Before reading this column, you must read the column on Comey, Strzok and McCabe.

That done …now you know that, with Comey gone and for a short time, thank God, two of the three stooges (McCabe and Strzok) were left alone with loaded guns, and unsupervised. Next, there is a strict DOJ Rule that NO ONE can open any case on any elected official (or politician) without prior DOJ authority, let alone the freakin’ President of the United States! For there to have been a valid FBI investigation of President Trump, AG Jeff Sessions or sadly…Rosenstein… HAD to approve the opening of the case. I am willing to bet that there was no such approval and, therefore, no such case! Next, IF such a “matter” was opened and unauthorized, they might as well have written the FBI Prosecution Report on…you guessed it…toilet paper. Understand the reasoning of the Rule…the FBI cannot prosecute a case. That’s solely the job of DOJ. That’s why DOJ must authorize any FBI arrests, unless there is an emergency. So there is no sense to open a case, especially on an elected President, if DOJ won’t prosecute! Sessions would not have authorized. If Rosenstein did, and I was Trump, I would have fired him…oops…maybe he did.  Good work Mr President!

So, if it was not opened by one of the three stooges that were left, Andy McCabe or Peter Strzok, and say Rosenstein was dumb enough to authorize it, the next “high ranking” Officials in line must have opened it. In my opinion, not one of them would even have the balls to open a case on the President of the United States without DOJ, FBI Director (there was none), ADIC #1 ( McCabe) or ADIC #2 ( Strzok) approval. These guys ALL have large pensions ahead of them and that is more important to one of these people at the top than a conviction, fine or even suspended jail time. They would never get jail time for illegally opening a case against the President without approval…BUT…they would get fired…like McCabe, like Comey and like Strzok.

McCabe was fighting it out to reach retirement age (poor thing didn’t make it…so sad) and would not have risked anymore than he already had and piss off the President even more. In my opinion, he didn’t open anything.

Now there is Strzok (he didn’t make it to retirement age either). Ask the Times what FBI Agent opened and who authorized this mystical investigation.

Strzok, in my opinion, is the only one with enough lack of common sense, or lack of any sense, and therefore, capable of doing almost anything — no matter how irrational. Consider these absolutely insane things this guy most likely did, much of which he has admitted to doing: carrying on an affair with Lisa Paige, emailing and “sexting” about it, and sending emails back and forth on FBI computers about their plans to derail a sitting President with a backup plan of “Andy’s”; used his influence with a FISA judge to push for the Carter Page Wiretap and emailed about it; pushed for and built up PC using a Dossier that he knew was “unverified and salacious” for the principle PC, and that was paid for by Hillary, for a FISA wiretap against a US citizen (the dumbest of all things to do because he withheld that information from the FISA Court); changed Comey’s announcement speech of “declination” on Hillary from using the words that define her crime in Title 18 USC down to “careless”; leaked information, under Comey’s advice, on pending cases (by the way, Comey denied knowledge, a premonition of things to Come(y)); opened a phony Counterintelligence investigation against President Trump; (Note: In the FBI, to open a phony criminal case on Joey Bagofdonuts is one thing…but a Phony Counterintel case on the President…pure insanity)…but Strzok did, and is still too stupid to understand how serious that was!

Also of interest, in a criminal Complaint, we always copy the Title 18 verbiage, e.g. “Did knowingly and willfully take and carry away”, versus, “Did take and carry away”.

How or why any newspaper, even a failing one, would print such utter BS is beyond imagination. To not name the “High Ranking FBI Official” is a dead giveaway to the total lack of value to the report!

You “reporters” for this rag need to start reading the law, Title 18 USC, and get some real sources who can explain to you how the FBI really works…not the way you imagine it works. Comey, McCabe, Strzok and a handful of others, to be named, were NOT the FBI…they were a handful of corrupt people working for the FBI!