I believe I have now heard it all when I heard that the President should do a preamble to his speech tonight with a warning that he will be lying, and I don’t mean reclining in a lounge chair.

The most deceitful politicians I have ever had the displeasure to listen to have all been high ranking Democrat officials from the Obama administration. The lies they told, in most situations were under oath, before some type of intelligence committee or panel trying to find a truth about serious, substantive, criminal matters and NOT parking tickets or lying to Federal Agents! They ranged from President Obama…”I am now Christian and was born in Hawaii”…to “you can keep your healthcare and Doctor”, to his Secretary of State… an entire story of lies, Hillary.

With her, it would be easier to name the times she told the truth…NEVER! We can describe the times she lied by saying it was only when she opened her mouth. She lied about her email server, about buying the Democrat National Committee, about Benghazi, about not being trained on Classified Material, to stealing silverware and valuables from the White House, about getting the questions before the Presidential debates and on and on. Her life is a life of lies, and she was a perfect fit for Obama!

Then there was Obama’s FBI Director, James Comey…he admitted he stole Government property, lied, leaked info on ongoing investigations to the press…and he did it to adversely affect criminal investigations…not enhance them! That’s Obstruction of Justice my friends. He violated the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and conspired to disrupt the Trump Presidency by conspiring with Rod Rosenstein, Bob Mueller and other corrupt FBI employees to form a fake Counter Intelligence investigation on a newly elected President with the aid and assistance of FBI Andy McCabe and Peter Strzok who also lied to Congress.

Moving on to Obama’s NSI Director James Clapper. He testified under oath that the NSA never surveilled US Citizens and then admitted, right after the statute of limitations expired …that he lied. James Brennan, Obama’s CIA Director, lied, Susan Rice, his NSA adviser… lied. Hillary’s entire staff lied to the FBI and got away with it (so far) because of Comey, Strzok and McCabe!

Anyone who says that President Trump is corrupt has no idea what they are talking about. The treasonous acts, lies and deceit, and “murders” from the Obama administration…THAT’S corruption. Trump’s infidelity, womanizing, if true, is not a crime …it’s maybe a sin, but not a crime. Ask the press who covered JFK if his womanizing was a crime! Ask Bob Woodward why he never “uncovered” those sheets! Who’s the pro…Obama …by far!!!