Did you ever hear an NFL quarterback holler, “ALERT….ALERT…ALERT” and wonder what it means!?

Well it means something very bad is about to happen to the quarterback and our team (us) unless you guys take immediate action to protect him/us…stop them, the other guys, from really hurting us!

This “ALERT… ALERT…ALERT” means they are getting ready to make a treasonous move against our Constitutional Republic and take over American by force, violence and intimidation! Why else would this idiot Obiden tell us, “There’s 28 days worth of diesel fuel left“…finish the sentence, Joe…“then what”?

Pretend (huh), I’m the quarterback, we are the “ us”,  and Obama and Obiden are the ”them”, the Scoundrels who want to do ALL of us serious harm. How can we tell?  Well let’s take a look at what prep they have done to enable them to inflict major damage, stack the deck, load up the line… quite easily, now!

First and foremost, they, the two Scoundrels Obama and Obiden, by the actions I am going to talk about, have clearly and with malice aforethought taken actions to seriously reduce/eliminate/damage the production of products…that we need, depend upon, cannot exist without!!! They have done the same to our ability to be supplied with those necessities, products that are available!

That is OIL…we cannot exist as a country or individual without fossil fuel, OIL, and the products we need from …OIL. We did for centuries but that was then and this is now. Back then there were no enemies with nuclear power like China and Russia and soon to be Iran…unless we stop Iran! Would you want the United States to revert back to no fossil fuel while Russia and China and soon to be Iran, have nuclear weapons and electric power. All while we say, “That’s OK, we’ll lead the way with solar and wind”???!!!

By now every human on Earth, even AOC, must know why we cannot live without fossil fuels and it’s pretty freaking basic…They also know that solar and wind will never power America…but lie about everything. Remember AOC said, “If the writers of the Constitution wanted us to have guns they would have put it in the Constitution”…you can’t make this stuff up. She also said,”What’s this for”? Pointing at the garbage disposal. And you elected her…yea, you! And she kicked Amazon out …good move AOC!

We must have natural gas, gasoline, diesel (which is #2 oil, by the way, kerosene is #1 oil), that’s what brings our food, water, building products, medicines, cars and trucks and what  drives cars and trucks and airplanes and ELECTRIC POWER PLANTS! That’s correct, over 80% of your electricity is from fossil fuels…why ? …because the idiots who run our blue States won’t allow more/new nuclear power plants!

Here’s what they, Obama/Obiden, have already done to us. Obama cut 45% of the coal fired plants and shut down other fossil fuel plants like our clean coal, Somerset, the Huntley Plant (oil), and several other fossil fuel (like natural gas plants), without any viable replacements…remember, the ONLY viable fuel capable of providing ALL our electric power, right now,  is…nuclear!

Obama made treaties/deals with other nations, like Canada, to agree to cripple ourselves and NOT drill in areas we were already drilling off shore!  Why? For bizarre reasons like… pipelines are too dangerous to transport product. But it’s okay to have gas “pipes” through your house, your cities for the same product, natural gas, propane and oil for furnaces.  Environmental reasons, my ass!

Nuclear…you are correct. Hydro, natural gas, and all the other fossil fuels working together would be the ideal package. That’s the smart way to reduce the carbon footprint but keep this in mind –

                                         WE MUST HAVE CARBON IN THE ATMOSPHERE…OR WE WILL DIE!!!!

How much Carbon do we need …science is uncertain but many believe 2,000 PPM (parts per million) by volume…but it could be much more!

Sooner or later you will have to believe what I say because if you don’t America will no longer be a free country…they want to Rule and not lead. And if you allow them to stop fossil fuel use…they will succeed…because there is no viable replacement except nuclear.

What else have these two done? Biden closed “our largest” and what just happens to be the World’s largest oil reserve…the “Green River Colorado Oil Reserve”…he shut it down as soon as he was elected as well as about 9 million barrels PER DAY from the Keystone pipeline and Bakkan Oil reserve, and about 7,500 oil wells that were producing clean oil in the US according to any government source or Oil Producing company you talk to!

Now he says we are out of diesel? Joe, you are an asshole…Obama will throw you under the bus before you can read, “Good night,” on your teleprompter!!! Don’t you understand your actions and inactions are Treasonous…..are you that far gone. Obama believes he is  free, but he isn’t, he is a Conspirator to Commit Treason! All we need is two overt acts!


He…they, OPENED the freaking southern border to every scumbag, Radical Muslim, criminal released from prisons as they were too dangerous to keep locked up in the countries where the raped, murdered and stole…they (Mexico, Haiti, Iran, Russia) dumped their garbage at your door step and Biden, gave them cell phones, thousands of US dollars, free plane rides to wherever they wanted. Did anyone ever do that for you!? Well smarten the hell up! You are about to get crapped on again, BUT if they do…we will never come back!

He just said, “We only have 28 days of diesel fuel left”.

In 2021, you heard Biden say, ”You Republicans had better watch your asses in 2022”. Well golly gee, what do you think he means?

Unless you want to lose your life savings, way of life, Rule of Law, vote Republican across the board or we are done as a country!