How do we enforce the Constitution? We do it by hiring people who are willing to risk life and limb…literally…to enforce the laws that are a result of our Constitution. These people are those who protect us…Police, Military, Fire, EMTs, Bomb Squads, and millions who have sacrificed their lives to keep you and me safe!

We live in a Constitutional Republic and not a Democracy. The Republic gives us the ability to govern ourselves by electing who we want! From the dictionary, a Republic, is “a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch”.

In order for these precepts to exist we need a way to define our Nation, lest there be an intrusion of rebels who can freely come and go as they choose, unimpeded, without recourse. If they can intrude by force, without recourse, we do not have a Nation, a Constitutional Republic…we then have a Democracy burdened with chaos, lawlessness, uncontrollable crimes, with gutless leaders who refuse to allow the type of freedom a Constitutional Republic demands…by law enforcement!

How do we accomplish that task? We do it, first and foremost, by well-defined borders/boundaries/property lines with physical barriers where needed. We do it by allowing States the freedom to enforce the Constitution, Federal Laws, and the laws the States impose that maintain the integrity of our Constitution. States may not enact laws that supersede or violate Federal Laws. Federal Law supersedes State Law, in all matters.

Some idiots want to defund your Police. Okay, who do you call, we asked. They say, social workers. That is as bizarre, down right as dumb as doing away with airplanes that use fossil fuel!

Listen up…if you do away with your PD …Fire will not respond. Why, you ask, because you live in a minority neighborhood. I know that because no white neighborhood will allow that to happen. No Firemen will come, especially to a minority neighborhood, without backup because the youth you raised throw buckets of piss on people who are trying to help your sorry ass. Not only that, neither will EMTs nor ambulances. So go for it!

In order to receive any federal funding, States must agree to abide by all Federal Laws. States may not legally pass any laws, executive orders, judgements, or any ordinances that contradict the Constitutional Rights given equally to all citizens.

The passing of Drug laws legalizing marijuana are federally, illegal as are Sanctuary City laws, and any laws that prohibit the pursuit and/or arrests of illegal aliens on any property in any State.

There simply are no exceptions…period!

Why are we in such chaos then…because of George Floyd? The MSM and Democrap Party would have us believe that nonsense…but you/we are smarter than that…at least I am…are you?

Floyd is that “good excuse”, Hillary (Democraps) love to use to expand a tyrannical, Socialist agenda that she, Hussein Obama, Sanders, Pelosi, Schumer, Omar, and other Closet Socialists want to use to change America to a “Democratic-Socialist” Nation with no cumbersome Constitution. They all want a monarch led, “We make the Rules and Laws”, Socialist nation. Anyone who does not understand or recognize that “THAT” is actually what’s happening needs to either see an eye doctor or psychiatrist to get their heads out of that dark place they have them stuck!

These people who are causing riots, looting, arson, killing are a few…not many.  They are orchestrating riots every time they attend what starts out to be a legal demonstration. They intentionally travel to, organize, bring rocks as weapons, guns, incendiary equipment, across State lines to overthrow your government, by force, violence, and intimidation, and must be dealt with accordingly with more force, including deadly force. They commit multiple overt acts of conspiracy as well as serious substantive criminal acts, including the attempted overthrow of our Government by force, violence, and intimidation, and they must be stopped and be held accountable …NOW!

They loot, kill, burn (L K B), that’s what they do.

Obama did his very best with George Soros’ backing, to “change America”…the problem we have is he didn’t tell the truth about anything, especially what “change” he wanted. If he did, he wouldn’t have been elected in the first place. For example, if he told you he isn’t Christian…he lied…he’s still a Muslim, would you have still voted for him? I submit not if you knew anything about Islam…….you would not have!

Now what does our duly elected President do?

He must obey his Oath of Office to Protect, Preserve, and Defend the Constitution and us. I don’t really care if you agree with me or not…I don’t give a shit what laws you don’t want enforced, because you have a lame reason to break the law?

I want any of you ignorant Governors and Mayors and Chiefs of Police who don’t agree with me to read the Constitution, start with the 14th Amendment, and Title 18 USC Section 2101.

The 14th… “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws”.

Do you think any of those ass-hole Mayors like Jenny or DeBlasio violated that one?

Can the citizens who paid for Seattle, Washington use their city with the protection they pay for? No…you say? Well, why not?

Mr. President now is the time to get caught up…order Barr to seat a Grand Jury and go after the biggest abusers of all for everything they have pulled — legalizing dope, Sanctuary Cities, and now Aiding and Abetting Riots by not enforcing the laws and not protecting Citizens. Indict Governors for California, NY, Minnesota, Washington State, Mayors of WDC, NYC, Seattle, Minneapolis, and those Mayors of Sanctuary Cities in any State that gives sanctuary to illegals!

You Governors, Mayors, Chiefs who refuse to enforce the laws can be charged with violating multiple laws (Treason?) that carry severe Criminal AND Civil penalties that your State or Municipality CANNOT pay for if you are found guilty.

Your State… Gov. Cuomo… cannot pay for Punitive Damages awarded to a Citizen whose Rights you denied…tell those lawyers who forgot to put the payments to New Yorkers for the Seneca Contract, (those geniuses must have gotten their law degrees online), and see what they say!! Tell your lawyers to look it up! Those damages can be tripled by the Court and you, personally, have to pay them. So if every business you screwed into the ground and the survivors of every senior you killed sues, how much could it cost you?

So if Mayor Jenny is charged with violating Citizens Rights to enjoy their Seattle City, she will be bankrupted by the fines? Hell yes!

Indict the arrogant bastards and send out the Marshals with orders to search and cuff every single one!

That’s what I would do!