A “Shadow Government”, headed by Hussein Obama, operating from his basement, as he said he would, is running the United States, accompanied by Valerie Jarrett of course!

That’s what you wanted – isn’t it?

Obama is continuing on from where he left off and that is the Cloward and Piven (Columbia U Professors and husband and wife), “spend America to death theory”…then enter Socialism …in the form of Islam!

That’s why they want to keep the schools closed…so when they start up… watch and see what NEW school books are introduced…“The Introduction to Islam 101”…my opinion.

They already tried a new teaching philosophy when some wanted your kids to dress as Muslims, in many schools, to pretend to be Muslims! I don’t ever remember when Religion could be taught in school…it’s prohibited by the separation of Church and State…or did that change when nobody was watching?

It used to be illegal to wear a mask in public now Obiden wants us to wear masks ALL THE TIME?! You don’t think they want to prepare us for what’s next do you…burkas and masks?

You people need to wake up and smell the “Roses”.

Barack Hussein Obama is the driving force behind and in front of Joe Obiden. It’s perfect, Joe has no clue what’s happening nor what will happen…then it’s too late.

I only hope there are enough non-Muslims still in charge of our Military and enough Armed Police to defend you and me and our Constitution, when the big move comes. I hope they do not turn their guns on you and me when we oppose what they’re doing!

It doesn’t take a genius to see clearly what’s happening …you only need to believe what you are seeing and fight it!

The dismantling of your Police Forces, defunding, taking power away…has not a thing to do with Police brutality. It has to do with disarming the police…wake the F___ up. Keeping schools closed, wearing masks like Muslims, taking your guns…shall I go on?

Okay…open borders…how in Christ’s name does THAT help America…? Making the US dependent on Arab oil instead of President Trump’s “energy independent” United States of America? That’s a big boom to your economy…isn’t it? We are heading towards $8-$10 per gallon gasoline and diesel. Again …to bankrupt America… not to help any environment!

You had better start writing, emailing, Tweeting and all those things you do, to your elected “officials”, Democraps and Republicans, both!!!  Tell them to wake the hell up and take action to oppose what they are doing…go to the NEW Republican 9th Circuit and get Injunctions like the enemy, the Democraps, did!

Allowing John Kerry to do the Treasonous things he, Obiden, and Hunter did with foreign countries who are our enemies… China, Iran, Russia… and making Kerry, Obiden, and Hunter millions of dollars, well that’s okay!

Looking into those Criminal Acts, when Trump was President and his Attorney Rudy, looked into those Treasonous Acts…well… that’s the crime! Either FBI Wray has his head where the Sun don’t shine or he is just plain stupid or maybe even criminal…I just don’t know what to think!

One thing is for certain, Mr. Wray…no FBI Director I ever worked for would have sat still when Obiden threatened, the President of a Foreign Country… to do financial harm to his country…  (read T18 USC Hobbs Act Extortion)… if he didn’t order the investigation on his son Hunter to be closed…which is exactly what he did and then bragged about it, publicly!

Why didn’t you, Mr. Wray or you, Mr. AG Barr, move on those criminal acts?

Those two morons are completely responsible for what is happening to our America, my opinion!