Leslie Stahl, 60 minutes, and President Donald J Trump just put the lock on the mid-terms for Republicans. Thank you President Trump and 60 Minutes!

THE RIGHT SIDE has been calling for President Trump to TAKE CHARGE and he just showed the world that he has! He showed confidence and knowledge about Climate Change that most people just don’t understand, a control of the interview and professionalism I haven’t seen since President Reagan. He really has a handle on everything Presidential, my opinion!

When Stahl was showing her ignorance about Climate Change, the President was trying to explain to her that there has always been Climate Change but “we” the people of the world have no control over “mother nature”, mother Earth, the Sun, our galaxy or anything Climate Change!!! That’s a concept that the left doesn’t want to understand! “Chunks of glaciers are breaking off and raising the oceans, and the President does nothing about it”?! Leslie …get a grip…he’s the President and not God. He can’t walk on water, he can’t create food from one fish nor control our climate! No one can, Leslie, except God, and Mother Nature!

The “scientists” that Stahl refers to are more entrepreneurs than scientists; they believe whatever the UN IPCC money says they must believe to get the grant money. In this instance, “say that man is responsible for global warming”… with absolutely no legit data…it’s mostly all phony, like the press and what real data is compromised by unprofessional data gathering (eg. Placing thermometers on blacktop college parking lots at ground level)…I’ve seen it! They ALL work for the UN IPCC, which is as phony as Al Gore!

This President has taken charge of his Presidency and this interview should leave no doubt.

When Stahl asked the President to “pledge not to shut down the Mueller investigation” she was asking him to take a pledge to violate his oath of office and “to not do his job”. Article 2 of the Constitution gives the President the duty and the power to hire and fire…to supervise all government employees and enforce our Rule of Law (Mueller works for the President, the position was created by Presidential Order)! I believe all journalists should be forced to take college courses on the Constitution so they understand our Rule of Law and not make themselves look foolish and ignorant of our society’s laws!

President Trump is probably 100% correct when he said we were on the verge of war with N Korea when he became President. The Right Side called N Korea probably the biggest threat to our country before President Trump took office with their EMP capability…not because of their power but the instability of their leader.

Apparently Kim had no adult guidance as a child and our President is giving him that guidance…”Kim, if you don’t behave, we will have to eliminate you, my son”. It seems to be working doesn’t it?

I just hope that cleaning up DOJ is next on the menu, with reopening cases that should never have been closed and indicting those who just had their clearances revoked!

Congratulations Mr. President, you make those who elected you very, very proud!!!