Thank God for President Trump…his quick action of closing the border to China and ordering up the CDC saved this country from irreparable damage!

The damage I speak of is not from the virus but is from what the unscrupulous left would have caused by weaponizing a Pandemic. You can bet your stock, when it bounces back, that they would have! Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have no moral obligation to the American people…only to their “ends justifies the means” party…comrades!

I am not a medical person, not a Doctor, P. A. nor nurse, but I am a well experienced investigator and an Engineer with a Chemistry minor. I understand the “laws” of probability, common sense, logic and human nature. I always go with my instincts because…they have never failed me!

So based upon all that …in my opinion, I believe that we…the United States of America,  do indeed, have a cure for the Chinese originated, COVID-19 virus! Thank God!

Will it cure everybody? Probably not. But in the small sample… it has cured everyone who was tested…that’s better than the cure for the common cold and the cure for “influenza” because there is none! That’s a 100% cure rate for the small sample of a few hundred…but that’s much better than a sharp stick in the eye…!

The cure(s) are two related drugs…hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine. Chloroquine was discovered by Hans Andersag in 1934. I do not know the chemical difference between the two other than they claim that hydroxy is the less toxic of the two. Both have worked in the very small studies against the Chinese Virus that have been conducted here, in the US, under the US supervision with US medical personnel. These drugs have been in existence since 1934, used on malaria and against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronaviruses with success; and have been around for years. SO they are proven safe. Who knows…they may cure athlete’s feet as well! The side effects are well known and similar to antibiotics and many other medicines and still must be supervised by a doctor and only obtained by prescription!

THE BEST NEWS IS THEY ARE MANUFACTURED HERE, IN THE US, BY BAYER ASPIRIN, AND THEY ARE IN THE WORKS MAKING 3 MILLION SCRIPTS FOR THE MARKET. They have been approved by the FDA for Chinese COVID-19 treatment even though they were not originally intended for a virus that didn’t exist back then, but hey …how many times have they found that “snake bite” serum could be mixed with Coca Cola and then ginger ale and make an excellent highball?

I’m guessing, like antibiotics, there will be about a 10 day regimen of one or two pills, probably two, per day.

So the cure was invented before the freaking disease, how about that CHINA? Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Wait until you see how your threat… to cut sending us 97% of medicine ingredients we need … rebounds…do you need hydroxychloroquine…sorry…America first!!

You will regret that threat…believe me!

As far as how the China Virus sizes up to other viruses, we’ll have to wait and see but here is relatively “good” news;

FIRST-It looks like we are well on our way to finding a cure, and may already have it!

SECOND-According to the CDC, from last October 1, 2019 to the recent February 1, 2020 about 12,000 people died  in the US from influenza, but could be as many as 30,000… however, that’s from influenza and NOT China Flu. CDC also reports that, so far, between 210,000 and 370,000 have been hospitalized from the “regular” flu virus.

THIRD-Infectious disease experts, including Amesh Adalja, MD, a senior scholar at John Hopkins Health Security, Baltimore, say that this season we had an increase of both influenza B and A(H1N1)…and now… only time will tell.

FOURTH-From 2010 to 2018 the flu death toll has varied from 10,000 to 61,000 deaths per season…with the 61,000 coming from the 2017/18. The CDC and the other experts believe that even the Chinese COVID-19 will not near the 61,000 death toll from 2017-2018 and IT was NOT designated a Pandemic!

Keep in mind that this China Flu could be worse because it is more contagious but not more dangerous…or… more dangerous simply because it IS more contagious.

Either way…with President Trump, I feel safe and so should you…it wasn’t him who tried to tack money onto a “Pandemic Health Scare Bill”  for absolute BS like the New Green Deal, and Stop Fossil Fuel …like Nancy Pelosi and Useless Chuck Schumer did. Then he claims victory when the Republicans forced THEM to drop the nonsense…go figure!  I didn’t vote for either one of those two losers, did you?