I have written on this topic many times since Hussein Obama became President and he announced that his 3rd term would be “in his basement with a cell phone and ear plug” … to a faux president. Since Obiden fits that bill exactly and his actions are, in my opinion, treasonous, it all fits…too many coincidences make a fact!

Here’s what we know. There have only been 40 cases of Treason prosecuted in the United States, with 13 successful convictions and 3 executions. It is difficult to prove because of the very specific definition of the elements of treason which are set forth in Article 3, of the Constitution….Article 3: “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort”.

Title 18 section 2381 USC says, “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or imprisoned and fined, and incapable of holding any U.S. office.”

In my opinion these two scoundrels may have made it easy to prove the elements. First “owing allegiance to the United States” …they both were sworn in as Presidents of the United States, swearing to protect, preserve and defend the Constitution of the United States…that is Prima Facie evidence.

Let’s look at the other elements… “Adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort”.

Who are our enemies?

I’ll bet a 5th grader could name America’s enemies…I’ll name just a few, the most dangerous, self-declared enemies who want us, you, and me, dead…Iran, China, Russia, ISIS, Al-Qaida, Afghanistan, N Korea! There are many more, but it is interesting to note that most are Muslim Nations, or Caliphates, with whom we have been at war. The fact is, according to all US Military and Intelligence Agencies (what a misnomer), Iran is the largest State Sponsor of Terrorism, IN THE WORLD! The US State Department designated Iran a State Sponsor of Terrorism in 1979!

What does Obama do? He gives the world’s biggest sponsor of terrorism…Iran… +/- 180 billion in freaking cash, untraceable, unstoppable?! Obama claimed we “owed” it to them. Explain how an enemy that openly states, “We will kill every American”, gets to be owed anything but a bullet …a used one? They killed thousands of Americans and bragged about it…laughed about it…and we owe them billions…?

In my opinion, we are still at war… with many, and not just trading bullets. I mean acts of war where they have stolen US secrets, severely damaging our defense systems. The latest is China’s hypersonic missile, with stolen US technology, bragging that nobody on Earth can defend against it!!! Well with their new 20,000 mph missile, with US technology, my opinion… they are NOT lying!!

By the way, China…we have a few ourselves! When I was in college, Russia announced they had invented the thinnest wire in the world. They sent the US a sample. We drilled a hole in it and sent it back…true story!

As we all know, Presidents have tremendous power, and a few have used/abused those powers to aid enemies by back door deals. They have devised ways to deal with countries they should not have dealt with, to give them money, military equipment and then cover these actions with nonsense that the press backs up with or without any evidence. Look at Benghazi …how did those “rebels” get those munitions, RPGs?

Issues, like “climate change”, require no fossil fuels, are beyond the hands of man and have been a part of Earth as much as the stars, moon, and Sun for 5 billion years…wait…or is it 4 billion? You see, science really has no idea how old mother Earth actually is…could be 4 billion or could be 5 or 10 or 20. You see there is NO direct evidence how old the Earth is?! Nobody here is that old to testify with direct knowledge. Heck, the center is still cooling with a 5,000-mile-wide core that’s about 10,000 degrees F. So…planet Earth if you really want the truth…is a mystery! The fact is science, and all our computers cannot tell for certain which way a tornado will turn, or if it will rain for certain tomorrow or exactly what the temperature will be tomorrow! It’s all an educated…guess!

Open borders and not drilling for oil have NOTHING to do with climate change and that’s a fact!

The fact is Obiden created a situation that “requires” the US to buy oil from someplace…and that someplace just happened to be our freaking enemies, who want us dead, Russia, Iran, China!!

We are buying fossil fuels from Russia and China …our enemies… racking in billions while Americans pay for their treasonous acts…aiding our enemies. China was on the verge of bankruptcy until Obiden came to their aid…our enemy benefits while Americans pay dearly for energy… gas, heat, foods transported by fossil fuels…WHAT? Obiden took the restrictions off Russia regarding oil and is prospering while we suffer… what’s that called CNN? That’s unbelievable…if that isn’t Treason…what is it NBC? How about you?!

The actions and inactions these two scoundrels have committed individually and in conspiracy may well be acts of treason and need to be investigated, charged and prosecuted…my opinion as a Federal Criminal Crime investigator for almost 30 years! How does buying oil from Russia benefit us? Most Americans know our electricity, 80%, mostly comes from fossil fuels…coal, natural gas and oil.?


Don’t even try “ANYTHING” environmental. I side with the real experts, scientists like Heartland Institute, John Coleman (Weather Channel creator), Patrick Moore (Scientist and Greenpeace co-founder), 30,000 cosigners to the Petition to Congress to NOT reduce CO₂ emissions and on and on…!!!

How about the unknown enemies Biden allowed into the US, his Obiden’s OPEN BORDERS policy while Mayorkas says, “The Border is secure”. Liken that to, “The Titanic didn’t sink” or “The Earth isn’t round”. Obiden’s lies…the Border is secure…sure Joe and you just saw the Titanic in the Bahamas!?!?

We cannot live without fossil fuels…ANYBODY who says otherwise is either very stupid or very corrupt. Stopping all the oil and gas wells Obiden and Obama stopped… aided our enemies…ALL OF THEM…and NONE of us!


Fossil fuel is electricity in a wire, and it powers everything you need. The water you drink and natural gas you heat with, disposing of your sewage, your clothing, cars, planes, everything you have… was touched with fossil fuel also known as electricity!!!

Do you believe that Obama just walked away from Iraq, leaving billions of dollars in military arms, ammunition and vehicles and other equipment, aided, ISIS, Iran and Al-Qaida or hindered them?

When ISIS and Al-Qaida terrorists were escaping to Syria, in a procession of those Arms Obama abandoned…would refusing to attack that enemy, aid or hinder them? Treason or not?

Afghanistan …Obiden gave our worst enemies, China, Iran and Al-Qaida the following: +/- $81 billion dollars of the most high-tech weapons that even our troops didn’t have…aid or hinder?

He gave China the Bagram Air Force Base; he gave China the largest lithium deposits in the world…Afghanistan …aid or hinder?
Obama gave Russia 20% of the US’s Uranium deposits…aid or hinder?!

President Trump destroyed ISIS in months …not years…aid or killed??

Obama was full of crap when he lied to us about ISIS being JV, to play them down, did he not know one of the I’s in ISIS stood for Islam… do you believe that mattered to him…he who swore to protect us?

President Trump sure didn’t let that “I”, which stood for Islam, stop him from doing his sworn duty by removing those barbarians, head-hunters from the face of the Earth.

All of these and many more transactions by O-O, these two culprits must be investigated.

In an act of desperation, I believe, if Joe Biden is not removed from office, he will cause irreparable damage to our Nation’s Security, National Grid, and the US dollar…in an attempt to take over our Constitutional Republic by any means possible and make it a Socialist Nation!

In my opinion, words that unfortunately describe this horrendous president are Criminal Negligence, Dereliction of Duty, Ineptness, Corruption…but… NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON…OR DO THEY?

What will you say when Obiden does what he said, on Dec 23, 2023… “I will close all CO₂ and methane emitting power plants (that’s all fossil fuel plants)” …and your A/C, heat, drinking water, lights go out?? What powers your backup genny? Hmmmm?
In 2008 when Obama arrived we had 125% of electric power Grid. That’s 25% more than we needed, in reserve. Obama then closed 45% of that grid comprised of coal AND oil AND natural gas., without any reliable replacements. Subtract 45% from 125% and we now have 80% of capacity, right now, today we have only 80% of what America needs. That’s 20% short.

On 12/23/23 Biden said he will shut down all the remaining fossil fuel electric plants…coal, oil, natural gas. That will leave nuclear and hydro and nothing else reliable! That is less than 20% and not enough to keep the Grid working …it will collapse…you will have no power no electric. Why because they are going to try to take over the country. He cannot “just “ turn off the fossil fuel plants because almost all that is left now is fossil fuel !

The nuclear and hydro and BS solar and wind won’t do anything. We will be in the dark. Call your representatives and demand they stop Biden and Obama from closing any more power plants.