Trump should review Page FISA application

Trump should review Page FISA application, interview FISA judge and direct AG Sessions on next steps

The American public has been told by the Congressional Intelligence Committee and the Inspector General of the Department of Justice that a FISA warrant was obtained by the FBI on a US Citizen, Carter Page, based upon an FBI application that was flawed by lack of full disclosure.

The Committee alleges that the FBI applicant, affiants and others, failed to reveal to the FISA court that the principle probable cause for the issuance of the warrant omitted information that seriously discredited probable cause and was intentionally omitted from the affidavits and application submitted to the FISA court by the FBI.

The Intelligence Committee believes that the fact that candidate Hillary Clinton bought the Democrat National Committee was important information and was intentionally omitted from submission to the court.

The purchase contract, prior to the Democrat National Convention, gave Clinton 100% control of all monies and financial decisions regarding what candidates would receive funding.

The Committee also believes that the following information was intentionally not provided to the court, all of which discredits the dossier that the FBI’s probable cause depended upon heavily;

  1. The DNC ( Hillary Clinton) paid for the dossier that was used as probable cause for the warrant on
  2. The dossier was, “Not verified and was salacious”, according to the primary applicant, former FBI Director James Comey, at the time it was used as probable
  3. The dossier contains 2nd and 3rd person hearsay from Russian
  4. DOJ Assistant Attorney General Bruce Ohr’s wife was hired by Fusion GPS to work on the dossier and opposition research of Donald
  5. At the same time Ohr was involved in work on the same matter at
  6. FBI Agents Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Andrew McCabe were actively involved in the Clinton email investigation and FISA application. At the same time they were openly plotting to prevent Trump from being elected president and were committed to helping Clinton – to the extent of tampering with evidence, violating FBI and DOJ rules and regulations – which eventually led to the firing of McCabe.

At this point, what is important to determine is whether or not the FISA documents provided full disclosure.

If there was full disclosure of facts and “not” just that the dossier was “politically motivated”, then there probably wasn’t deception. If however it wasn’t fully disclosed then several felonies were committed and a US citizen’s 4th Amendment rights were violated!

The president has the power to order the documents for his review and to interview the judge who issued the warrant.

If lack of disclosure would have altered the court’s decision, then the president needs to take action against the offending DOJ employees.

There should be nothing stopping the president from doing that; it’s his job. After reviewing the documents he can make an informed decision on what should be done next and then direct Attorney General Jeff Sessions on what course to follow.


And not vice versa!