The Constitution does not specify that the Speaker of the House must be an elected member of the Congress.

So all the Republicans need do is, FIRST make certain the next Congressional election, in 2022, is HONEST by fully monitoring each and every local election venue and then, audit the voting machines with a Democrat and Republican trained to monitor and audit! Simple!

The voters will take care of the rest by voting and we will win back the House! I say that because after seeing what the Democraps are doing to destroy our Constitutional Republic, only an idiot who does NOT believe in our Constitution would vote for any Democrat in any election in the near future.

This administration and the other Radical left are clearly on an intentional track to destroy your country and do not care what it costs in lives or dollars, as long it’s not their lives or their dollars.

Once we win back the House, President Trump can be elected Speaker of the House. He can do that without even running for and winning a Florida Congressional seat. When Biden is gone …that would put President Trump next in line behind the most unpopular politician in America…worse than the Crew, AOC, even …Nadler, Schifty, Swallow, and …yes and even Maxine Waters…I’m talking about Kamala Harris!

Once we have the House, she is finished and so are the Biden/Obama agenda! Impeachment will follow Harris! One way or another …she will be gone…just by winning the House and making President Trump Speaker! Even if she retains the Presidency, President Trump will have his hand around her throat, so to speak, regarding spending…he could ground Air Force One, cut her staff, defund every program she proposes, Check and Balance her ad-nausea!

The SECOND way… is for President Trump to run for Congress himself…and we hope he does…that seat will assure real Checks and Balance will return to an UPSIDE DOWN Government, at its worse! Of course, he would become Speaker in that scenario!

Should our President Trump become Speaker, he should stay as Speaker and run the Country from the House, unlike Obama’s running the country from his basement through “Howdy Doody” Jobama.

President Trump has learned from the expert of experts on dirty tricks …Nancy Pelosi…how to hamstring a President. She is the expert…the best teacher he could have had. I would want him to remain in Congress and control the spending for the rest of his life. He could support Donald Jr and groom him to run as President…or DeSantis and keep this country safe for decades, as the businessman Speaker!

How about DeSantis for President, Donald, Jr. VP for 8 years, with Speaker Trump…then Donald, Jr. President for 8 years?

That would kill Obama’s chances of a Muslim America for good!

We would have true Borders, with new Immigration Laws that make sense; a stronger Military than ever before; energy independence with Fission Nuclear Plants replacing fossil fuel in a sensible manner; never again fight a war to free an ally without reimbursement in land to build, strategic, hardened Military bases to protect America; or reimbursement in fossil fuel, valuable minerals, or elements like lithium, or ore like uranium…NEVER AGAIN LEAVE ANYTHING OF VALUE when we leave…make that a law punishable by death…it’s called Treason…when they leave money, weapons, anything of value, to the enemy!!