I am elated to see ten top FBI executives addressing the dangers created by the Administration’s neglect of Immigration and Naturalization Laws. Their failure endangers our citizens and law enforcement. The ex-law enforcement officials’ warnings to Congress could not have been more explicit. America faces a “new and imminent” border danger; “The country has been invaded,” they said. This comes as Homeland Security and ICE reported over 300,000 encounters at the border in December. The actual number of illegal border crossers is estimated to be much higher.

Yet, the border dereliction is just a fragment of a larger issue, as this opinion piece explains.

I have extensively investigated Hussein Obama’s presidency. He promised to “Fundamentally Change America” but never explained how. My investigation reveals what I believe to be the greatest fraud in history. I see a deliberate plan to transform America into a Socialist state. This includes open borders, fossil fuel reduction, loss of private business ownership, and military weakening. One of the key facilitators of this agenda is a government-issued and monitored digital currency used to subdue the citizenry and deny them their rights.

Let’s look at the facts. Obama’s presidency saw drastic changes beginning in 2008. He issued Executive Orders (EOs) that severely weakened our National Grid, closing 45% of our electric grid with no replacements. As an engineer, metallurgist, and organic chemistry graduate, I can affirm that solar and wind are not viable alternatives to fossil fuels. In the mid-1970s, I played a pivotal role in establishing the Environmental Crimes program in the Western District of NY.

Obama also opened the Southern Borders, establishing camps for housing Muslims. He allowed the formation of 50 radical Muslim military-style training camps, with a notable one in Binghamton, NY. FOX News’ Shawn Hannity exposed these camps. These camps, complete with fences, armed guards, and military training, deeply concerned the local citizens.

But by far, one of the most significant issues is the globalist push for a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). The “One-World” currency has gained considerable traction with the Davos crowd. The United States, under President Joe Biden’s administration, is making strong moves in implementing a digital version of the US dollar. Their move has already begun. Biden’s March 2022 EO on “Responsible Development of Digital Assets” represents a significant shift in the financial landscape and will “Fundamentally Change America.” The White House has emphasized the urgency of researching and potentially developing a US CBDC, aligning with the global, socialist trend.

Because he can’t speak for himself, OBiden Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen issued a statement lauding the move. She said the EO will “help” the government make markets fairer and more transparent. “This approach will support responsible innovation that could result in substantial benefits for the nation, consumers, and businesses,” Yellen said. “It will also address risks related to illicit finance, protecting consumers and investors, and preventing threats to the financial system and broader economy.”

Remember Ronald Reagan’s words: “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help.” Biden isn’t bringing “Help” any more than Obama was bringing “Hope.” This is a full-fledged snow job on the American people to buy into the Globalist, Socialist agenda of a “One-World” digital currency packaged as “consumer protection.” It’s a move out of the Saul Alinsky playbook – and the OBiden criminal partners are complicit.

The mainstream media repeatedly parades “experts” who see the shift towards a digital dollar with optimism. Only bird-brained CNN viewers would see these “TV experts” as pioneers in finance and technology. The benefits they advocate for are increased convenience and broader financial inclusion. Their model digital currency: China’s renminbi!!! They say the transition to digital currency is “inevitable.” If they like it so much, maybe they should move to Beijing and get their talking points directly from the Chinese Communist Party. It would save the step of “laundering” their propaganda through the DNC!

Not only do concerns linger around cybersecurity risks, privacy threats, and the potential impact on traditional banking systems, but most fail to see the big picture. The OBiden Administration is using technological advancements not for progress but for CONTROL. The shift to a traceable, digital currency will inevitably lead to a loss of privacy and personal freedoms. Such a move will be a stepping stone towards disarming the populace and further weakening the country’s foundational principles. This OBiden digital currency “shift” is part of a broader, more sinister agenda to “Fundamentally Transform America” into a Socialist nation. Such changes are part of a deliberate strategy to undermine traditional American values and structures…IN MY OPINION!

The FBI Executives did well to come forward about the border, but I question if they fully understand the gravity of the situation. And the problem isn’t only uncontrolled illegals or the globalist’s digital dollar. Their strategy proceeds on every level and is meant to subdue, impoverish, and then enslave the American populace through Socialism.

On December 23, 2023 Biden announced his plan to shut down “all the remaining fossil fuel fired power plants which is 60% of what we now have”. His error, either intentional or not, is that his action will result in a complete shutdown of the remaining grid and not “Brownouts”. The remaining Grid will be 6 Hydro plants and 54 Nuclear plants. He needs several hundred more nuclear plants, depending on configuration, to make up for what he shuts down, in fossil fuel! A single nuclear plant draws on more than one reactor and they vary from a few to a dozen reactors. Bottom line is neither Biden nor his advisors have any idea of what they are going to do to our grid and our country. And for those who say he would not do that to our Country…look at what he’s already done to our country and continues to do at our Border. It’s so serious 10 retired senior FBI executive are issuing a warning…the same warnings I’ve been writing about for 10 years on what’s coming…well it’s here!!

He has ceased oil and gas drilling and plans to switch to a digital currency. This strategy could disarm Americans – not by taking our guns, but by disabling our electric grid. Everything we rely on, from water to military operations, needs fossil fuel.

I succeeded in the FBI by recognizing that too many coincidences indeed make a fact. For example, Niagara County, NY, had the cleanest coal-fired plant in the US. Obama closed it, dictating laws via Executive Orders and forcing the EPA to shut down plants. I worked closely with the EPA, teaching search warrants and investigating a DOD nuclear cleanup site.

My fellow retirees must understand what this Administration is doing. Our Grid consists of three interconnected parts: the East and West Coast Grids and the Texas Grid. When one plant fails, others try to compensate, which can lead to widespread blackouts. This has happened unintentionally before – but now, it seems deliberate.

Obama used Global Warming as a pretext to shut down fossil fuel plants. When he took office, the grid had 125% capacity. After closing 45% of the plants, we’re left with only 80% capacity. We’re now 20% short of what we need. The remaining grid comprises hydro and nuclear plants, making up only 20% of the total. The rest, a complete 60%, are all fossil fuel plants.

Biden’s plan to close these remaining plants would leave us vulnerable to attacks by foreign adversaries. They could use EMP devices to finish what Biden started with Obama…my opinion!  This move could potentially lead to our destruction, leaving nothing for our enemies to rule over.

The destruction of the United States from within has been the Globalist/Socialist agenda for a long time. Every day that their minions and puppets control our government is a day closer to our national demise.

Therefore, I urge immediate action. We must enact the 25th Amendment now. There’s no time to wait.