The first and foremost solution, Comrade Schumer, is to replace you, Comrade Pelosi, and brain dead Comrade Obiden and his handler, the Ayatollah Hussein Obama… with President Trump and any Republican who can walk and chew gum…!

What President Trump will do is exactly what he did in 2 years, that Obama couldn’t do in 8 years, and Obiden destroyed in 8 months…that is…bring back Made In America products…make America energy independent and make America the biggest, wealthiest, most deadly country in the world…AGAIN…dumb ass!

Since none of your Comrades know the details…apparently… please allow me to expand the simple actions that President Trump did, without the “magic wand” the Ayatollah Obama said would be required…

First, enforce the existing Immigration and Naturalization Laws that you and your Comrades refuse to enforce! Simply put, “Enforce the Laws and Build the Walls”! Quit trying to destroy the Border Patrol, ICE, INS, Immigration, and support them by starting with an arrest and fair trial for Mayorkas and then turn him into well done toast! Your illegal, criminal actions have allowed over 4 million, illegal, unvaccinated, good, bad, and ugly, criminals, terrorists, gangbangers, children, and drug and women smugglers into this country, so you could buy votes. The monetary burden and  dangers you and your left wing, red, commie, pinko, actions, have placed on Americans are intentional, criminal, and violate every oath you and your fellow Comrades ever took to Defend, Preserver and Protect the Constitution, America, and We The People!

Second, open the Green River Oil Reserves…GOVERNMENT OWNED… oil reserves, that Comrade Obama and Obiden …intentionally CLOSED. Restart oil drilling, fracking, and exploration… along with all the other lands that President Trump opened to oil drilling and exploration… which made us energy independent…duh! I’m not certain but instead …I am 100% positive…that the closing of all the drilling, exploration and fracking that the Democrap  New Communist Party lead by Obiden/Obama  is 100% responsible for the “shortage of oil” causing Biden to beg OPEC to drill more oil…double duh! Simply put, “If you stop the farmers from growing potatoes, we will run out of potatoes”.

Third, reopen and continue the Keystone Pipeline as well as the other pipelines you closed and President Trump kept open. Please note… that the second and third actions your Party…Comrade…would/could be considered Acts of War, Espionage, Treason, Terrorism …IF…you did that to weaken America, and aid our enemies, to help change America to a Socialist, Communist, OR Islamic Nation…UNLESS you can point to an Amendment to the Constitution or Law that allows overthrow of our Constitutional Republic and make America a Socialist nation…you and the others are subjecting yourselves to criminal prosecutions. I personally cannot seem to find ANYTHING that allows your criminal actions!

On that note… please take notice that ANY tampering with the Internet to convert the US to Bitcoin/Digital money…or interruptions to our Power Grid would …without any doubt …be Treason and don’t try to blame Trump, or any Republicans or China or N Korea, or Haiti…we ALL know what you rats are chewing on…it’s our freedoms, our Constitution, our Republic, our lives and we won’t tolerate it!

Fourth, pass voter ID and mail in by current Absentee Ballot rules and regulations only.

Fifth, reimpose the financial restrictions on all our enemies that Trump imposed and your team canceled.  In case you and you buddies cannot find who our Nation’s enemies are…just look at your investment portfolios, you should find, at least, the wealthiest there! Need some help…Hunter Biden in China, Ukraine, Daddy gets a cut…John Kerry in Iran and probably China, Obama and Pelosi in every country dumb enough to deal with them!

Sixth, STOP telling the people that the number one problem facing America is Climate Change/Global Warming or the Weather Fairy…STOP…IT’S NOT TRUE! That’s a class “A” fraud!

All the real scientists do agree on some contributing factors to the earth’s changes and there are many…not JUST weather! One such fact, is that there is change to the climate…it changes daily! They also agree that here is nothing man can do to stop the daily climate change. I want you to grasp that concept because science knows what some of the contributors to climate change are (which is a poor description for what planet Earth endures) …and so do you! Sunspots, a big contributor to our climate and the impact on our gravity, can cause changes to our forces of gravity and atmospherics temperatures. Meteor impacts to Earth…they certainly cause changes, just ask any dinosaur…oops…their all dead from a meteor impact… 66 million years ago!

Many earthquakes occur in uninhabited places on Earth, but it is estimated that minor earthquakes, like category 2, occur about 100 times DAILY!  In an average year, there might be 20-25 magnitude 7 earthquakes globally — about one every 2 to 3 weeks. Is/are earthquakes an effect that changes the climate… “Climate Change”…hmmm…good question…ask someone who has lived in California along a fault…they would be more able to answer that one!? While you’re at it, ask them if a quake is worse than “Climate Change” (warming or cooling)…and do they think man can reduce earthquakes?

If you say that’s “unfair”, how about this for honesty and fairness…Al Gore and his Goreites, based upon data from the left’s sole source for Climate Change/Global Warming, is the US financed UNIPCC…a totally fraudulent outfit. According to NASA’s 2015 report on Antarctic land mass ice cap…its bigger than ever, and the UNIPCC Global Warming model that predicted the end to glaciers and predicted annual temperature increases…there was NEITHER, look it up!