What are ASSAULT GUNS? That’s a phrase that can be very complicated or very simple! Joe Biden knows nothing about guns as he misnames guns all the time including when he called the rifles used in Nashville AK47s…no… they were not AKs. Ask Biden to define Assault Gun!

First… I know a little about the topic as I was, according to the FBI, an Expert Firearms Instructor, and I did testify in Federal Court as an Expert Firearms Instructor. The cases were shooting cases that we (FBI) worked. One I remember was before Judge Curtin with AUSA Roger Williams as the prosecutor in the Western District of NY, WDNY.

First you have to understand that trying to categorize any firearm as a hunting gun, or plinking gun, or a target gun, or an ASSAULT gun is a folly. I say that because we all know that a gun is an “item” and “an assault” is an action, an illegal action. So, we are trying to outlaw an “act” and not a “thing”.

Well, guess what…the act of assault is already a violation of our RULE OF LAW on all fronts…with a gun, knife, rock or automobile, and we have laws on the books that prove that…don’t we? Try though we may, you cannot categorize or call any gun just an “assault weapon” simply because it’s used as an assault weapon…you can try, but I will find another non-violent action, like target shooting, that effectively changes that “assault” designation.

Let’s try this. Are there any cars that are designated “race cars” that cannot be driven on a road (legally or not)? So then define a race car. Is it a car that goes “fast”, 160mph? Well, my Camry speedometer goes up to 160mph…does that make it a race car?

The problem is not the gun, never has been, and in my opinion, never will be…and THEY know it!

We need to work on the act…assault…and not the gun, knife, rock or car! You understand that the radical Democrat left politicians do not want to stop the assaults because if they did, they would not release convicts who commit assaults, nor let any assault arrests and convictions, be released back into society with hardly a slap on the wrist. In China …they handle drug cases different! If you are caught with drugs, you lose a hand. Get caught a 2nd time, you lose your head. It apparently works!

In my opinion, you need to figure out why Obama, Biden, Hochul, their followers and financial backers do not want to stop assaults …. I already know. They want to rid the streets of guns…legal guns! They have tried more laws, but our laws already cover any illegal act that involves a gun of any category. What good does it do to arrest, convict and jail a criminal if the Democrat parole board or prosecutor (bought DAs) … release the criminals…and don’t try to tell ANYBODY that’s not what they are doing! These bought State Attorney Generals like NYC DA Bragg, in my opinion, want to flood the streets with violent criminals. How do I know? Because I have two eyes and two ears and see it happening!  So do you! …. except some of you don’t want to believe reality…that’s a large part of the problem! The criminals with 15, 20, 25 arrests for violent crimes…are back on the streets, before the arresting officer.


The 2nd Amendment… “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”.

There are about 200 million, legal guns in the hands of 200 million Americans. Nobody is going to change America into a tyrannical, non-constitutional republic while America is armed…never…my opinion. So, if a tyrannical, socialist leader or group of radicals want to take over America…they have to weaken America. They must take America’s guns! They will weaken our military with gender confused soldiers, devastate federal, local, state police departments, deny select citizens their due process (throw them in jail without representation and no charges). They will follow Obama’s favorite college professors, Cloward and Piven, theory of spend all the social service money they can to try to bankrupt America.  They will weaken our resistance by taking away commodities we must have and change US dollars into bitcoin. They will try to do away with fossil fuel…which America cannot live without. Then try to sell the “Climate Changes will kill us if we don’t”, BS!

When you notice any of the above tell-tale signs, you had better start changing leaders and hope it’s not too late! It’s already happening…you say?!

They can and will turn off the National Grid, my opinion! You want your electric turned back on? Turn over your guns.

Also, we cannot live without fossil fuels with no replacement power, and the only viable replacement power for the US, right now and in the distant future, is nuclear power! Don’t believe anything else because solar and wind can’t do it!