Internet providers are, unless I’m mistaken, common carriers from about 2015. That’s not very long ago, but 5 years in the realm of new technology is a lifetime. Internet Providers have been given grants of immunity in several liability areas and maintain control over what they consider is their business. The problem is this …when companies become monopolies, in a very short period of time, it’s time for the Federal regulatory Agencies to be legislated (given) more control. For example, the oil pipelines are common carriers and users must be treated fairly and equally.

The big 5 cannot simply cut off a user. The same exists with the usual common carriers, like planes, trains, and trucks…even though they are privately owned. They may NOT deny service because a customer has a “Vote for Trump” sign on the side of their boxes that are to be shipped.

I believe that the Internet has become so powerful that many things need to be changed and changed now! For example, if they are common carriers, as they are, they cannot determine who should be “punished” and who should not. Twitter, Facebook, Google should not be able to self-regulate because, as we all know, they give favoritism to customers they like and restrict those they dislike…for whatever reason. That is what is happening, ALL THE TIME, and it must be regulated by the FCC and not by an internet provider.

When a movie producer put porno in a movie and called it “art” the FCC …stepped in and said …no, no, and no! They ended up with “Ratings”…PG…X, XXXX, and its their own fault. They couldn’t be trusted to self-regulate, so the FCC did it for them!

We are beyond that point with the Internet, and just because a business is the biggest in the world doesn’t mean they can be allowed to discriminate and violate our Constitution and Equal Rights. The FCC should be the regulatory Agency and not the provider.

When was the last time you heard about problems with small companies getting time on the pipelines for refined petroleum products? So long ago, you can’t remember and  that’s because the oil companies saw we would not tolerate discrimination…I worked several cases years ago regarding pipeline issues and no…my horse didn’t have a siren or red light!

Even our National Grids, there are 3  — East, West, and Texas cannot deny you use. If you put solar panels on your house or business and produce extra power, do the Grids have to accept that power…yes!

They cannot deny you the use of their Power Grid…why should Twitter, Facebook, or Google have the power to deny access? They should not be their own Regulatory Agency …the FCC should.

Pelosi…wake up…put your ice cream away and go to work while you still have a job…it’s coming to an end…pass some meaningful legislation we can remember you by besides a meaningless Impeachment!!!