Suppose Russia knew right away, that Hillary started using her new off site, unsecure, personal email server for all her State Department communications and wanted to take advantage of the major Hillary blunder. How could they use that to their advantage? Well…what if the Russian’s told Hillary that they wanted to “purchase” a huge amount of our Uranium and needed her help? If she refused, they would expose the fact that she used her personal email for SAP and Top Secret Official Communications. Do you suppose “that’s” the way Russia got 20% of our Uranium, and how much did she say we got for the deal? I don’t recall what “we” received for the deal but do recall that the Russian Bank that helped finance the deal paid her husband, Bill, $750K, and the Clinton Foundation received about $35 million from Frank Giustra, who brokered the deal.

While we’re on the topic of deception or bait and switch, let’s suppose that Barack Obama has had several Social Security numbers and currently has a SSN that once belonged to someone else. That is not possible for anyone else in the US. Why, you ask?  I’m glad you asked. You see, a Social Security Number (card) is the single most difficult number to obtain in our entire system, bar none. You must have an original Birth Certificate to get a number, and that number is yours for life and cannot, under ANY circumstances, be reissued to ANYONE else…ever …even if you die. It can only be reissued on a reissued Social Security Card after you display proof of birth by…you guessed it…displaying your ORIGINAL birth certificate again! What if you don’t have an original birth certificate? Then what do you do? The answer is simple… get one. If you were a natural born US citizen, that is NOT a daunting task. It’s inconvenient but not impossible. Just obtain a certified copy of the original. However, if you are NOT a natural born US citizen, the problem begins to grow…exponentially…unless you do something “illegal” to obtain that card. So, if someone has a Social Security Number that belonged to someone who is dead, they obtained it illegally.

Obama has had several Social Security numbers. That is not LEGALLY possible. Fact is, it is so serious, that falsifying any official government document for personal gain is a predicate crime in the RICO statute…it’s an act of  Racketeering!!!

Where did you obtain your SSNs Barack? Wait a minute…Didn’t Obama have a relative who worked for Social Security around the time he obtained his card?

Now, one more. Just suppose that former FBI Directors James Comey and Mueller, Andy McCabe, Peter Strzok, Rod Rosenstein and others plotted/met to clear Hillary by downplaying the seriousness of Hillary using her emails for State business, created the Russian Collusion, Counter Intel Case against Trump, and met to discuss how to cause a special prosecutor to be appointed and also plotted a way to get Mueller appointed. I would say that could be an Obstruction Case and conspiracy to commit Sedition against a sitting President T18 Sections 2381-91 USC. It is also a good chance it is a Hobbs Act Political Corruption Case and Obstruction of a Criminal investigation, the Clinton cases!

So what is being done? I suppose that’s a good question!