We’ve written about these topics “ad nausea,” but since some people do not listen to the right sources or have poor retention ability or do not care …we’ll continue to set forth the facts and the results of ignoring the facts.

There are numerous power plants in the US that supply our power. These plants utilize natural gas, coal, oil, (all fossil fuels) as well as hydro (water), nuclear, and “green” solar and wind. A fifth grader could pick the most readily available fuel sources, the least expensive, safest, and most reliable…fossil fuel! BO (before Obama) this was well established, not questioned, and proven by the fact that we had 125% of capacity and 85% was fossil fuel.

That meant that if 100% of our Grid were in use we still had 25% in reserve!

Thanks to Obama, and his ignorant, unjustified, careless closing of coal fired power plants, with zero replacements, we now have 85% of capacity which means if we need 100% (example Texas) we don’t have it! We now have 15 coal fired plants …compare that to 5,000 in China and 2500 in Russia, which is the size of Texas!

Again, a fifth grader with no other explanation, could reason that, what the ignorant Obama did …without reliable replacement power…….was indeed either ignorant and unintentional or intentional …to Aid and Abet our enemies… by weakening our Grid, which is what he did, in my opinion!

If it was to jeopardize the welfare of those effected by the Grid System, comprised of 3 grids… East, West and Texas…that’s our grid system … it was Treason, in my opinion!

Even someone ignorant of science, should be able to figure out that before you depend on a power plant type, one must evaluate the availability of the FUEL …no FUEL …equals …NO POWER! That’s an algorithm that even Hussein Obama should have been able to evaluate…would you not agree?

Let’s see… in order to have solar power we need the Sun and a way to store, reliably, the power for when there is no Sun. Well that’s easy…can we depend on ALWAYS having the solar fuel…unless Hussein knows something our Scientists and Engineers don’t know …the unequitable answer is HELL NO!

The same algorithm can be used for the wind as a FUEL…reliable… HELL NO?!

Now look at fossil fuels…no reason to drag it out, the answers are abundant…YES, reliable …YES…safe…YES, YES and YES?

Well what about carbon emissions…that is NOT the reason Obama closed your power plants. I’ve addressed that many times before and in my column next week, I’ll do it again. Stay tuned in!

The same reasoning is applicable to Nuclear Power, but many of you have been misled, lied to, and swallowed the progressive left’s non-scientific, propaganda! Nuclear Power is abundant, reliable and SAFE.

The proof that Nuclear Power and fossil fuels are safer is because they are fully reliable and fully available for power …as we just saw…SOLAR and WIND are NOT FREAKING SAFE when millions of people rely on them and they fail causing the entire system to do what it is designed to do… SHUT down, when something (Wind and Solar) fails!!!

Nuclear is even safer than Wind and Solar because, as was just evidenced by the automatic shutdown of the Texas nuclear plants, which automatically shut down when the cooling water shut down, BECAUSE the UNRELIABLE Solar and Wind power FAILED when we needed it most, causing the rest of our Grid to overload and shut down.

Our Grid is designed to pick up for sections that shut down. That’s why the intelligent and knowledgeable people, BO (before Obama), built a reserve into the Grid of 25%. Only an ignorant person, would take away that 25% safety margin and ignore it and then not replace what they took away with something that was/is equally reliable. You should be grateful the safety measures worked because if they had not worked, like Solar and wind,  you would have been in BIG trouble…TROUBLE that was caused by the insane, irresponsible, totally UNSAFE, unreliable dependency on fuel that should NOT be relied upon… SOLAR and WIND… until Science and Technology are there.

In my opinion, Solar and Wind will never be ready to power the Earth’s Power plants…there is only ONE fuel that will do that…any idea what that is?

The answer is undisputed amongst the informed and that is Nuclear, in a different format than we use…a format that fuses the atom instead of splitting it (Fission), and we are very close…with less ignorance and more common sense…we could have been there by now! You won’t hear any of what I wrote from the Main Stream Media.

Oh, I almost forgot …keep electing lunatics with no science backgrounds like AOC, John Kerry, Joe Biden, and what you saw happen in Texas is just the beginning of what will come. My loyal readers knew this would happen as we predicted it when Hussein the genius started closing clean, new, coal plants to weaken America for Social takeover.  A weakened America could be converted to Socialism, like Islam… a strong America is invincible.

Be careful of what you wish…you won’t like a weak, cold America…ask a Russian immigrant how he/she likes living in Russia!!