Those of you who voted for Joe Biden just elected a senile old man, whose life of lies, cheating, deceit, and corruption rose to levels heretofore have been unseen.

His escapades of corruption to gain wealth are extraordinary, and he wasn’t ashamed in the least. He told the President of Ukraine to fire his Attorney General because he was closing in on his son Hunter. He said it on National Television…are you nuts? Do you not recognize a confession when you hear it…YouTube it, and listen this time to what this “President” admitted doing!

You heard the partner of the Biden’s, the front man of sorts, explain in detail how Hunter and Joe traveled the world extorting hundreds of millions…partnering with freaking China…what the hell did you people do to us?

The first thing this idiot did was to close down the Keystone Pipeline. Do you not understand 1 -why he did it, and 2- what the impact will be?

1-It had not a damn thing to do with the environment…It is because the Keystone Pipeline saves $20 per barrel to move oil over other means …the biggest is by rail. The RR industry will lose 2 billion US dollars per year if the Keystone starts running oil. That RR is owned …essentially… by Warren Buffet’s groups. Buffet, allegedly donated millions to the Democraps…totally coincidence…right…idiots!

2-The price of refined petroleum products has already gone up by 20 to 50 cents… per freaking gallon …he’s playing with the lives of millions whose lives are tied directly to our oil independence.

You see…we controlled the biggest oil exporting operation in the freaking WORLD under President Trump…whose brilliance got us there in 2 years…In two, 2, duo, dos, TWO freaking years after 8 years of ISIS, Saudi Arabia, Iran…f—ing up our economy. In 2 years Trump did what Hussein said, “Is impossible” to do. “He needs a magic wand to bring back manufacturing jobs”, that’s what that idiot Hussein said…in 2 years … Trump made you energy independent which means we controlled our economy…not the Saudis…

You Democraps are going to get what you asked for…Socialism… except you don’t know what socialism is…you think life will be the same…just more welfare, and free stuff…wrong.

You are about to see your lives turned upside down…there is no “Equal Rights” …there will be more of what you saw happen to our President. That is, no Due Process…no equal treatment about anything…your kids in school will learn Islam…like it or not…your taxes will not go up, they will skyrocket. Who the hell do you think is going to pay those Trillions Pelosi and Schumer are going to give the Democrap states that are led by incompetent Governors and Mayors who have plunged their States into bankruptcy?

You will lose your guns and gun rights… your 5, 6, 7 year olds will have to endure disgusting changes at school regarding sexuality in class, in the gym, in the restrooms.

I hope you are happy or should I say “gay”.  I just don’t know what’s correct anymore…do you?

When ANTIFA  or the BLA walks into your home to take what they want…like they DID…not thought about doing…they did that in…Seattle, Portland…Chicago, St. Louis…and on and on…

America…created by geniuses and now run by lunatics…!?