With this column I will attempt to answer, for my readers, the WHY… “they” are doing and not doing things that are destroying America…at all levels; all facets of American life. Is it intentional or are they really that stupid?

Feel free to send this column to your elected leaders, friends, relatives via email, the many forms of social media……. any way you like!

First of all we need to establish what “they” are after, and it couldn’t be clearer than the nose on your face.  They are CHANGING AMERICA, which is really “destroying” America, our Constitutional Republic…our way of law and order… our life and our freedom!

  1. Why are the teachers, their unions, and the Boards of Education against the children coming back to school now?

ANSWER: They don’t want you, the parents, to see how they are restructuring their plans, books, literature, curriculum, paintings to “re-educate” your high school young adults, and fully indoctrinate your grade school and junior high children to all out…Katie bar the door, SOCIALISM!!

SOLUTION: Get involved and run for school boards and vote out ALL those who favor the “changes” you are seeing. For example…teaching sex to your babies, teaching that homosexual relations are okay and boys and girls using the same bathrooms is okay, teaching that white wealth is racist, but black wealth is okay. You know what’s happening, so get elected to the boards and …stop the change to Socialism. Don’t trust their word either, check their voting records.  When in doubt, vote them out!

  1. Why open borders?

ANSWER: The people coming in are fleeing from something…what? We don’t know. That’s why it’s illegal to cross our borders improperly! It could be poverty, it could be jail, it could be crimes…but be rest assured, they are NOT scientists, chemists, engineers, mathematicians, college graduates, machine operators, skilled trades workers looking for jobs. They are sheep being led to the slaughter by Hussein Obama and his puppet, Joe Obiden. O & O believe these people are the voters of the future who are accustomed to being told what to do…so, to submit, (the definition of Muslim) will be easy! Just look at how they are being housed and treated…like sheep, being led to the slaughter!

By the way…that’s why VP Harris was told not to go to the border hot spots (which is Texas and Arizona, where the Walls are not finished) and … where the sheep pens are located! She was told not to, “don’t go”, until they had no choice and needed to do something and then, to only go to where there is no chaos… where there are walls, keeping illegals out and crime down!

She would draw too much attention to what O & O are doing to their sheep herds! They don’t want you to see how the illegals and their children are being treated!

SOLUTION: Vote in numbers so big that “they” cannot possibly cheat with sufficient illegal votes to overcome the Republican and Independent turnout, again!

  1. Why destroy small businesses by a Covid scare and by unchecked looting, arson, rioting… which also goes to answer “why” they are defunding the police…

ANSWER: The Socialist change I told you about, by Obama and his left, calls for government control of all aspects of your lives; health, education, jobs, everything. In Obama’s new order, there will be no private ownership of business.  That’s nothing new folks, it’s called SOCIALISM. There is no private ownership of business in Socialist countries…in Islamic countries…in Communist countries. The only exceptions would be the wealthy Oligarchs who paid and paved the way for the new Ruler, King, Ayatollah…do you mean …like George Soros? Maybe!

So if the number of privately owned businesses is drastically reduced, it would be much easier to establish government owned businesses if the buildings are empty…?

SOLUTION: Voter ID and Vote Republican…we do not have time for this nonsense!

  1. Why does the VP Harris want to spend $25 million to help States “control” the elections?

ANSWER: Think about this…name ONE freaking thing that moron has done, in her entire life, to help build our Constitutional Republic…you can’t because she hasn’t, and she is not starting now. If you believe that calling VP Harris a moron, is disrespectful…you are correct. Someone who made her way to the top by sleeping with billionaire, California Oligarch Willie Brown doesn’t deserve respect!

She believes we are stupid!

What she wants to do, in my opinion, is to gain access and complete control of those voting machines so that the left can overwhelm the Republican vote, like the last election, and continue to be undetectable, like the last election.

SOLUTION:  Stop voter fraud the only way possible…VOTER ID… with photo, thumb print and a chip, AND observers with “no voting/vote counting”, unless the observers (both parties, equally) are present…no exceptions!

Demand that Harris use that $25 M for voter ID. When she starts her gaggle laugh, don’t let her walk away, DEMAND the answer as to why she won’t…because I’ll bet all I own, that she will never agree to voter ID…because it works just like the wall!

  1. Why defund all law enforcement; the police, ICE, Border Patrol, Customs…all law enforcement?

ANSWER:  They are CHANGING America, and will stoop to all depths to do so. “They” must take over our Rule of Law, and its enforcement. Portland, is a perfect example of what happens when the LAW steps down. To be honest, we/I… can’t believe, that an entire PD, that took an oath to enforce the laws…protect and serve…actually DID step down. Nobody can legally order a sworn lawman to NOT enforce the law, to NOT enforce the Constitution…nobody!

Sworn lawmen have a duty, an obligation, a moral and lawful ethic, to disobey an unlawful order…period! Then why did the Portland PD honor their oath of office? Ask them!

SOLUTION: The only people who can put an end to the tyranny, that is already here, are the men and women of our Police Forces.  They must REFUSE TO OBEY ANY ILLEGAL ORDER.  If you can stick together on a contract dispute for money or vacations and call in sick, you should be able to stick together on an illegal order…enforce the laws you swore to enforce.

  1. Why is someone buying up our gun and ammunition manufacturers…is it George Soros?

ANSWER:  I don’t know for certain what Soros has or hasn’t purchased through his various equity funds but some, like Vista, apparently have purchased gun and ammo companies?! Is that because Soros is a gun guy or is he backdooring the 2nd Amendment and picking up a few, hundred million bucks spending money, at the same time?

Consider this …could Soros do that? He certainly could afford to do that. But don’t worry, we have laws intended to prevent any monopoly from crippling our country, civil rights, and economy! It’s the Sherman Anti-Trust Act!

SOLUTION: Hussein Obama, is the one who is currently ruining…excuse me, running… our country…So ask Hussein Obama to direct his puppet Obiden to charge George Soros with violation of the Sherman Act which prohibits monopolies, especially a monopoly that could effectively do away with our Constitution starting with the second Amendment.

Second thought…we’d have more success getting Joe to order the indictment of himself and Hunter for Hobbs Act Extortion?!

If Soros owned all the ammo companies in the US, could he eventually shut down manufacturing?   Yes!

Without ammo, would our guns then become clubs instead of guns?   Yes!

What then would happen to free speech?  Could one of Obama’s other Oligarchs, like big tech social media, cut off free speech in violation of our 1st Amendment to those who oppose the new regime?   They already are!

Could they ignore other Amendments like the 14th , the Equal Rights Amendments, and treat some people differently… like charge one group with a crime (Republicans), but then not charge another (Democraps) with doing the exact same crime?   They already are!

Would there be riots, arson?   There already is!

FINAL THOUGHT: And you had better listen…believe… and act…

If we are complacent and sit back and do nothing, there will be a day…in the not so distant future, that unopposed rioting, looting, arson against our property, and murders go unabated, not charged? If you do not want to defend your lives and property yourselves, at your doorsteps, you had better fight for VOTER ID, and get out and vote in every freaking election from school boards to Congress to President, and vote Republican.

What’s next………letting criminals out of jail?!

Now tell me you don’t see what’s happening!!!