In July 2017, The Right Side wrote… . “There’s a pretty good argument that Lynch meeting with Clinton 3 days before the Hillary “interview”, then directing Comey to back off and lie to the American people, by calling the investigation a “matter”, Comey actually doing that and two weeks later, closing the case, are overt acts to obstruct justice on the Clinton email case, and Title 18 S 793 Security Violations that are Espionage Acts!


FBI Peter Strzok conspiring with Comey, FBI Page and FBI McCabe, DOJ DAG Bruce Ohr and Mrs. Ohr (Fusion GPS employee) to derail candidate Trump and taking actions by obstructing the Clinton investigation, changing evidence, using info known to be phony (DNC paid Trump Dossier) for a FISA Warrant, are all overt acts in support of Obstruction of Justice and other very serious crimes!”


The Right Side wrote of Bruce Ohr that, in our opinion, Ohr is a weak link and must be explored! That deduction was and is my opinion based upon a number of factors, I won’t disclose, all based upon experience. We wrote that Ohr will not lie under oath to a real FBI Agent or a Grand Jury, with all the evidence that is/was known about the FISA warrant and its illegal Application/Affidavits that he signed against Carter Page, a US Citizen. That is the biggest and most threatening risk facing all the Conspirators, who signed the warrant/affidavits… “Swearing,” that it is (including the information in the Steele Dossier) “true and accurate to the best of their ability so help them God”.

Ohr testified under oath before Congress that the Dossier is, unverified and salacious and that he and everyone involved knew it. Comey said in January 2017 that the Dossier was Unverified and Salacious”. If he says it was unverified, after he signed it, most certainly it was unverified before he/they signed! He’s now admitted to committing and participating in Fraud against a Federal Judge for the FISA warrant and VIOLATING the Civil Rights of US Citizens, Carter Page and EVERY SINGLE CITIZEN WHO WAS ALSO taped!!!There are numerous violations of Title 18 that provide extremely expensive Civil Penalties, triple damages, as well as Criminal penalties.

All the signors of the Page Documents who testified before Congress, lied, EXCEPT Ohr, which we anticipated… and predicted. Bruce Ohr is not a strong person, just like Jeff Sessions is not a strong person…and I never met either, but I probably interviewed literally thousands of witnesses and subjects, and if you really work at it, you can become very good at it… or you can lay back, like a few did and become a 20 year “veteran” who was an Agent 1 year…20 times. We had a few of those even back then! There are many “things” you can learn about most people from their actions and the way they carry themselves, if you know what to look for. Most of you already know what I’m talking about but just never paid attention!

Here’s the significance and importance of what MUST happen or there is no JUSTICE in the Department of Justice! If handled correctly, Ohr will give us Rosenstein, et al., who will lead to Yates and Lynch for obstruction of Justice in the Clinton email espionage case and other associated serious crimes. There is enough evidence right now to indict Hillary for Espionage Security related violations without doing any more interviews…just present to a Grand Jury, contrary to what Comey believed. Any USA will prosecute and that is ANY USA!!!

There is interference in a Presidential Election, which may not be a Felony. I am not sure. However, Political Corruption-Hobbs Act, Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, along with all the violations associated with the fraudulent FISA warrants are serious Felonies, the monetary gain is retention of $250,000 jobs if Hillary won!

Then there’s McCabe, Strzok, Page, and Baker and all will hand up James Comey who along with Loretta, the arrogant AG, will give up Obama or they will get jail time.

In my opinion, Barack Obama knew EVERYTHING this Band of thieves, Liars, and Leakers knew. Is he trying to say he never emailed his Secretary of State? If he did, he knew she was using a private, unauthorized email server. Her total disregard for the Security of vital Secrets is unforgivable and she has to pay. The American people demand that she and her staff pay with jail time! Obama not acting on Clinton using an unauthorized and unsecure device for State secrets is Misprision of Serious Felonies in the least and Treason at most!

Mr. President, if I were you after hearing what the AG plans to do about the Criminals who ran the Government under Obama, if it doesn’t include indictments of Hillary, her staff and the rest of the “rogue” part of FBI and DOJ …that’s unacceptable and the crap Sessions pulled, you need to provide executive influence. They must be charged with their crimes and let the Jury decide not any DOJ Official!

Insist on indictments and watch the time…most Federal crimes carry a 5-year Statute; however, Sabotage is probably 10. Even so, the cases need to be Indicted and Indicted soon!