Could it be …Hussein wants to be Ayatollah of Islamic America?

Joe Obiden couldn’t wait to OPEN THE FREAKING BORDERS and made that his FIRST Executive Order. Now that same SOB blames Trump for the open borders?! He also refused to allow the contractors to finish the last few sections of fence that were bought with your money and paid for with your millions and sold for pennies on the dollar…and probably found a way to cut himself in on a piece, my opinion.

How could anybody “in their right mind” open all the doors in his house and then blame Trump for the results? I guess the “in his right mind” answers that! It’s time for the 25th Amendment, screw the Impeachment…remove him by using the 25th. Then, after we remove him…lock his ass up! No sane President would do what this moron has done. He is crazy for following Hussein’s directives, my opinion!

Now before those who are Democrats get their panties in a bunch…I better explain the difference between Democrats and Democraps.

First, elected Democrats all took their oaths to “Protect, Preserve and Defend the Constitution”, with their hand on the Holy Bible because we are a Christian Nation. They believe in our Constitutional Republic, our Due Process, our Rule of Law, and our “unalienable Rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” that our Bill of Rights and Constitution guarantee but most important…THE SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!

Democraps do not and the Radical Left or should I say, radical Islam, cannot believe in our Constitution…read the Koran!

Some of the most despicable acts Muslims do are perfectly legal in Islam. We call them crimes …some capital crimes. For example, honor killings are called murders in our book but OK in the Koran, Sharia Law! Killing a woman with a shot to the head is ok …if she appears in public with her head uncovered, Sharia Law! I witnessed that, myself, on the news from Iraq. The Koran refers to Jews as Pigs and Pagans and they should be killed at every opportunity. Read an English translation. I am referencing the “The Holy Quran”, by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, published 2003. And if only Congress would read the Koran, they would learn what I have learned…and it’s not good. They are NOT honorable people by any standards, never have been and never will be. Their end justifies their means, FACT…they will not stop killing until either they are wiped out or Rule the World. Most important, they do NOT BELIEVE IN THE SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!

Look at what Hamas (Islam), an arm of Iran, just did to Jewish babies, women, and others on October 7, 2023! How many times do YOU have to hear and see stories like that before you wise up? Listen to those morons who call themselves “The Crew”. They are members of Congress, and they blamed the Jews for wanting their own country to live in peace…how dare they!

Omar, running off at the mouth about how she represents, as a freaking Congresswoman, the Somalis here, and they come first. They (Somalis) have their own laws and the USA has no business telling her Somalis what to do…they rule themselves!? Did she not read either her oath to become a US Citizen or the oath to Protect, Preserve and Defend the US, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights….and NOT Somalia?!

As a US Citizen and a Retired FBI Agent, I demand that Omar be stripped of her citizenship to the US, stripped of her Congressional seat, and be deported back to her beloved Somalia. She cannot retract what she said. She has demonstrated time and time again where her loyalty lies, and that’s NOT to the United States of America. She has proven herself to be antisemitic in her hate speech towards Jews many times and it’s time to rid the US of her poison!

There is NO misunderstanding of what she said. She lied when she took her oath to the United States on her Koran. She lied when she took the oath to become a US citizen … “I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America”.

That’s the oath she took. Is she living up to her oath? You be the Judge!!!

The PLO, Iran, Palestine…none of those Muslims, whose book of faith is the Koran, should be allowed into the USA, let alone become members of Congress …then… DEMAND we follow their orders (Sharia Law) on how to deal with their people! She is giving us a taste of how life would be as a Muslim! Do you mean US Citizens? That’s exactly what that idiot Omar just said a day ago!

Shura 9, in the book I referenced, is rampant about killing disbelievers, “smite their neck, hands and feet” … “kill the pagans”. Smite means cut off …and that means you and me! So, get this and don’t forget it…Muslims want to rule the world by converting it to Islam. They are doing it, and they don’t care who they kill to get there! Hussein Obama is a Muslim…born and raised Muslim and still is! Keep that in mind!

They cannot believe in the separation of America’s Church and State.

Islam, Church and State, are one and one Leader, Ayatollah (Hussein), that’s what we are fighting folks…Islam…NOTHING ELSE!
So those Muslims who took their Oaths to be members of Congress did NOT take an Oath to the U.S.!

The speaker should tell them they either take their Oath on the Bible and swear to honor our Constitution, “absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen;” …which requires a SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE or resign!

That is EXCEPT for Omar, enough is enough …she must go! See how that goes because they must denounce Islam to be true to what they say and here’s the hard part, denouncing Islam is punishable by death!!

Oh…the Koran allows lying, deceit, anything that furthers the teachings of Islam! You know …the end justifies the means.

Now back to Obiden… I’ll say it again…if Donald Trump, as President, did what Obiden does regularly…commit Treason…he would have been executed years ago.

What’s Treason? “Aiding and abetting the enemy”. Want an example? Here’s a classic. President Joe Biden alerted Iran of the most recent attacks before we launched the missiles, to give them time to move out of harm’s way. According to the State Department, IRAN PAID FOR AND ORGANIZED ALL THE TERRORIST ATTACKS IN THE WORLD.

Now you should be able to understand what’s going on. We are in a coupe…led by none other than our President Obiden…who I believe is taking orders from Hussein. These two, in my opinion, are leading us into real problems…socialism…by forcing us into problems that will dissolve our currency, kill our electric power, and way of life. The presidential elections cannot come fast enough…we really need Trump now!

Allow me to give those Secret Service Agents on Obama’s detail a heads up. Remember he’s NOT the president anymore. If they are cognizant of plans that are, or may be, Treason…. taking over the country…and they don’t take action or report it…that’s a felony. It’s called, “Misprision of a Felony”. If they are aware of Obama giving Obiden or his staff plans, ideas that are Treasonous in nature, commit two overt acts, like taking Joe to plan with Hussein, and do not take action… for that they are as guilty as if they committed that act and could face the same penalties… death!! Protecting those two is quite different from allowing them to destroy America, when you could have stopped it!!

OBAMA has no right to immunity from arrest, nor privacy for conversions with him.