It’s high time the United States put China in their place…second or third place, that is!

Hussein Obama was instrumental in running our manufacturing jobs out of the US to third world, Socialist countries like China, Mexico and Taiwan. That includes drug manufacturing, cars, drywall and electronics of all kinds. Now, they cause a pandemic because of their arrogance…or was it an attempt at Bio-terrorism that went awry? Either way China is about 10 steps above Iran on the “Scale of Despicable Nations”, my opinion!

If it were not for the US, China would still be a pimple on the world’s ass. Wait …I’m wrong…China has a lot of people so they were more like a rash on the world’s ass! We opened the US markets to China with President Nixon leading the way. Not a bad idea, but like most government programs involving politicians, which means all government programs, it got completely and totally out of hand, out of control, screwed up, upside down.

Remember… the US was doing just fine without ANY contact or dealings with China, for decades…China wasn’t! If China thinks they can blackmail the US and this President, they are making a “grave” mistake! China cannot exist without US money…period! If we stop paying China the Trillions they think we  owe them, stop selling them farm goods, stop selling them energy, stop buying the crap they call “goods”…they are screwed!

The reward we receive, over and over again from China…for making them a world power… is they hack our power plant computers, our businesses computers, and our defense and other government computers, and then deny. They have been cheating on every trade deal, every treaty, every agreement for decades by playing games with their currency. They drill horizontally to tap into our oil reserves. What did previous administrations from both sides do? They looked the other way.

This President will not look the other way!

America wake up, if Biden gets elected (especially with Hillary as VICE President), they will sell our entire Nuclear sub and aircraft carrier fleet to China with part ownership to Hunter and Chelsea, and claim they had no hand in the deal! Remember Biden already has interests in China!

Chinese citizens already hate their government. If we were to force them to eat rice cakes as their staple, again, their young generation would burn China to the ground.

We need to cut our economic ties with China back to a minimum, just enough so that we do not hurt our farmers. Bring pharma back. I have opposed China manufacturing critical supplies such as ammunition for our military. Do you think they would raise the price if we went to war with them…or would they just cut off our supply? Let me think about that one…I’m not a politician, so I have to see if I could find a way to get my family to do a deal with China and get the ammo to us through, maybe, Iran?!  John Kerry has some family connections there and he could hook us up…for a price, of course!???

We should NEVER allow any country to do to us what previous administrations, BOTH Republican and Democrat, politicians in general, have allowed!

Saudi Arabia held an energy noose around our necks ALL 8 years of Obama’s RULE of terror and probably before. President Trump turned that around in two short years simply by utilizing “existing” reserves.

For example in 2005 oil was discovered in the Green River area of Colorado. President Bush ordered immediate drilling of test wells and 3,000 test borings showed the Green River to be the largest oil reserve…IN THE WORLD! After Obama was elected, he shut it down and shut down the Keystone Pipeline!?

Shortly after that, another reserve was discovered, in the Bakken …the Dakotas. This time it was private property and Obama was not able to stop it! He did manage to stop the oil pipe line from Canada. This reserve is the second largest in the world. Simply put, we have enough oil reserves in Prudhoe Bay, the Bakken (shale oil) and the Green River (oil shale) to supply ALL our energy needs …indefinitely…we don’t know how long… with FOSSIL fuel …God’s gift to America…if we use it right!

Why would a President of the United States do what Obama did?

In my opinion, it was because it would have strengthened America, as President Trump has accomplished.  Obama wanted to weaken America so he could “change” her to Islamic Socialism. Why else would he do all the dumb things he did??! Look at the other “strengthening” things he did; Obama Care, failed; destroy our Military, failed; overload our social welfare system, almost succeeded.

In my humble opinion, Solar, and Wind, will NEVER reach the point of being capable, reliable and cost efficient enough to provide any significant percentage of our power…it will never happen. People who say they will replace fossil fuel are either ignorant of the real science, don’t know the true facts, refuse to learn or have more money than brains, because THEY don’t care what the cost would be. They have generators with gas tanks buried in the ground and jet planes to fly to one of their “other” houses, where there is sunshine or wind!

The only realistic replacement for fossil fuel energy is Nuclear power and don’t let ANYBODY tell you otherwise! But… we can’t give up on fossil fuel…it keeps us alive! How you ask? Ask AOC to explain why a greenhouse that is failing can be revived by running your car exhaust directly into that green house! She’s full of greenhouse gas…so she ought to know the answer!

The way the US builds Nuclear Plants is as safe as safe can be. We use four containments and not one like Russia or two like Japan. When we develop fusion to operate power plants instead of fission, we will be much better off. However, Nuclear is the only true, clean, reliable, and safe way to go, and fossil fuel will ALWAYS be necessary!

A person I know told me her 12 year old said, “Mom don’t worry about the China virus…nothing from China lasts very long”!