TO MY READERS…Sorry…I took about 6 weeks off to finish my book, “ACTION…FBI – CRIME FIGHTING THE WAY IT WAS! PART 1”. It is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


In my book I explain how we ended up in this quagmire of DOJ and the FBI being weaponized by unscrupulous elected and unelected politicians. They took over by writing their own rules/regulations…thereby stomping on the laws, rules, regulations, Constitution. They appointed fruit cakes like that tootie- fruitie White House staff member…who stole expensive luggage because he/she/it wanted to! That’s the type of “its” this President appointed!  Why would he do that? The answer is …they are weak, ignorant, greedy, and without any moral standard… “Just do what you’re told”…my opinion!

We “elected” Congress men and women to change our country BACK to the way it was. We changed the majority…. why? We did it because we want to change the House back to our Constitutional Republic ideals…and our Rule of Law! We want Law and Order, no illegal entry into our country which brings in criminals, drugs, diseases and known terrorists! Not so you could carry out some personal vendetta against someone who has the approval of THE MAJORITY …MAJORITY RULES…all while abiding by our Constitution! That’s our Rule of Law!

You “recently elected” Republican Congress men and women had better understand exactly what is going on. This is not a game you can play like when you ran for office! This is virtually life and death…Constitution or no Constitution! You either vote in a Republican Speaker, do it now, leaving personal nonsense behind you or you will destroy our country …single handed…playing directly into the Democrats hands!

It’s like you are standing on the railroad tracks arguing with somebody and a train is rumbling down the tracks heading straight toward the of two you…you can either  stay and argue or stop and get out of the way.

Be part of a solution and save America or be the problem…and lose the rights you just gave up to a party that wants to Rule and not Lead, the Democrap Party…your choice!

Think I’m wrong? How many Republicans were there on the important committees in the House under FORMER Queen Pelosi’s reign of terror? Exactly what crimes did President Trump commit and was charged with to be Impeached? Name the crimes…Title and Section of US Code or State crime!

The reason you cannot is because there are NONE! Just ask Bob Mueller…he said there were none!

With the Democrats running…I mean ruining things…you could be next!

How many laws, that were passed by the House and Senate and signed into law by the President, did Obiden stop by Executive Orders…like the Keystone Pipeline, the Southern Wall, permits to drill for oil (7,500 permits…stopped!)?  What’s next? How about a complete takeover by the Obama led, Soros financed and Obiden puppet, carried out… coupe!?