So you are convinced that Joe Biden will become President for certain…how certain are you?

Consider this, from two very reliable sources…Trump’s Attorney, who knows the Constitution and me…who knows a little about everything and everything about nothing!

Just because the Electoral vote goes to Biden doesn’t necessarily mean he has won. There’s a giant step he must overcome. The counting of the now sealed votes away from George Soros’s digital voting machines.

On Jan 6, 2021 the House and Senate will meet to count and certify OR REJECT the vote. Oh…’I didn’t know that’ …you say? Well Jenna and I do know and this is what could happen;

First of all Nancy, the mouth, Pelosi will sit with the rest of the House as she has zero power in what is about to happen. Vice President Pence, according to the 12th Amendment to the Constitution, is in charge as President of the Senate and  will either accept or REJECT motions to decide what happens next. If Pelosi opens her mouth, or Schumer opens his mouth, the President of the Senate can have them, by force if necessary, ejected from the proceeding, for obstruction!

After the votes are opened, one member of the House could and probably will object to the vote on the basis of verified fraud uncovered in numerous States, near the end of vote counting. With the seconding of that objection, everything will change!

The House and Senate will separate and debate the objection and when ordered back, they must vote, and here’s the game breaker…In the Senate each Senator will have one vote with Vice President Pence, the presiding President of the Senate, having the tie breaker, if needed.

In the House, there will be only ONE vote per delegation per State and not one vote for each House member…that means 50 votes.

You Democrats better sit down, for two reasons, one you won’t be able to “stand” the shock and  two, you will need all fingers and toes to count ALL your votes…you see the Republicans have 30 delegation votes and the Democrats have 20 delegation votes!

President Trump will be re-elected for two reasons… one is – he won, and two is – he beat the cheat, Joe Biden!