Every Lawman/woman who attempts to arrest a subject… is armed, and brings into the fight to control a resisting subject, a working, loaded gun! No… we/they will NOT just carry non-lethal defense weapons because (unless you are really stupid) you wouldn’t either!

Lawman have a right to live through a shift of the most dangerous job we know…law enforcement…within the US.

Should that idiot, Mayor of Minneapolis, be stupid enough to disarm the Minn PD…here’s what the Minn PD Union and its Members should do…

  1. Tell the Mayor that the entire police department will resign unless the Mayor agrees to be sworn in as a Minneapolis PD Police Officer and take one week of training to include pertinent law, how to use the equipment he wants the PD to use, defensive tactics, cuffing, and most important how to use the radio button…to call for HELP…because we both (you and I) know that for sure he will need it.
  2. He must for 30 days work the most active shift, in the most dangerous part of the City (solo), after a 1 week ride along with a real COP in that same Precinct…unarmed, of course, as he wants you men and women of the MPD to do!
  3. He must agree to do his will, so his family will be protected, because without one, his family will have to wait too long for his estate to clear Probate Court.
  4. He MUST handle calls solo that other Officers would also handle solo.
  5. That’s a total commitment of 6 weeks Mr. Mayor: 1 week training, 1 week OJT, and 4 weeks as a working, unarmed COP…solo.   I’ll bet you can’t do it!

When he says, “Golly gee fellas, I don’t know nothing about being a police officer”, tell him “Keep your mouth shut  …and let the men who do know… do their jobs”!

If he forces the issue, resign…every single man, woman…and whatever! Because if you allow him to disarm just one of you …as you already should know, you will die on the job. You have no chance to survive unarmed…by comparison, neither would a Marine!

If you tree huggers don’t think being a law man is extremely dangerous, just put on the uniform and take a walk through Brownsville, Brooklyn, you know… Mike Tyson’s old neighborhood…unarmed, of course, and see how that works out. I don’t believe I ever spent an evening in either Brownsville or Harlem, for that matter, without hearing gunfire…many times, up close and personal. So you “telephone tough guys”… like this so called Mayor, and most Journalists.. should man up and get an up close and personal idea what it’s like to be confronted by a thug resisting arrest and calling for the “dogs” to come help, then fight off those interfering. You would change your sorry ass Social Worker attitude in a hurry.

What the hell do you think criminals do in jail besides assault each other? The hardened criminals practice being criminals. How… you ask?

Just like COPS train, so do prisoners…they work out to beef up AND practice resisting arrest! They learn how to escape handcuffs, how to box, how to hide home-made weapons and tools to defeat cuffs,  taught by prisoners who share their skills.

They learn how to disarm someone with a gun or a knife.

Now here’s the Armed and Dangerous part…criminals who have some of these skills will “resist arrest” to force the arresting officer to move closer…on purpose…to be able to reach a working, loaded, gun…on the lawman’s belt. Not every resistor resists for that purpose, but how do we tell the difference, BEFORE they grab our gun?

If any of you expert, social worker, tree hugging Democrats know how to tell the difference …please let us know.

Here’s something a citizens would not know, but a trained thug does know…a trained person can take a loaded and cocked firearm away from you, before you can pull the trigger, if he can reach it…and there’s not much you can do to stop it! When I was teaching police, FBI, and other agency members, as an FBI Firearms and Defensive Tactics Instructor, I used to tell all those I taught that… if they moved within arm’s reach of someone with your gun in your hand, “You have lost control of your gun”.

To prove what I said, I would then demonstrate to them how, if they were within my reach, with a “practice” gun in their hand, cocked and pointed…they could NOT pull the trigger and shoot me before I disarmed them. In 3 decades of allowing anyone who wanted to try, no one EVER, was able to “get” me! I would sometimes spook them… after they said, “Raise your hands”.  I did it quickly, and they would shoot me, an unarmed man, who just did what they told me to do. How would that look on camera? Then, with my hands up, I would scratch my ear, and get shot!

“You shot an unarmed man”, I screamed! By now I didn’t even have to distract him, he would be so rattled, that to disarm him was a piece of cake. Not fair you say…well, they all knew I was going to do it and none them who followed could shoot me either, without spooking anyone else… death is not fair either!

I did not practice the techniques after I became proficient enough to teach the techniques. I knew a few lawmen, with martial arts training, who could, if they were standing just right…disarm TWO subjects simultaneously… without either getting off a shot!

Now, for a prisoner who has nothing better to do than to practice escaping, defeating an arresting officer…how proficient can they become? Which ones will try…want to bet YOUR life on it?

A COP does every time! So don’t ask him to give a resisting subject any advantage…the more you fight, the more you will be hurt, period!

So here’s what police cadets used to be taught and should still be taught today…when ANYONE resists arrest, you must escalate force, if you want to survive what is an attack. To control that prisoner you “must” apply appropriate force to control, and hurt them… “Pretty please” will not work!

What used to be very effective was the baton across the side of the knee or ribs…what happened to the wood baton? It was very useful in keeping a fighting subject AWAY from the PO’s  gun…a poke in the solar plexus worked wonders…but no…you bleeding hearts said that’s too brutal…use mace, then cap-stun, then Taser, now no guns?

Fine …YOU do the freaking job, MR. Mayor, I dare you…and let us know how it works out…my opinion, and I‘m usually RIGHT!