ENTER Barack HUSSEIN Obama, a complete fraud, my opinion! A man who wouldn’t know the truth, if it hit him in the head!

THE REASON IS THIS…Hussein Obama is actually ruining…I mean… running, the country through Joe (Howdy Doody) Biden! Joe Biden is not directing anything. He was a moron before he lost all sense of reason to whatever he is suffering from. Those close to him should be ashamed of themselves, starting with his wife, for allowing Obama to do what they all know he is doing! How much wealth do YOU and your junkie son Hunter need, Jill?

Obama is not only making a fool out of him, but has truly made a criminal out of him! Biden’s acts, while in office, are nothing short of Criminal Negligence, Sabotage, Espionage and Treason. The Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Dyslexia….whatever the poor guy is suffering from will not save him…be an excuse…nor keep him out of jail! When more people start dying …there will be no excuses that will be acceptable!

Why don’t one of you, close to the situation, ask that phony Obama why he didn’t open the borders to over two million good, bad, and the ugly…in one year??

Don’t you think that if Obama’s “FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE TO AMERICA” is to overturn our government and change it to Socialism; that it’s Treason? I’m pretty certain that there are no Amendments to the Constitution that allow Socialism…fact is, the word Socialism is never even mentioned. I did find many Amendments that prohibit Socialism…the 1st,4th, 6th, 14th and more!

I’ve addressed that many times throughout Obama’s 8 years of trying to destroy our Constitutional Republic…but many of you Democrats would not listen. Maybe when your bank account is empty…you will believe! Still don’t believe? Then read the Bills your leader is trying to pass to gain control of you currency, convert it to Bitcoins, and control all your spending!

By publishing documents Obama produced…and by explanations mostly by investigators from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s forensic experts, and well known experts retained by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, we learned that not one document, of the many Obama himself put forth to prove his natural born status, was determined to be authentic…not one!

Why is that so important?

First, to become President, you must be a naturally born US Citizen, and be able to prove it!

Second …and more important…it reveals the very foundation of a person’s persona…either you are honest or dishonest. If you can lie about your birthplace and citizenship to become President of the US…and provide counterfeit documents (each a felony, by the way), you will lie about anything! That’s my opinion. We the people don’t have to prove he is not natural born…he had to prove he IS…and he did not because he cannot, because he is not…it’s that simple!!! He has no authentic, verified, Birth Certificate…and every document he personally put forth as proof has been forensically declared counterfeit, by real, authentic, forensic labs including the Vatican’s Forensic Documents/Paintings laboratories.

Obama’s grandmother and brother say he was born in what is now called Kenya, and Grandma swears she witnessed his birth. Does your Grandma and brother know where you were born?

His Selective Service card which, by law, must be filed on your 18th birthday, has been factually determined to be altered (the date stamp was not in use at that time). Also, the dates before and after Obama’s were dated correctly. His Social Security Numbers (3) were phony, as is his current SSN! His current SSN belonged to a man from Connecticut who died in 1982! Actual Social Security numbers can ONLY be reissued to the original owner, period, no exceptions…that’s why, whenever you ask for credit, your SSN is required!

Even his religion, claimed Christian, is a lie, in my opinion!

Islam is NOT a religion. It is a way of life with State and Church combined, and the State directing all facets of a Muslim’s life…when to pray, how many times, how many wives, how to discipline nonbelievers in Islam!

In America, our Constitution, in the very 1st Amendment, demands the separation of Church and State!

You cannot believe in our Constitution and the Koran at the same time! Obama’s book of faith is the Koran! That is Islamic law, and our Christian Rule of Law is the Constitution, which prohibits a leader from telling his people what religion they must believe in…or become an Infidel!

That certainly makes you wonder how Tilab, Presley, Omar and any other Koran believers could honestly take their oath to defend our Constitution…they cannot …and I submit their Oaths of Office are invalid, and they should be Impeached…all of the Constitution disbelievers!

After 30 years as an agent, a Criminal Investigator in the FBI, one learns how to distinguish between what is overwhelming evidence and what is pure BS (a very good legal description, in most instances).

In my opinion, Hussein Obama is a radical Muslim who will go to any and all lengths to fundamentally change America into a Socialist, Muslim nation, with him as the Ayatollah in charge. He has succeeded on many counts on his path to Islam…he must weaken America by damaging her economy, even more, before making his move! Weaken the Military and the people…not an easy thing with 130 million, legal, armed Citizens. He wants to take away our money (a work in progress with legislation for IRS to access your bank accounts), WITHOUT A CRIME OR DUE PROCESS, or a Search Warrant, a violation of the 4th Amendment…Search and Seizure! There’s more and …much worse…he will take your money by shutting down the Internet, which they have been doing as tests, and change to digital, bitcoin, money with no currency and then the Fed controlling all your spending. Don’t think so? Why has Obiden appointed a Chinese female who has dual Citizenship with America and a Communist Nation and whose expertise is DIGITAL CURRENCY?!

Obama said he would operate his 3rd term as President with a president that he could control from his basement with an ear plug…to his faux President, and give him speeches a sentence at a time…Obama’s own words…not mine…exactly what he is DOING!

He almost has it all. Why did Obama buy a fortress, with a wall, a block away from the Whitehouse… so he could be “Golfing Buds” with Trump or so he could run hard wire to Obiden?

I believe Obama and friends will make a move to overthrow our government.

WARNING…WARNING…WARNING… Hussein, pay very close attention to how much the few thousand Ukraine armed citizens are fighting oppression, tyranny! How do you plan to control over 130 million armed Americans? Are you going to shoot all of us? Do you really think the non-bisexual soldiers will follow Miley’s orders to disarm or kill their friends, relatives, neighbors who are protecting their Country, Constitution, and Freedoms?!

Hussein, you are not an elected official anymore…and if you do try to overthrow our Country, our Rule of Law, our Constitution, there will be many who will defend it against the enemy…which in that case would be you…would it not?

I say our Patriotic Military and Police Departments will NOT follow illegal orders to violate their Oaths of Office and honor any illegal orders to disarm, kill or arrest citizens, except… maybe, Pelosi’s Capital Police…they might, in fact…they already did!! My opinion.




There are things we can do to try to stop it, but we need President Trump. Consider this, as a possible scenario…

Joe Biden announces he will retire for health reasons (no argument there), and forgive me for saying this… and Harris becomes President. I don’t believe Harris will allow Obama to run her Administration nor allow Obama to tell her, the President, what to do…she is fully capable of F—ing up America all by herself!

So a wealthy Obama supporter, anybody know one…buys out Harris…maybe 25 million… asking her to resign because she is so distraught about losing her strongest supporter and “wealth of knowledge and advice”,  Joe Biden. So who is next…the Speaker…good?

Pelosi is going to retire, she said that…she announced she is…wait… what did you say? She “changed her mind”? Why in the world…do you believe that she knows something that we also now know, and she thinks we don’t!? In my opinion, you can bet your bottom dollar, if they leave you one! Here is what I believe is our best chance to survive…and we must have President Trump.

If Mr. Trump runs for Congress in November from a Florida District, we know he can win, and if he does win…it SOLVES pretty much everything and guarantees us a President Trump for +/- 6 years…that’s right folks…6 years!!!…here’s how…

Mr. Trump then becomes Speaker of the House. In my opinion, we will win the House and Senate…if we still have a Constitution in November, 2022 and Obama’s moves fail…

As Speaker, no matter who is President… hopefully Pelosi is… the House controls the money. The Speaker, Trump, has the power to open the funded, paid for, and signed into law by President Trump, Keystone pipeline and can finish the wall!

For kicks and giggles, “ground Air Force One” by cutting all the funding for the plane…take a train…it’s safer! Also, how about Impeaching President Pelosi for some of the crimes she might have committed?! After all she impeached Trump… for NOTHING…what’s the Crime he committed…there is NONE!?

What crimes did Pelosi commit? I’m not certain, but she has sure been pushing for Congress to be allowed to speculate in the stock market! If her HUSBAND, to whom she probably NEVER passed any insider info to, has made a fortune in the market…he must be brilliant…but maybe we should find out…paper trails have extremely sharp edges!

When I was an Agent…we were all forbidden from speculating in stocks …and so were members of Congress!  Didn’t know that, did you?

Then…if my dream comes true…Trump would then be a shoe in with little effort because as Speaker and then President, BEFORE the 2024 election, he should be able to pass voter legislation… for Voter Id, Mail in Ballots by Absentee Ballots ONLY and all voting done by midnight…no exceptions …except Military!