I hate to admit it, but, my party, the Republican Party, has become about as dumb as we can be. There is no unification, stick together-ism, no loyalty, except for one man; our President. I don’t see any leadership from within. Mitt Romney sets the perfect example of what I’m talking about. He BS’s the President and begs Trump to help him, and the first thing he does is stab the President in the back! Romney, who is a loser, would not have been elected to the Senate without the help of the Party and the President. The minute he feels “strong again”, on his own, can walk without a walker, he takes the “I don’t need no stinking help” attitude.. that some other Republicans have taken! It’s almost as if they just got sucked into a vacuum, lost all their common sense and certainly any loyalty they “pretended” to have and screw the Party! Now, I’m not saying the Democrats are any smarter, but they are loyal to their lies!

In my opinion, the Democrats and their “Democrap” leadership are dumber yet but they stick together like baby poop. They stink standing alone but realize they can make a real stink if they “stick” together, create lies and stick to them!!! They will circle the wagons at the first sign of trouble, never, ever admit they were wrong, even if their head is stuck between railings …they didn’t do it, Trump pushed them. Want some examples? “If you like your Health Plan and Doctors you can keep them”, remember that? Pelosi and her, “Don’t read it, just sign it so we can see what it says”. That, my friends, is your Speaker of the House telling us, in no uncertain terms, exactly how stupid she is…is there any doubt in your minds? If you think she is smart, how about this, “Walls don’t work”, or “they are immoral”.  She has both walls and fences around her Zinfandel Estate home and property as does most of the Congress, Senate and everyone who has a house!…to keep people out (the definition of Border Security). Oh, yea. your party just re-elected her to their top spot …AGAIN. Tell me how smart that is! Want more?

They just elected Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Congress! I don’t have to tell you how dumb she is…she tells us every time she opens her mouth! The Democrat party also just elected two Muslim women to Congress, and they are so proud. I thought that the MAJOR difference between Islam and our Constitutional Republic is our First Amendment to the Constitution, the separation of Church and State…Islam teaches the unification of Church and State…they are one! Maybe these two women don’t believe in the Koran…would someone please ask them if they believe in our First Amendment, the separation of Church and State?

They want Bernie Sanders to run as President…again? He’s an admitted Communist/Socialist for Christ sake…don’t you understand that? Don’t you believe in your free enterprise system and separation of Church and State?

So we have 3 new Congress people, 2 who likely don’t believe in our Constitution and lied when they took their oath and one who likely can’t read it, doesn’t understand it, but wants to change it to a form of Socialism… maybe Communism or Islam…..she doesn’t even know.

So, to the Republicans who just retired from Congress…did you not think that through? Let me ask this questions to the Republican Congressional morons who just retired…in the same situation…would the Democrats have allowed that to happen…you know, just give up the leadership, in either house? Do you think they would have retired during their term so they could have/would have retained leadership? Dumb asses if ever there was!! Special elections spread out so that the party and leaders could have helped in each district where there was to be a Special Election and help some get re-elected in the States where it was likely rather than dumping all into a general election where all the statistics are against the sitting party. Great job Mr. Speaker! You were worse than Boehner…are you going to sell dope too?

Doesn’t the Republican Party understand that our Constitution is under siege! And I don’t just mean the 2nd or 1st or 4th Amendment …I mean our Constitutional Republic?

It all really started with Obama who has a formidable backing with George Soros’ money. Soros should lose his Citizenship for what he is doing to our country with Barack (Howdy Doody) Obama, his Marionette.

I say again that I believe that most Democrats believe in our Constitution, many Democrats gave their lives defending our Constitution. But apparently, they, like some Republicans don’t understand what is happening.

Just think about what some Democrat Governors, Mayors, legislators around the Country are doing. They pass laws stating it’s okay to break Federal Laws and hide in their State or their City. They want “Open Borders”…don’t you want to know who is coming into your Country, State, City, next door! The illegal, they want in, are going to live somewhere, and the Democratic Party doesn’t care if they are legal or illegal, wanted in their own country for murder or rape, or robbery… they just don’t care, as long as they can vote! “They don’t want criminals and gang bangers”, you say? Well, genius, if we don’t know who they are …how the hell can you stop them?

Who in their right mind wants “open Borders”?  If these bureaucrat phonies are so concerned for the down trodden, why do they surround themselves, with armed guards, guns, walls, fences, cameras, guard dogs, etc. to keep the down trodden away from their homes and businesses. They should take them in! It’s not the wealthy they want to keep away from their property …is it? It’s the poor who want some of their riches! How many needy people do you think Barbra Streisand, Gloria Allred, Whoopi Goldberg, Morning Joe, Jimmy Fallon, Michael Moore, Chuck Schumer have taken in, and I don’t mean illegal servants, because we all know the wealthy “employ” illegals.

If the Republican Party doesn’t smarten up, demand that the Meuller fabricated  investigation stop spending money on investigations that the FBI would not have even opened when I was an Agent,… and close it …now. Get behind your President or we will lose the Country not just a Presidency. Who would you have take his place — our Vice President, Mitt Romney, or maybe the Flake, or I know a pot salesman who would run…idiots.  I think I’m going to form my own party…THE RIGHT SIDE!