Almost all the Power Plants that were closed in the past decade were powered by fossil fuels

AND were closed by Hussein Obama!

According to a report on 1/9/17 by the US Energy Information Administration: “Nearly all of the utility-scale power plants in the United States that were retired from 2008 through 2017 were fueled by fossil fuels. Of the total retired capacity, coal power plants and natural gas steam turbines accounted for the highest percentages, 47% and 26%, respectively. Most of the planned closings through 2020 will also be coal plants and natural gas steam turbines, based on information reported to EIA.”

What President was in power during the above time frame, from 2008 to Jan 2016…Barack Hussein Obama!?

Who said, “I will CLOSE all clean coal power plants”, as part of his campaign pledge, with “NO replacement power”, my words!? Barack Hussein Obama…that’s who.

Obama weaponized the EPA after his House Democrats and Senate Democrats voted “NO” to Cap and Trade? Cap and Trade is a “tax” to allow fossil fuel plants to emit more carbon dioxide, for a fee, nothing to do with climate change! For example, if your “permit” allows you to burn five cords of firewood this year, if you pay $100/cord over the five, you may burn more! That is Cap and Trade!

By the way…anybody notice there is no more Global Warming BS …it’s all “Climate Change” now, which is more insane, more nondescript, more BS than Warming ever was. We blew a hole in that BS, and we are destroying the Climate Change Horse S…crap!

President Trump reversed the fossil fuel “ban” imposed by Obama and won every court case they filed!

The irony of all this is that there is NO evidence that reducing CO2 will stop, impact, influence, have any effect whatsoever on ANYTHING, let alone, “Climate Change”, Global Warming or Global Cooling, or slow down the planet Earth’s orbit or stop Sunspots or the impact of meteors with the Planet Earth, or make it freaking rain tomorrow!

BUT, reducing our fossil fuel supply for no good reason sure as hell drove up the price at the pump…didn’t it?

God gave us an abundance of fossil fuel to use wisely, and we are. You CANNOT replace FOSSIL fuels with unrelia-bull solar or wind power. Ask Texas!

We MUST have a reliable source of fuel for the Grid and that’s hydro, nuclear, and …yes Dorothy…fossil fuel! Use solar and wind at your cabin off Grid!

ANY “Scientist” who disagrees with that will also tell you that there is a tooth fairy, a Land of Oz and chickens have lips, Dorothy!

Simply put, THERE IS NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE, WHATSOEVER, THAT MAN CAN DO ANYTHING TO CHANGE WHAT MOTHER NATURE DOES!!! AND don’t try to say Mother Nature has nothing to do with it… CO2 and its uses… because either she or God himself, came up with photosynthesis…that’s how the oxygen you breathe is created! I do hope you know that!?

Anyone who reports, implies, writes, tells you that scientists know how CO2 impacts anything Mother Nature does, is full of the stuff that comes out the end of a horse… that they are!

If someone says that science does know…ask them to explain why/how does all the “excess carbon dioxide”, that is created on earth…mysteriously, fall into the oceans…why? And who decides what’s “excess”?

Obama, and his press are such scoundrels that they blame Republicans and President Trump for everything they do. With the above being so true, if you Google, “How many fossil fuel plants did Obama close from 2008 to 2016” …what comes up is, “Trump closed 50 fossil fuel plants in 2018”??!!

Trump closed ZERO…not a single power plant during any part of his term. Obama did that as a big part of his planned Muslim, Islamic, Socialist “fundamental change “that he promised…to weaken America!

To prove to you what I say…I have been telling you that the left is so desperate that they are about to try to pull off a takeover…a coupe…before the November 2022 elections.

Ain’t that some shit? They are going to TRY to finish destroying your Constitutional Republic and make America a Commie country!

I’ve said it recently and I will say it again!

Here’s what I believe the Democraps are going to do. They will create chaos, like you cannot imagine…then pull a takeover of the country. When it happens, you will then see what they have been up to for the past several decades…and it is nothing short of TREASON! Biden has no idea what this will do to this country…he’s doesn’t know if he is walking or on horseback!

  1. They will shut down the internet… then take MAJOR steps to change our financial system from currency to digital coin and take as much of our currency, dollars, as they can by wiping out our bank accounts and then force us to prove what we had. They will then control, through the Fed, how much you/we have and can spend and retain!
  1. They will shut down the Electric Grid to punish us, if we protest, and blame “ALL” they did, on the Republican Radical Right…huh…I wish there were a Radical Right!  I swear it seems like Republicans are wimps…afraid to stand together and out the Democraps for what they are about to do! Republicans are aware of what these scoundrels are up to…overthrowing our government…yet, where the HELL is the outrage? When the chips are down…the Republicans run for cover. Why didn’t Sessions indict Clinton and her entire staff…the PC was overflowing!? Why didn’t Barr indict her or Comey and his crew? Why didn’t VP Pence reject the vote? There is PC of fraud on the Carter Page FISA warrants to indict all who signed the applications and extensions!
  1. They will tell us that they are helping us out…they will take all our properties and rent them back… they will erase your debt but give you a government job to pay them back.

Now answer me this …when the HELL have you ever seen a Radical Right riot, let alone Radical Right looting, and burning the stores we shop in, and businesses we work in?! It has and has always been the screwball, liberal, unemployed, do nothings! They caused all the violence like the Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York City riots, firebombing, looting. Every bad thing we have seen, on the streets, in the parks, on the bridges, through the years has been the Black Panther Party, Antifa, the BLM…the freaking LEFT. They are encouraged by the likes of Pelosi, Maxine Waters, AOC, and her Muslim congresswomen who call themselves the crew. The radical, violent looting you have seen…do any of them look like Conservatives…radical- white or black, working people? Do they?

Ask any of those who were there January 6th…I did! Those who stood silent and observed the January 6, 2021, demonstration said they saw two distinct groups…one peaceful and one masked, pulling down barricades, scaling walls and fences …all being encouraged to enter the building by none other than the capital “police”!

You need to pay closer attention to what these scoundrels say…Schumer said, “We have tangible info that the Radical Right will attack the internet”? How the hell could anyone but those who are in control do anything like that?? They control everything…think about it…THEY CONTROL EVERYTHING, thanks to you who put them in charge. Look at “what” they put in charge of everything… Buttigieg, Secretary of Transportation…then there’s one I can’t figure out what it is…a fruitcake in spikes…how about Jennifer Granholm, the Secretary of Stupid, (Energy), who has “no idea why gas prices are so high” …she actually said that on National TV! Joe Obiden cut production by some 4- 5 million barrels per day!

Jen Psaki says, “Not one drop of product came down the Keystone pipeline that Biden closed” … an outright lie. The pipeline, from Hardisty, Alberta, Canada, to Patoka, Illinois, United States became operational in June 2010!

AND if there isn’t enough proof that the Press is completely fake, phony, totally irresponsible, even criminal, and Obama’s Pravda…There was a 60 Minutes episode, DIY (Do It Yourself) instructional, Sunday, February 27, 2022… yesterday on how attack our Grid! WTF!

CBS should be proud of doing an Instructional Course on Sabotage 101…GREAT JOB CBS, Communist Broadcasting System…doing something like that…are they nuts? I am afraid so! What does it take to commit Treason, Sabotage, and Conspiracy?! You watch, in typical Commie fashion, when some other a-hole with a rifle shoots holes in a transfer station, CBS will be the first to blame Republicans, TRUMP!!!

Don’t you believe for a freaking minute that IF that happens, “Radical Republicans” did it! The Democraps are responsible for whatever happens…they shot an unarmed female, they have citizens in jail, uncharged, denied Due Process for a year…don’t think for a minute it’s anybody but your Democrap Leaders!

Consider this… while you Democrats contemplate your navel…

If our President Biden stops us from drilling for oil…for no good reason… oil that we desperately need… (why else would that ass-hole then beg OPEC for oil?) and then turn around and buys oil from our enemy, Russia, at 3 times what our own costs. Wouldn’t that be Aiding and Abetting our enemy (Treason)? That action is allowing Putin to attack an Ally with his newfound wealth, from his new oil customer, Joe from the US!

The petroleum industry in Russia is one of the largest in the world. Russia has the largest reserves and is the largest exporter of natural gas. It has the second largest coal reserves, the sixth largest oil reserves, and is one of the largest producers of oil. It is the fourth largest energy user. If that’s true …what’s Russia spending its money on?

Russia’s economy would collapse, in days, if the US stopped Russia’s pipelines and stopped buying fossil fuels from Russia. Then forced countries that count on us, the United States, and our Military for their defense, like Germany and Saudi Arabia…and forced them to stop buying/selling, dealing fossil fuels with Russia.

You know…the chances that Obiden and Obama have been colluding with an Enemy of the US, namely Putin and his Russia, to create a distraction for the world while those scoundrels push forward on their overthrow of our Constitutional Republic…would be a conspiracy of Epic proportions… and is more likely, than any conspiracy they created, to get Trump… my opinion!