that is obviously damaging to America and the World …BUT…he is PERFECT to carry the nuclear football (in a suitcase), and… be CEO of the BIGGEST corporation in the world…America!

THAT IS WHAT THE DEMOCRAPS WANT YOU TO BELIEVE…well… do you…do you believe Obiden is too feeble to defend himself in a court of law but is perfectly fine to be President and run the country? Both cannot be true…unless you are a Demo-CRAP!

Well, you who believe that to be true are as dumb as Obiden…fact! Seek help, immediately!

How about this…Joe can’t do either…he belongs home, in his basement instead of being directed to commit Treason, Espionage, Hobbs Act-Election Interference, conspiring with our enemies, plotting to overthrow our Constitutional Republic by force, violence, intimidation and insurrection!

Remember, Joe is NOT calling the shots…Hussein is. That in and of itself, boys and girls, is several felonies…Conspiracy to Violate Obiden’s Oath of Office for one! You cannot subcontract your oath of office …look it up.

Hussein believes he is immune from prosecution for what he is doing…sorry Hussein…you are not immune…directing any incompetent person to commit a crime is a crime in every state of America. In certain situations, like Treason, one could be charged with the actual crime of Treason and face the same penalty as the actual act…which I believe…is death!

The evidence that Hussein has pulled the biggest fraud the world has ever seen is very evident when we look at the evidence that numerous law enforcement agencies, forensic experts, showed the public. Hussein’s nationality, beliefs and birthplace for starters…he is an Islamic Muslim not born in the USA, and by Islamic Law, which he follows, he MUST follow his father’s beliefs, Islam! That disqualified him from the “get-go” because Muslim’s book of faith (their “Bible”), the Quran, disqualifies ANY Muslim who believes in the Surahs in the Quran! They cannot believe in the very First Amendment to our, your, Constitution … and the separation of Church and State!!!!

The First Amendment demands the separation of Church and State, and the Quran demands the UNIFICATION of “Church and STATE”, Islam, under a REAL THREAT OF DEATH, if not followed!
To prove he is not a natural born citizen, simply examine his current Social Security Card. It was his third… he obtained it from a SS Office in Connecticut, where…coincidentally…his aunt worked. That card belonged to a deceased American from CT, who died just before Hussien, obtained that SS card…and who was 5000 miles away, in high school in Honolulu, USA. There are just a few things wrong with that scenario…first, the only person who can obtain a duplicate Social Security Card is the original owner. When he died, so did that number!

Next, you cannot obtain a SS Card over the phone…you must appear in person with your birth certificate. That’s why it was so import-ant to Hussein…who was 18 years old at the time. Did he do a round trip of 10,000 miles to get a card? If you do believe that…you must believe that chickens have lips, my opinion!

Lastly, a birth certificate is not a “certificate of birth”, which he proudly showed us. Why would Hussein produce that document and try to pass it off as a birth certificate…because he didn’t have one…he was NOT born here and therefore is not eligible to be a President of these United States!

There were numerous other unbelievable documents and microfiche that were/are missing from the Smithsonian Archives, missing! His Selective Service records were changed… WHAT? That’s the extreme lengths Hussein’s team went to change his birthplace “All”, after his grandmother told the press that she was there, in “Kenya”, witnessed his birth and she was so proud. I personally believe his grandma had no reason to lie!? The Certificate of Birth shows under Place of Birth – unknown…as his mother reported to the hospital that he was born at home 4 days before.

Next, he “changed” his religion from Islam to Christian…why…because a Muslim cannot be a US citizen! Islam is in direct conflict with the very foundation of our Rule of Law, the very reason the Pilgrims came to America! The very FIRST Amendment in our Constitution …Oh…I almost forgot…in Islam, lying to better Islam…is just fine!

THE FIRST AMENDMENT CALLS FOR THE SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE …no Muslim can honestly and truthfully, swear to obey/abide, protect, defend and preserve our Constitution. The Quran…the whole foundation of Islam… is unification of Church and State. It requires a complete dedication to Islam, Allah…no exceptions…or their heads would be removed. The Quran calls for the beheading of an infidel, non-Muslim, JUST FOR THAT REASON. Christianity is a bit more understanding. Check with Brigitte Gabriel, and see how tolerant the PLO was to Lebanon, non-Muslims! That was after the Christian Nation, Lebanon took Arafat and his PLO in because Jordan kicked them out. Arafat thanked the people of Lebanon by killing all those non-Muslims, and Lebanese Christians, they could find…for years! Lebanese driver licenses showed religion… Christian, Jewish, Muslim. That was a mistake that Arafat made them pay for!

Why do you think that ISIS beheaded all those Muslims in Iraq…after all …they were Muslims. They didn’t follow ALL the Suras in the Quran…like the poor woman who went out in public with her head uncovered. She was made to kneel down while a conquering ISIS Muslim shot her in the top of the head. No human is safe in an Islamic country and American is next! That is not my opinion, it is a fact.

It is my opinion and as a three-decade, working FBI Agent, investigating Federal Crimes my entire career, with great success…I opine that Hussein either directed his people to tell Obiden what to do or did it himself. A good FBI Criminal Investigator will get many of Husseins trusted co-conspirators to “Flip…talk” …facing crimes like Treason which carries the death penalty and NO Statue of Limitations!

Do you think a guy who can’t remember when he was VP could open the border all by himself or stop all the oil and gas drilling he stopped, or stopped pipelines, including the Keystone which is under contract with Canada and numerous other major corporations employing thousands of US and Canadian citizens… who all lost their jobs. That supply line is 2,700 miles long in the US. It is 3 phases with 1and 2 completed supplying 1.3 billion barrels, from 2013 to 2023!

Listen… the guy has no idea, what he’s doing. He stopped the Border Patrol, Ice, Customs all law enforcement from doing their jobs…then, in interview after interview, says, “Give me the Border Patrol and I’ll stop the illegals from coming in”! Joe, YOU caused it buddy… Obama told you to do that and now you WILL pay for it…we’ll see how incompetent when you’re arrested and charged!!
If you idiots allow Obiden to run again and “win” …here’s what likely will happen…

According to what numerous intel Agency Heads, FBI Director Wray, and current and retired Generals are saying…China is staged and prepared, right now, to attack America …and most say they will. Exactly how we could put forth several strategies so we will do it in general terms.

First…they WILL stop/cutoff our electric grid…several ways to do it and Russia, N Korea and China have threaten to do an EMP attack…with the new hyper-speed rockets, just one and we’re done! Or attack directly, critical transfer stations that are crucial for operation and would require two years to replace… or attack the power plants. I do not know how they WILL do it. I DO KNOW THAT THEY WILL KILL YOUR GRID and you, me and our friends will be without power and helpless.

You say, “I have a 10 kw Generac, let them come”, you think so? Well, my friends, how do you pow-er that 10KW bad boy…gasoline, natural gas, propane or diesel… all fossil fuels that might have been useful, but you see, they ALL come to your home by ELECTRICITY! Gas and diesel from the gas station pumps…natural gas pumped to your home at about 9 psi produced by electric pumps…propane made by electricity…that’s, in part, why we “had” reserves.

GUESS WHO DID AWAY WITH ALL your reserves. Our Reserves, are to keep emergency equipment running…but were drained dry… not by Trump? No …President Trump reversed what Hussein did as President for 8 years… Hussein drained your reserves dry and presented empty tanks and drums for Trump. Trump…filled them back up to capacity, as soon as he was told what Hussein had done!

Hussein emptied your reserves under his administration (8 years) and President Trump immediately refilled your reserves back to over full and …along came Joe and Hussein … again, “OMG…I’m right”!

He did it again…Team Obiden/Hussein did it again they drained the reserves back to ZERO. If that doesn’t wake up the dumbest Democrap…nothing will… nothing on Earth will ever make them understand what Treason, Sabotage, Insurrection is… why do you think they did that? To hasten the takeover dumbbell…what take-over…the one you, Obiden voter, teamed up with corrupt voting machines and stuffed ballot boxes, did!


There will be no communication, no lights, no heat and NO FOOD and on and on…until Hussein comes to the rescue, and martial law. What happened to Joe…no one seems to know. How did Hussein become President? We no longer have that type of government. It’s some sort of Sharia Muslim law!

If Biden gets elected for another term…Hussein will get rid of him one way or another. In fact he can’t have Joe around seeing what he’s doing to America…he could have an accident and fall out the door on Air Force One by thinking it was the bathroom, What the hell, the guy can’t walk off or on a stage without falling.

For those who think President Trump is finished…he raised $53,000,000 (for you Democraps who can’t count that many zeros… it’s 53 million dollars), in the 24 hours after the kangaroo court returned an illegal verdict of guilty. The Judge’s jury charge will be enough for the Supreme Court to dismiss all charges. By the way, the kangaroo will jump into the Manhattan Appeals court when all 5 black female judges bring in their unbiased decision.

There is only one person who can stop the coup the Democraps started … Make America Great Again and it sure as hell isn’t freaking Joe Obiden or Hussein Obama or any combination of those two scoundrels …IT’S DONALD J. TRUMP!