Will McCabe, Strzok and Page take the fall for James Comey?

The firing of Andrew McCabe was the right thing to do. But it’s only the first of several steps that should be taken swiftly.

Here’s why.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has not found “collusion”, but he will not end his role in the conspiracy to destroy the presidency. The basis for lawful appointment of a special prosecutor requires a specific crime. What is the Title and Section of the federal code Mueller was charged to investigate? Mueller began the investigation without a substantive violation of federal law and he knew it.

This was a fishing expedition from the start.

AG Jeff Sessions, FBI Director Chris Wray or the president must suspend current DOJ, [Justice and FBI] employees who signed documents related to the Carter Page FISA warrants, and determine if the ties between Hillary Clinton and the Dossier were fully disclosed to the FISA Court.

I believe this includes Rod Rosenstein, Bruce Ohr, Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page. Administrative inquiries and criminal cases need to be opened by the FBI on all of them.

Criminal cases must also be opened on James Comey, Sally Yates and other former employees who signed the Carter Page documents that led to illegal spying on him.

The criminal cases must be opened by and assigned to the FBI. These cases cannot possibly be as effectively investigated by any other agency for numerous reasons.

Some obvious ones are:

  1. The FBI has expended millions in resources and investigated many violations of substantive crimes committed by Hillary Clinton, her staffers, the Clinton Foundation and White House
  2. They executed search warrants and have probable cause to obtain arrest warrants on Hillary and some staffers, even though McCabe and Strzok tried to sabotage her email case and handed out “immunity” like

Although we do not now know everyone who was given immunity, or for what, I have been involved in numerous cases where the US Attorney granted immunity (the FBI can’t grant immunity) and I’ve never seen immunity given without the caveat that if the subject lies, immunity is null and void.

Hillary and her staffers who were interviewed lied – because, I am certain, that, if they told the truth, they would be in jail, even if McCabe or Strzok did the interviews.

Keep in mind that FBI headquarters, not field offices, created the Hillary email mess. These cases involved search warrants, interviews, collection of evidence, with investigative theories by experienced, honest agents. We simply cannot throw away the work these agents did and ignore their knowledge of the cases.

I believe that a special counsel cannot handle the investigation into corrupt DOJ employees. The FBI can investigate itself and even investigate a corrupt former director and senior DOJ officials. The FBI has a proven record of investigating and bringing employees to justice when necessary and has proven to be tougher on its own people than outsiders would ever be!

The bigger problem is that Congress needs to pay more attention to whistle blowers. No one paid attention when J. Christian Adams spoke about Eric Holder’s corruption. No one paid attention when federal judges held deputy attorneys general under Holder in contempt and recommended charges.

No one did anything when intelligence and IRS directors Lois Lerner and Tim Geitner were found to have violated rules, regulations and laws. No one did anything when CIA Director John O. Brennan, NSA John Clapper, and Security Advisor Susan Rice lied to intelligence committees.

Lastly, based on my experience in law enforcement, I would recommend to Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and others who violated their oaths of office in a criminal manner – that they should have their lawyers contact FBI Director Wray and cut a deal. They were used by a corrupt James Comey.

They need the president, not Mueller, in their corner, if they hope to keep their pensions and stay out of jail! If I know anything about the criminal mind, Comey will throw anyone under the bus, and declare under oath that he had no knowledge of anything they did, from leaks to lies to violating investigative procedures and law. He has already lied under oath to Congress!

I am certain, McCabe, Strzok and Page have valuable information that will lead to corruption at the highest levels – the Clintons and Obama, Lynch and Holder!

For their sake, and for the sake of justice, I hope McCabe, Strzok and Page won’t be stupid and take the fall for James Comey, he surely wouldn’t do it for them or anyone else for that m