I don’t know how much criminal law Jerry Nadler, Adam Shiffty or Swallow “practiced” before becoming Congressmen, but it wasn’t enough!  I can tell you this for sure…from investigating many criminal cases, several involving Title 3 which led to Trials; any wiretaps we obtained in “my” FBI…the DOJ, FBI and ALL those involved from the USA’s Office, DOJ HQ, FBI HQ, FBI Field and all the Agents who were involved were extremely careful to document, confirm and verify any and all information that was used as Probable Cause (PC) to obtain the wire, especially the first wire, because it almost ALWAYS leads to more, often bigger and better things. We ALL knew the importance of that initial wire PC, because if that wire were Suppressed, EVERY single case that came from that wire would be Fruit from the Poison Tree and dismissed as well. If the original wire were judged allowable evidence and then three new wires went up, on different cases…if one of the new wires were Suppressed, chances were that the other investigations would not be contaminated, unless somebody WITHHELD exculpatory evidence from the Courts!

We also knew what the Civil Penalties are, for violating a Citizens Civil Rights as Yates, Rosenstein, Comey , McCabe, Strzok, Lisa Page, Baker, and others will probably soon find out…and no Government Agency, Bureau nor Municipality can pay “punitive” damages for an employee, State or Federal!!!

A rookie FBI Agent or law school graduate, who didn’t cheat through law school, knows that the first Carter Page warrant, will never make it through a Suppression Hearing, and the evidence there from would be thrown out!

That wire is the basis for the ALL the alleged Trump/Russia, Special Counsel Investigations, Collusion Investigations, and probably, all the resulting “convictions” for “process” crimes. Had ANY of those lawyers fought the charges that the Democraps are so proud of after multi-millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money, their clients would not have been convicted of anything, my opinion! They would have been thrown out of court. However, Mueller intentionally drained their pocket books so that they couldn’t fight anymore! Some justice system …had the defendants fought and not taken a plea, had they had the money, none would have been convicted because every case has its foundation in that Carter Page wire!!! Regarding Manafort, like the Judge said, his conviction had nothing to do with Mueller/Trump. However, if his “criminal activity” were discovered as a result of an overhear on Page’s wire or a resulting wire, his case would have been dismissed, if his attorney was smart enough to determine what initiated the Manafort investigation, and attacked it in a Suppression Hearing, the whole case would have been thrown out!

Now we have “ass-holes”, sorry but what these elected officials are doing only assholes would do! Their oath to protect the Constitution means nothing. Their lying, cheating, criminal, candidate Hillary Clinton lost, and they are either ignorant of the law or simply don’t care about our Rule of Law. They just want revenge! Its kind of like white trailer trash getting even…that sort of thing!

They want to “impeach” our President. Let’s think about that. When Congress wanted to impeach Bill Clinton, we all knew the reason, didn’t we? It was lying under oath about Monica. So what’s the specific crime Trump committed worthy of impeachment?  We don’t know do we…neither do they! We heard Collusion with Russia, Obstruction, Conspiracy…?

THAT’S BECAUSE NONE OF THESE SO CALLED LAWYERS HAVE A CRIME OR A CASE FOR IMPEACHMENT…THEY INTEND TO INVESTIGATE THE PERSON (TRUMP) UNTIL THEY FIND A CRIME. That’s after over 2 years of Mueller, a group of corrupt FBI Agents with a Corrupt FBI Director, with fabricated evidence and an illegal wiretap, couldn’t make a case…but these 3 stooges Nadler, Swallow and Shiffty believe they can?!

That is against our Rule of Law, our Government cannot investigate a Citizen…any Citizen, just because they want to find a crime. That’s Socialism, Tyranny, Communism but not America. Would you want them to investigate YOU until they find a year you cheated on your taxes or did something else illegal?!

Congressman Shitty (more descriptive nickname) had his team spend 10 hours prepping their star witness Mike Cohen, a convicted and admitted liar, and they still failed to come up with the smoking gun. They don’t learn…Hillary cheated as well, by getting questions before the CNN “Debate” from Donna Brazile, AND SHE STILL LOST! The truth will prevail!

Witness tampering… Congressman “Shitty” is illegal, unethical and seldom works!

“Collusion”, Obstruction or Conspiracy, or some other generic reason are not stand-alone crimes. These is no violation of Collusion. Obstruction and Conspiracy must be “of a crime”. You’ll notice they never specify what the criminal, impeachable offence is. They just say, “Obstruction or Conspiracy”.  When Collusion collapsed, they changed to “obstruction”…obstruction of what? When that collapsed, they said “conspiracy”.  Conspiracy to commit what crime?  The only answer I heard was to stop the Mueller or the FBI case against the President for Collusion. Well now we know for sure there was no collusion AND also Comey, BF (Before Fired), told the President that he was not under investigation. So that reason is BS…Trump was not being investigated by the FBI according to the FBI Director, so what’s to Obstruct? Then they said for “firing Comey”. Well that’s lame as can be! Just ask Professor, Scholar, Constitutional expert Alan Dershowitz or read Article 2 yourself. The President is “The Chief Executive Officer of the US”…period…end of story!

The last is conspiracy. To be a conspiracy there are very specific “elements” that must exist and be proven. First, there has to be a “substantive violation”, like Bank Robbery… “conspired to rob a Bank”! What did Mr Trump conspire to do…any idea?  To rig the election like Hillary conspired to do?  Conspired with whom… Russia? Mueller and FBI investigation says there was none! So now what?

If someone talks to another person planning to rob a bank (an overt act and element of the crime) and then they “case” the bank (another overt act and element…there must be two overt acts) and we grab them BEFORE they rob the bank; there is no Bank Robbery, therefore no substantive Crime and …no conspiracy case. So Mr. Nadler, brilliant legal mind that you are… NOT… what’s the freaking Crime(s)…Title and Section of USC …oh… please explain what USC is to Tlaib…assuming YOU know!

We now know Trump did not collude or conspire with Russia. So where do you idiots go from there…maybe you should talk to Shitty, he has, “not direct evidence and not circumstantial evidence but …in between evidence” on Trump”.  By the way, did Nadler go to the same law school as Shitty? There is no such thing as “in between evidence”!

You Democrats disgust me… I have never seen a group of more inept lawyers, politicians in my life. Those Muslim “Bitches”… think they were elected President (If they can MF my president, I can call them what I say they are…BITCHES), they are DEAD wrong. They are bigger bigots than you can imagine. Regular bigots only talk, these bigots belong to a frenzy of bigots who want to behead anyone who disagrees with their beliefs!!!

I doubt that ANY of the three stooges ever prosecuted, nor defended, a Federal Obstruction, Conspiracy or “Collusion” case. I don’t believe any of the three stooges has any idea of the law. They don’t seem to understand the Constitution either!

If you do Mr. Nadler and Tlaib…please do tell us what your prosecution theory is…this will be good…go ahead, I dare you! What’s the Title and Section of USC???

P.S. By the way, did you ever cheat on your income taxes?  Could you endure a Full Cash Flow Audit by the IRS, for the past 5 years and a review (audit) of all your campaign expenditures? I seriously doubt it! The President has oversight responsibilities as well! He is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the Country and has the authority to correct any violations of our Rule of Law and any injustices he sees to keep the Justice scale in balance…so be careful!